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History 112

by: Sequoia Brown

History 112 History 112

Sequoia Brown
GPA 3.614

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About this Document

This is the notes from February 25, 2016.
American History Since 1865
Class Notes
History 112, Laura Foxworth, notes, help for history
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sequoia Brown on Thursday March 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to History 112 at University of South Carolina taught by Foxworth in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see American History Since 1865 in History at University of South Carolina.


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Date Created: 03/03/16
February 25, 2016 Do not talk about Reconstruction Writing Assignment of History Why exactly did the Ku Klux Klan feel that the “Nordic race” was in jeopardy in the 1920s? What did its leader hope to restore? (be very specific) You have to have a thesis statement You must reference the Evans document extensively in the essay. You may reference the textbook (note page) and class notes (no citation needed), but please refrain from online sources. Submit assignment on BB Should be 750-1000 words in length 10% of final grade Due March 6 by 11:59 The Great Depression The stock market was not the lowest of the low of the Great Depression - The 1 time it crashes its just the market catching up - President Herbert Hoover was president from 1928-1932 - Lowest: 1932 What accounts for this? -Banks 1928-1929 not every had stocks but most people keep their money in the bank Mattress stuffers increased during this time There was no FDAC and we only had the Federal Reserve System This time period was about decrease of regulation (gov reach over business) Banks were independently owned -over 600 fails in the year of 1929 Kentucky NYC bank of the USC bank failed -people owned money on their stocks and people don’t pay it back and the banks go into debt -checks decrease in value in this time period 1930: 25% unemployment “The New Poor” Not people who had been poor before the 1929 Middle class people who became broke People who are turned into the new poor because banks went bust -the idea of buy now pay later credit When bank calls in for money for people who borrowed money, people don’t have Result: Average marriage age rises Birth rate goes down significantly (no condoms, stop having sex to not have a baby) - Birth rate decreases - No sex during this time - Some woman don’t have the option to stop having sex/ babies Herbert Hoover - Trickle Down Theory ; Intervention at the top will eventually make its way down to consumers - Assumptions o Investment by people and business is the engine of prosperity  His firm belief that competition is what is going to make society grow o In times of depression, business stop investing  No investing, nothing to move economy forward o Interest rates go down because there is no demand o At some point low interest rates can help stimulate the economy (as an automatic mechanism) Hoover’s Strategy - Restore confidence in economy o Makes national appearances - Hawley- Smoot Tariff (1930): protective tariff designed to increase consumption of American goods o Slow agricultural (finish) o Encourage American to buy American products o Private banks that lent money to Britain and France, they had not paid of all money back , when (finish)  How Global Great Depression started  Will deepen recession - Reconstruction Finance Corporation (1932): o Federal money spent to save banking and RR system - Supports some state and local public works project Example: Hoover damn Hoover, continued Hooverville’s: - political critique of the president - Not a compliment (sarcasm) - Town created by Hoover - Hoover blankets: newspapers they used to keep warm o Dishonoring the President for him not helping them o Intense mockery of the President Bonus Army (1932): - World War I vets who needed service bonuses earlier than scheduled: March to Washington D.C. in protest 1932 Election: - Bringing back prosperity is vital for both parties - Hoover does win 5 state in the North East o Hoover in lost was blamed for the Depression o Really important campaign map  The New deal coalition – very diverse group of people voting for a candidate  1932: FDR attacks a lot of voters that did not vote together  Deep south: democratic “Solid South”  Democratic: African American vote democratic st for 1 time based on economic issues o recognized that their ancestors were rolling over in their graves  Famers, immigrants, progressive people :voting Democratic


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