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SOCI 2301 Notes for Week of 09/08

by: EllenElizabeth

SOCI 2301 Notes for Week of 09/08 SOCI 2301

Marketplace > University of Connecticut > Sociology > SOCI 2301 > SOCI 2301 Notes for Week of 09 08
GPA 2.959
Dr. Bradley Wright

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About this Document

SOCI 2301: Notes for Week of 09/08
Dr. Bradley Wright
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by EllenElizabeth on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOCI 2301 at University of Connecticut taught by Dr. Bradley Wright in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Criminology in Sociology at University of Connecticut.


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Date Created: 09/11/15
SOCI 2301 CRIMINOLOGY WEEK 0908 What if there was no measurement in the world How would it be different No grading Dif cult to build things No GPS No time No recipes Lack of medicine Acceptance to college based on who you know not grades Ways to Measure Crime Attempted crimes Crimes committed Arrests lmprisonments recidivism return to crime Types of Criminological Data 1 Uniform Crime Report FBI surveys law enforcement They ask various types of law enforcement about number of arrests known crimes and characteristics of criminals The UCR Categorizes 2 types of crimes Type 1 Index crimes These are are usually more serious such as rape robbery aggravated assault burglary theft vehicle theft arson and homicide All known crimes are reported along with the characteristics of the perpetrater even if their identity is unknown Type 11 Not Index crimes These include vandalism simple assaults fraud drug selling prostitution and liquor violations The only information looked for is the total number of arrests The UCR will then record this data Advantages of the UCR Shows trends over time Able to compare crimes by location Accurate for serious victim crimes Covers lots of crimes Easy to use Disadvantages of the UCR Focuses on street and violent crime rather than white collar crime embezzelment fraud Does not account for police crime Limited info or inaccurately recorded data by police which is sometimes intentional to look like they are doing their job better or to report more crime to gain more funding An example of UCR inaccuracy LA Times studied LAPD They found that 1200 violent crimes were misclassified including stabbings beatings and robberies They were recorded as simple rather than aggravated assaults This dropped overall crime rates by 7 Some officers said it was due to relentless pressure to lower crime rate in order to meet numeric targets 2 Victimization surveys National crime victimization surveys 100000 randomly selected people They are asked if they have been assaulted stolen from etc as well as information about the offender Everybody is asked if they have been victims of crimes not just those speci cally in victim support groups Advantages of victimization surveys Avoids police bias Victims are more likely to report certain crimes than police Allows for learning about victim offender relationship Disadvantages of victimization surveys De nition of assault can be cloudy False reports may be given People must know they are a victim People have have recall problems Does not work with homocide people need to be alive 3 Self reported crime Ask individuals about crimes they have committed Advantages of selfreported crime Time period can be specified Can be done in person by mail or by phone Can gain lots of personal information about offender People tend to be shockingly forthcoming in surveys Easy to generate data Disadvantages of selfreported crime People may not be candid about serious crimes May forget minor crimes May exaggerate crimes Few serious criminals willing to take part in sample Various interpretations of crime Analysis of Mosher et al article General problems in measuring crime include Question wording and order Social desirability of crime On campus different de nitions underreporting sexual assaults locals wandering onto campus that commit crimes increased enforcement vs increased rates counting drug and alcohol crimes Culture of Fear Various groups in society have incentive for making us afraid even of things that shouldn39t cause fear Media Using fear to gain viewers They need alarming stories to make you stop icking channels or to pick up their newspaper Facts Out of 350 characters on TV prime time about 7 are killed each night In real life there are about 46 murders per 3000000000 people So you re 125000 times less like to be murdered than someone on TV Politicians scare to get votes and money John McCain might say that Obama is not ready to protect country from Osama Bin Ladin therefore voting for Obama 2 terrorist attack Manufacturers do the same thing to sell their products The website KidSave wants parents to protect their kids from strangers who pose as police lure them with treats or pretend to ask for directions They claim an est 13 million kids are reported missing every year But only 115 stereotypical kidnappings are reported a year Usually they are found missing for other mundane reasons like skipping school How does the media do this Careful selection and omission of news and statistics Transforming single events into social epidemics like school shootings Stigmatization of minorities More tv watching 2 more likely to believe that crime is increasing Senior citizens watch the most tv are the most fearful yet are least likely to be harmed Data Issues What are the difficulties of collecting data in prison Police only have reported crimes People may want to tell what happened against them People may be mentally unstable


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