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Week 2

by: Jenna Sminkey
Jenna Sminkey
GPA 3.7
Linear Algebra for Scientists and Engineers
Manoussos Grillakis

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About this Document

Linear Algebra for Scientists and Engineers
Manoussos Grillakis
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jenna Sminkey on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MATH461 at University of Maryland taught by Manoussos Grillakis in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Linear Algebra for Scientists and Engineers in Mathematics (M) at University of Maryland.


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Date Created: 09/11/15
Week 2 Tuesday September 8 2015 1217 PM e 4 How to oft P X o rt 5 L R o gt QMCW VCAC Co UQ webmch Mo crix OGe o b r Q no Sovxcxom Geo V B Z L G bxth ltgtv ltb n X no 4r cox 39o ocg W ngo Rm evLlt wum 3 Ln D f can allest sokrg Ger 0amp2 o v lt VN K 339 o v r av gr x Qve L QQ QO L VON W F r t 0mrOLo S wcamS manob oudr0r Line of m depewdgnm woe 5M enmb the mutt Qotc cov oG wears au o 097s 5 TC O Cvrc Lg1 u VOV M MocE VXX Q QL m Qovur A cu Liv L4 3939 gPo L39rlt cur AALPcncALACJL mean O on ne a c O gt Caoudc cgtr39 such that U8eren wot Soyuz ChecAC g A q 2 L ueckovA 4 we ma 2 6 that UHULN U925 Os fL Remmvk Q Rx 0 has onA W C c xv09 owor lt O 3 Wen the c0uwvxvg oG A curt 39r ovuk Adt GthdA C coMJdcxon 1297 C than W COVWVQ of VA arc Macaw Mk dwem emf39 C A QrvcG39 G Mhm Qrcc oaroo We nonwau Val sohmt xo 0 gt O 3969 Tm cabMa C39xcn R J A M oudco oG Q Va cow Vac d ccgtm aoscA oamp r heme o cr 5 a VG k LA 1 x P mr V1 cvgJL ax u vdltquot wr A quot 395 Tquot g quot k u xaM 39Vg 3 O IA Fall 2015 Page 1 N OWE 28 2mm 000 59 39 rm X1W fCOUUDO p527 Oo Ivuao UKVLP n yoyjOnu 0 J1 J9 U O TXQJL W aquot X TNX N N 63 P6 l 2er f d Txm 1 AIXM INX LX UznV JO KLDO nJ 00 4 29 2 gnuwwvydey 2 fd jL l x P 6 6 szdns p MCZZWSE Cab 3 JVO 9 IUO k I 4J Jiulv quot Mg r I N 67 w x JDEUnJnw nv 959 n f va ux 0 wu wg jOlu PC0de H4 097gt a o 0010 nVaVULJW z JJJDDO dd 0f677gt233 03 1490 0 wb n09uw0unv M kOOnv Iuo DH 0 1 WY 7 I a quotX 7 m 3 m a O 7 M M T O T I I a O B if T fry25400 09 x n 0uOf I I Oquot Ml qu quot XJJd 555on X H X 73quotij 7M3 TMM I wquot3 013 by 10 f2 J axL00 LOW illvvd CU n I cog0w 0 Jr 0 in X L9 donl Udnmv JP n r 1249 r o n H713 39 X d9 65 ff yov97 0 0390 T w o xhwsOIU L3 459 3E y 5 pn bh 1 b 39x 39V VVV vx WA 3 v w 1 1ka boV u v9 m S EQ modek obo xk d xes 3 mbodug s cbfn Chan axe 03 36 w rodc om OG v avrltgt R33 39 36939 pC smw O39O SL oxa 03903Pod Ps wew Cgt quot39 A OOSltO OR PC 39a 0cch P lt gt PAA Phage 000 on LPQ OHA vg rltv L 0 quot 007 gtsod t CPSMN M kzxz MWKX 3K5 Aging 3 4 ESL Dogg we gVeSgEgm hm lt oo oogtg 0 00 oo s Plt 0 3l 0 3 PC ltPg O o O O 1 C vcc 3 lt PL b lt S 06 Mankb OWEQO P3 COWXJUodtriom ngr 93 Con tmt Fall 2015 Page 3 Fall 2015 Page 4


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