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Week 2 notes

by: N3koKikyu

Week 2 notes 70771 - PSYC 100 - 002

GPA 3.5
Basic Concepts in Psychology
Keith D Renshaw (P)

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About this Document

Here is the notes for week 2 9/8/15 and 9/10/15 Enjoy!
Basic Concepts in Psychology
Keith D Renshaw (P)
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by N3koKikyu on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 70771 - PSYC 100 - 002 at George Mason University taught by Keith D Renshaw (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see Basic Concepts in Psychology in Psychlogy at George Mason University.

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Date Created: 09/11/15
Tuesday September 8 2015 Psychology 100 Conducting Research Studies Design and Conduct Research Sampling PopulationSample Generalizability Random sampling doesn t work too well best example when it DOES work is if you are researching the military and are in the military Choose Method Collect Data 4 Analyze Data Draw Conclusions Statistics tell you about the population or sample that you are working with you can start to look into how things relate to one another Conclusions based on statistical results Evaluate Conclusions Report Findings Disseminate information Replicate findings Revise hypothesis and theory if you can t replicate the findings figure out WHY Case Study lndepth study of one individual Advantages Rare situation Tuesday September 8 2015 alot ofinfo about it not generalizable Disadvantages generalizability external validity how much does your study seem like the real world potential bias in interpretation it will drive what you ask what you interpret what you write down vs what you ignore EXAMPLE gt Phineus Gage worked for railroad and a spike went through his skull he stands up and starts moving around get s it removed but his personality completely changes DescriptiveCorrelation Studies Observation Naturalistic vs Laboratory naturalistic view people in their natural settings you don t have control over the experiment you can t get all the information you are searching for Laboratory you bring people and put them in a particular situation problem is that peoples behaviors can change when they know they are being observed Needs structure internal validity how much control you have over experiment come up with coding system how you will record what behaviors you are looking for the more complicated your system the longer it takes to train someone to do it but the more information you get SurveyInterview Directly ask people about variable os interest Tuesday September 8 2015 Survey usually defined answer ohoioes Interview usually openended questions they may lie unintentionalintentional people are scared of being judged different wording can cause people to answer differently Thursday September 10 2015 Psychology 100 Descriptive Correlational Associations between two variables Correlation coefficient Range from 1 to 1 Number strength the further away from O the stronger the relationship Sign Direction Why use Case Studies gives you insight to the variables you are working with see if the variables are even related before you begin the funding Advantages cheaper easier natural settinghigher generalizability Disadvantage YOU CANNOT INFER CAUSATION 39 YOU CANNOT SAY THAT ONE CAUSED THE OTHER NO MATTER WHAT THE RELATIONSHIP Experimental Research Two Requirements 1 Manipulation of independent variable Independent Variable IV cause Dependent Variable DV effect Thursday September 10 2015 2 Random Assignment Iuonl noronn ulhn in in HA Ir oh Id Inge on a VI V V U III v JI luv u U f l 1UIIVI Ilol nhonno 171 ha in or nF Hag I vvl r UV I v I y I ULU y I I I u I I luv V V II I u 1 VI LI IV groups All other differences beyond IV are distributed equally Confounds Confounding variables other variables that could be factors Advantages causeeffectWE CAN INFER CAUSATION More control internal validity Disadvantages unnatural setting lower external validity can t answer some questions Considerations external ecological validity is often reduced experimenter bias researcher s expectations can affect outcome Participant bias participants expectations affect outcome placebo fake treatment sugar pill Doubleblind experiment neither experimenter NOR participant knows what group the participant is in Analyzing Data lnferential Statistics mathematical way to test hypothesis Does sample population How likely is it that your sample results are just due to chance sampling error Statistical significance Not likelY Thursday September 10 2015 more people in sample larger result In psychology lt5 o likelihood of chance Analyzing Research external validity generalizability internal validity control Feasibility can it be done time analysis Do the conclusions match the data and method


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