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Present Progressive, Reciprocal Actions, Past Tense, Pronouns, Direct Object Pronouns

by: Nicole Dorsey

Present Progressive, Reciprocal Actions, Past Tense, Pronouns, Direct Object Pronouns Spanish 120

Marketplace > University of Missouri - Kansas City > Spanish > Spanish 120 > Present Progressive Reciprocal Actions Past Tense Pronouns Direct Object Pronouns
Nicole Dorsey
GPA 3.3
Elementary Spanish II
Meghan Doss

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About this Document

This is a bunch of notes covering everything in the title. I added examples from class that helped me to better grasp the concepts.
Elementary Spanish II
Meghan Doss
Class Notes
Present Progressive, Reciprocal Actions, past tense, Pronouns, Direct Object Pronouns
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nicole Dorsey on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Spanish 120 at University of Missouri - Kansas City taught by Meghan Doss in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see Elementary Spanish II in Spanish at University of Missouri - Kansas City.


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Date Created: 09/11/15
Present Progressive Endings ar ando er iendo ir iendo Ex Ana esta comiendo en la cafeteria Ana is eating in the cafeteria Las acciones reciprocas Noszsel Reciprocal Actions Linda y Manuel se llaman mucho Linda and Manuel call each other a lot Nos llamamos todas Ias noche We talk to each other every night Vocabulary El amoa de casa homemaker ea cajeroa cashier a compa r a company ea dependientea salesclerk a tienda store ea contadora accountant e dinero money a empresa rm ganar to earn money a mujerel hombre de negocios business womanman ea m diocoa nurse ea doctora doctor subir to climb a pizzeria pizzashop a pelicula lm a parada de autobus bus stop bar bar e banco bank a pastelerl a bakery a joyerl a jeweller s e quiosco newsstand plaza plaza e diamante diamond esperar to wait for e edi cio building e periodl co recurring el lugar place la revista magazine el rascacielos skyscraper las obras de arte works of art la obra de teatro play la iglesia church las noticias news el contrario opposte entrar to join el buzon mail box las cartas letters abrir to open centro middle cerrar to close stem change to Hiequot las entradas tickets empezar ie to start hacer la to stand in line terminar to nish elella major the best pasar to spend al lado de on the side detras de behind entre amongst pasa pass over cerca de nearby delante de in front enfrente de opposite dentro de inside lejos de far from debajo de underneath encima de above sobre on por by fuera outside Note wordreferencecom is the website my professor recommended as an online dictionary Preterit Past Tense Me levant a las ocho y desayun I got up at eight and had breakfast Regular Verbs in Past Tense ar verbs Estudiar to study return Yo estudi Tu estudiaste El Ella Ustede estudi Nosotros estudiamos Vosotros estudiastel s Ellos Ellas Ustedes estudiaron volvieron ir verbs Salir to go out Yo ill Tu saliste El Ella Ustede m Nosotros salimos Vosotros salisteI s Ellos Ellas Ustedes salieron er verbs Volver to Y0 LIVI Tu volviste El Ella Ustede volvi Nostros volvimos Vosotros volvistel s Ellos Ellas Ustedes Irregular Verbs in Past Tense Note In the past tense both verbs use the same conjugation Ser to be lr to go Yo M TO M El Ella Ustede fu Nosotros m Vosotros fuisteis Leer to read El Ella Ustede ley Nosotros lel mos Vosotros leI steis Ellos Ellas Ustedes fueron Ellos Ellas Ustedes leyeron Ol r to hear Estar to be Yo o Yo est uve TL J m TL J estuviste El Ella Ustede gm El Ella Ustede est uvo Nosotros m Nosotros estuvimos Vostros m Vosotros estuvisteis Ellos Ellas Ustedes ow Ellos Ellas Ustedes estuvieron Hacer to do Venir to arrive Yo m Yo m TD hid ste T0 viniste El Ella Ustede hizo El Ella Ustede m Nosotros hicimos Nosotros vinimos Vosotros hicisteis Vosotros vinisteis Ellos Ellas Ustedes hicieron Ellos Ellas Ustedes vmleron Verbs ending in gar car or zar Past Tense Jugar to play Buscar to look for Yo iugu Yo busgu TL J iugaste TL J buscaste El Ella Ustede iugo El Ella Ustede busco Nosotros iugamos Nosotros busca mos Vosotros iugasteis Vosotros buscasteis Ellos Ellas Ustedes iugaron Ellos Ellas Ustedes buscaron Almorzar to eat lunch Yo almorc Tu almorzaste El Ella Ustede almorzo Nosotros almorzamos Vosotros almorzasteis Ellos Ellas Ustedes almorzaron Pronombres Pronouns Yo me Tu te El Ella Ustede lola Nosotros nos Vosotros os Ellos Ellas Ustedes loslas Ex No lo conozco I don t know him No la conozco I don t know her No lo tengo ldon t have it Nola tengo ldon t have it Pronombres de obieto directo Direct obiect prounouns Note These are the same as regular pronouns The pronoun goes before the conjugated verb Ex I have the pen Tengo la pluma La tengo l have it Camila ama a Mario Lo ama She loves him


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