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by: Carson Lopez

03/1,3 125

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Carson Lopez


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About this Document

Here are the notes we covered on Hedda Gabler, both Act 1 and 2
World Literature and the Human Experience
Ms. Brenda Craven
Class Notes
hedda gabler, brenda craven, world lit
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carson Lopez on Thursday March 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 125 at a university taught by Ms. Brenda Craven in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 21 views.


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Date Created: 03/03/16
03/01 Tuesday th (Reminder: Lit Analysis due March 29 ) Hedda Gabler *Author was among the few who acknowledged the individualism of women & the break of stereotypical men vs stereotypical women Context of history in the story:  Hedda’s father, the General, is a giant portrait in their new home  George Tesman (husband of Hedda) has been doing research all 6 months on a boring subject while they were on their honeymoon in Europe  Aunt Jullane (Tesman’s aunt/motherly figure) gave Tesman money to buy the house, which she got help from by Judge Brack o Tesman feels the need to provide for Hedda the sort of life Hedda grew up with (Hedda was very rich) o Aunt Jullane is surprised Tesman got someone like Hedda because of her prestige  Hedda resents flowers  Tesman values hand-embroidered slippers Aunt Jullane later brings him Act 1  Newlyweds arrive  Aunt Jullane arrives in the morning wearing a hat to impress Hedda  Tesman meets Aunt Jullane while Berta (the maid) is there too  When Hedda comes in, she is extremely rude and nit-picking everything  Tesman is completely oblivious to Hedda’s potential pregnancy  Hedda is clearly very materialistic and dismissive of both Tesman and his aunt  Mrs. Elvsted visits and wants Tesman to write to Eilert Lovborg (Mrs. Elvsted’s former step-children’s tutor and Tesman’s writing rival)  Mrs. Evlsted confesses how involved she’s been with Lovborg (she helped him write his new book) and that she has left her husband to come looking for Lovborg  Hedda is very nosy and picks at Mrs. Elvsted, manipulates her into telling Hedda everything that’s going on  Mrs. Evlsted mentions that Lovborg used to be involved with a woman who threatened to shoot him with her pistols  Judge Brack shows up and brings up financial problems: o #1, Tesman’s job isn’t confirmed yet and he’s in debt o #2 Tesman might not get the job if Lovborg gets it first because Lovborg has family influence in the branch Act 2  Hedda shoots at Judge Brack when he comes in through the garden, barely misses him  Intimate/suggestive exchange between Brack and Hedda, where Brack offers to be the “third wheel” if he perhaps gets to have an affair with Hedda, but nothing is overtly stated  Lovborg comes over and engages in heavy conversation with Hedda about their questionably close relationship in the past, he tells Hedda that Mrs. Elvsted is stupid and means nothing to him  Mrs. Elvsted shows up  Hedda manipulates Lovborg into drinking, knowing he has an alcohol problem, by pitting him against Mrs. Elvsted  Lovborg leaves with Brack and Tesman for the bachelor party  Mrs. Elvsted points out to Hedda that she has ulterior motives  Hedda admits she loves control


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