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Ch 3: Ethics and Social Responsibility

by: Rebecca Lord

Ch 3: Ethics and Social Responsibility Mkt 3000

Marketplace > Bowling Green State University > Marketing > Mkt 3000 > Ch 3 Ethics and Social Responsibility
Rebecca Lord
GPA 3.8
Marketing/non business
Fei Weisstein

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About this Document

These notes explain morals, ethics, and social corporate responsibility, the 3 levels of morality, the different ethical theories, as well as sustainability, green marketing, and cause-related mark...
Marketing/non business
Fei Weisstein
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rebecca Lord on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Mkt 3000 at Bowling Green State University taught by Fei Weisstein in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 56 views. For similar materials see Marketing/non business in Marketing at Bowling Green State University.


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Date Created: 09/11/15
Ch 3 Ethics and Social Responsibility Determinants of a Civil society Ethics moral principles and values that govern an individual s or group s behavior Laws Enforced by government authorities Formal and Informal Groups Ex The American Marketing Association has a code of conduct that the members must follow The media Selfregulation An active civil society Keep in mindsomething that is legal may not always be ethical For example cutting in line is not illegal but it is certainly unethical and looked down upon Ethical Theories Deontology A deontologist will stick to their ethical duties and responsibilities while facing an ethical conflict Problem They are not always looking out for the welfare of others Utilitarianism A utilitarian is concerned with choosing the option that will benefit the greatest amount of people Problem They use past experiences to predict the future but that doesn t always yield the largest benefit to the most people 2 Types Act utilitarian Will choose whatever is best for most people despite their feelings or societal constraints Rule utilitarian Will still try to benefit most people but will take fairness into consideration Casuist This theory compares a current ethical dilemma to a previously similar ethical situation so one can look at the severity and determine the best outcome Problem Sometimes ethical dilemmas have never occurred before so there is nothing to base your decisions off of and the same outcome might not apply to this situation as it did before Moral Relativism A moral relativist does not believe in absolute truths but instead looking at every ethical dilemma individually and determines whether or not the action taken was justified given the present circumstances Virtual Ethics Virtual ethics is based off of a set of virtues good character traits that are developed through training and nurturing 3 Levels of Morality Preconventional Morality 0 Child like self centered calclulating 0 Based off rewards and punishments 0 Asks quotWhat39s in it for mequot Conventional Morality 0 Concerned with what is legal obeys the law 0 Moves toward expectations of others 0 Says quotEveryone else is doing itquot Postconventional Morality 0 Concerned with how decisions now will affect long run 0 Focused on how theyjudge themselves Code of Ethics Acts as a guide for marketing managers to help them make better decisions Helps identify acceptable business practices Helps control behavior internally Avoids confusion in decision making Facilitates discussion about right and wrong Pyramid of Social Corporate Responsibility 2 l l l Arguments against Social Responsibility Businesses should focus on making a profit and leave social concerns to non profit Business don t have the expertise to deal with social issues and doing so may interfere with the primary goals of their firm The expense of social responsibility may damage the country in global marketplace Arguments for Social Responsibility It s the right thing to do Business should police itself to avoid government intervention Small companies can prosper and build shareholder value as they tackle social benefits Nrc rgggs Can enhance financial for prom support and cooperations and raise pubIICIty for pro ts CBUSE 39


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