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HDFS 2001 - Diversity Issues in HDFS - Notes for Week 09/08

by: EllenElizabeth

HDFS 2001 - Diversity Issues in HDFS - Notes for Week 09/08 HDFS 2001

Marketplace > University of Connecticut > HDFS > HDFS 2001 > HDFS 2001 Diversity Issues in HDFS Notes for Week 09 08
GPA 2.959
Diversity Issues in Human Development
Edna Brown

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About this Document

HDFS 2001 - Diversity Issues in HDFS - Notes for Week 09/08
Diversity Issues in Human Development
Edna Brown
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by EllenElizabeth on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HDFS 2001 at University of Connecticut taught by Edna Brown in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Diversity Issues in Human Development in HDFS at University of Connecticut.


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Date Created: 09/11/15
HDFS 2001 DIVERSITY ISSUES IN HDFS WEEK 0908 The Social Construction of Difference World View Also called general perspective This lens shapes our values attitudes and beliefs Our world view is prone to bias which means it is in uenced by our own personal social identity social status social group membership Different lenses include religion gender race age class orientation disability ethnicity etc Differences Can be cultural such as worship foods music holidays Meaning and values placed on differences Difference and power dynamics Social Strati cation is the ranking of categories of people in a hierarchy These rankings and judging lead to stereotyping and inequality Understanding diversity without ranking requires critical self examination and critical thinking Identifying and Challenging Assumptions Must be aware of our place and time in our culture standpoint Encultumtion immersion in our own culture Ethnocentrism judging other cultures based on your own cultural standards Cultural relativism judging a culture by its own rules and values Must be aware that there are many cultural differences Cultural sensitivity Think about what challenges these statements present How can that man expect societal acceptance when the Bible clearly states that homosexuality is a sin Of course we search all dark Arabiclooking people in airports our national security is at stake If people come to live in this country they should learn to speak english Social Construction Theory The framework that positions what we see as real categories of difference is the result of human interaction We create interpret and give meaning to culture We internalize our beliefs about our culture Our sense of what is male female what is disabled what is middle class working class is defined by our sense of social construction Media Institutional Conscious Media can enable stereotypes Stereotyping cognitive stereotypes involve generalizations about the typical characteristics of members of the groups Sally is a female so she probably has characteristics of being nurturing and emotional nurturing emotional John belongs to a frat so he must be a heavy drinker Prejudice affect attitude toward the members of some group based solely on their membership in that group Prejudice is rooted in fear of what is not you Discrimination behavior actual positive or negative actions toward the objects of prejudice


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