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POLS 1020 week 9 part II

by: Eunji Kim

POLS 1020 week 9 part II Political science 1020

Eunji Kim
GPA 3.89

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About this Document

Introduction to International Relations
Aron G. Tannenbaum
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eunji Kim on Thursday March 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Political science 1020 at Clemson University taught by Aron G. Tannenbaum in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Introduction to International Relations in Political Science at Clemson University.

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Date Created: 03/03/16
POLS 1020 week 9 II Arab States in World Politics Geography and history of Arab states [will be on exam!]  Getting it straight o “Arab” is a nationality o “Islam” or “Muslim” is a religion o (Almost) all Arabs are Muslims o Most Muslims are not Arabs o More than 20 states are Arab states o The Arab nation is divided into more than 20 Westphalia states  Middle East History o Only three ancient states  Egypt (majority Arab nationality)/Sunni  Turkey (majority Turkish, minority Kurds) / Sunni  Iran (majority Persian, minority Ajeri, Kurds) / Shia o Other Arab lands belonged to one or another empire, never independent entities o Arab Westphalian states were created by Western powers in 20 th century o Many Arabs consider their states borders to be illegitimate o Result is Violence and Chaos with regional wars International significance of Arab states  Energy, main source for world o [Middle East Oil Production exports through the Persian Gulf]  Shipping lanes, connecting Asia with Europe  Religion, long history of Islam – Christian relations, not always peaceful o [10% down to 5% Christians]  Terrorism, not uniquely Arab but mainly so o [Christian Terrorism (KKK is one of the most successful terrorisms) and Islamic Terrorism]  Emigration, out of Arab world into Europe  Israel, existence of stand of Israel  One thing most Arabs agree on: “Go to Hell Israel!” Search for basis of legitimate political order  Westphalia state system imposed by West bus didn’t take root  Democracy tried and failed  Pan-Arab nationalism, rose and fell  Political Islam/Islamism, currently on the rise  British and French were the ones who divided the Middle East, became all independents after WWII.  Failure of Westphalia State system to take root in Middle East  After the Arab Spring  Rival Bases of Political Legitimacy o Westphalia State system o Political Islam  Territorial Conquests of Political Islam o 1979 Islamic Republic of Iran o 1982 Hezbollah in southern Lebanon o 1989 – 2001 Taliban in Afghanistan, Pakistan o 2006 al Shabab, Somalia o 2007 Hamas in Gaza o 2010 Boko Haram in northern Nigeria o 2014 ISIS in Sunni Areas of Syria, Iraq The United States and the Arab World  American Realism and American IR Liberalism in the Arab World o American Realism  Energy supply for Europe, Japan, not so much for USA, and reduce reliance on Russia  Shipping lanes, for US Navy and oil commerce  Israel, a US ally, military cooperation, high tech  Terrorism, no more repeats of 9/11 o American IR Liberalism o Israel, the holy land, Jewish and Christian Zionism o Humanitarian intervention to stop Syrian civil war  American Arms in the Arab World o Not a successful history  Taliban returning to Afghan  Iraq now under Iranian influence  Libya a new center of Islamic terrorism o American export of democracy has not produced peace o Should the US intervene forcefully against ISIS in Iraq and Syria?  Russian-American Rivalry in Syria o Syrian civil war o Russia joins Iran, Iran and Hezbollah in supporting Assad regime vs terrorists o US and West have half-heartedly supported Islamic non-terrorists against ISIS and against Assad  Putin says o Russia supports Assad government against terrorist o Russia joins Iran, Iraq and Hezbollah o Russia invites US to join with them o US is mistaken to seek to overthrow Assad o US has terrible track record of overthrowing Arab against Assad, against backfire to US  BUT, Obama says o Russia is making big mistake, will get bogged down in Syria o Russia is on wrong side, supporting Assad gives jihadists more incentive to fight o Assad must go before there can be a Syrian peace settlement o ISIS – controlled territory is shrinking o US ground forces would be counter-productive 


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