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Sample Notes

by: Aaron Jin

Sample Notes GWSS/PSYCH 257 Psychology of Gender

Aaron Jin
GPA 3.87

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About this Document

Notes from the first week of class - hope you all find it useful and enjoy it :)
Psychology of Gender
Ann Voorhies
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aaron Jin on Thursday March 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to GWSS/PSYCH 257 Psychology of Gender at University of Washington taught by Ann Voorhies in Winter2015. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see Psychology of Gender in Women and Gender studies at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 03/03/16
2015 02 03 Meeting Notes UTS Executive Board Notetaker: Aaron Jin Discussion Topic: Important Dates/Key Reminders:  Improv workshop signups coming out tomorrow  Valentines’ Bonanza Feb 12  Theatre Dangerously Feb 20 Action Items:  Mission: House managing thing and working the lift; sensitivity training  Finance: Will update BBT wording for Scents Perfumes Attendance items:  Dom and Jake I. were a little bit late Reports: Executive - UTS Casting Policy has been written up  Grace period only extends to the first quarter in new UTS season  “Auditions should be judged by merit of audition” –building the culture instead of stating it explicitly in the casting policy  Look at how other organizations handle this in their policy - Lindsey will find out when Brendan Ivie is available for interview and then let us know so we can find someone who has time to interview. Creative - TD Signups are happening, need many more! - Improv workshop signups coming up tomorrow th  Social media look at this - April 29 Open Mike Nights; a Saturday after Secretaries - Have to meet with Finance to refund people who were not able to make it because of date change  Finance and Creative needs to work meeting about this Outreach - Hannah will make the ASUW meeting happen - Natalie is very interested directing and emailed Gabi – her first time answering questions!  Reminder that if anything is wrong on the newsletter to let her know lol - Undergraduates will have space to be present at the SoD Welcome Party on May 7 evening  Enough interest for UTS to represent hard – will think about it in a few weeks Graphic - Met with Parker and finalized poster - Team will go pick up posters on Friday - Do we want to keep the QR codes on our posters? Will run analytics to see how many people actually use this. - Mini cards – Emma will print 200 for Hannah.  Usually we are left with a stack of these, so we will have to be more intentional and aggressive about placement. Will have conversation after these are printed. - Coordinating Secretaries – plans will be made after this meeting. - Facebook page for the Lounge has been created and has as many likes as MTE l o l Social/Fun - There will be another Doodle for the party in the far future – so no planning things over it!  Looking at weekends, evenings, a few months in the future. - Valentines’ Bonanza: crafts, fun, MODs, and then roller skating!  There will be gaps in the schedule between Hannah and Sylvia, so if people want to be there when they aren’t, there will be a doodle sent out! - MTE is not really communicating back to us, will email specifically about the fun events! Social Media - Auditions to talk about  Improv workshop tomorrow and TD  Valentines’ Bonanza on February 12  Board Games Feb 25 Finance - New credit cards with chip from US Bank – they were distributed to members  Graphic card will happen, but not in near future; Sylvia will activate her card and let Emma have it. - Jack has the official agreement between UTS and SoD – you should find it by searching it on SoD site  Administrative policy memo 13  Should get changed soon because BA Council is a thing; we should be involved in the conversation about this - Will check BBT and push Teentix more  Will throw “refrain from scents and perfumes” into BBT wording  Meet with Creative for Night Out refunds  Meet with Fun - With show coming up, need Square very soon; need house managing time next week or so Production - Budget for Language Archive has been finalized; should be under $200 (under budget) - How many seats do they have to have?  Historically, all 4 risers must be used; min 50 seats and ability to put more seats  Rachel will send policy to Larkin; will forward what was sent to Eliza  Currently, they are only able to fit 3 risers, but should be able to fit 50 (potentially up to 55)  Decision: minimum of 50 with ability to expand  Future discussion: larger cast size affecting number of seats - Light Strike has been settled Publicity - Jenny and Byron want to go and record people in their native languages, used in the show but not really for publicity of any sort…  Idea will be fleshed out more in the future - Special Funds Money was $50; but photo call photographer will be paid $20 for 1hours photo call  Let Parker know that he needs to - Michael will be giving out buttons at Friday’s Town Hall Technical - Light Strike has been settled - Poke and prod Jay is a missions Web - Website has new stuff - Strange Couplings is on website, but pdf is not opening anymore  Dom will check - Dom has figured out the email  Sylvia will send fun things to have on the email Discussion Topic: Post-Mortems  We will discuss this later lol Resolution:


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