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Week 4

by: Alicia Mutlu
Alicia Mutlu
Cal State Fullerton
GPA 3.4

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About this Document

Covering week 4
Purpose meaning the goodlife
Ryan Nichols
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alicia Mutlu on Thursday March 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Philosophy 101 at California State University - Fullerton taught by Ryan Nichols in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Purpose meaning the goodlife in PHIL-Philosophy at California State University - Fullerton.

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Date Created: 03/03/16
February 16th • Youth-what goals Ryan Nichols • Habit Philosophy 101 • Practice - Contemplation Aristotle (384- 322 BCE) It was good to be Book 1 Greek even better to be Athenian. “Best - All activity aims toward happiness place to be in the ancient world”. He was a - Happiness: Differing types member of Plato's academy in Athens for 20 - Highest Good years. After Plato's death he travels to - Human nature investigate nature. His most famous student Phil: knowledge of the good, being Alexander the Great, who went on the Commoners- pleasure. Ambitious- Honor. conquer the majority of the known world at Claimed women were inferior because they the time. His dad was a Physician. had less teeth then men. Though we all have Aristotle comes back to Athens in 335 the same number of teeth. Ancient Science BCE and made the lyceum (his philosophy an architectural type of thinking. Purpose and followers). He says that the best possible (telos). Happiness- eudaemonia. Vir- manly. life would be excellence of character or Arte- virtue- concept. Almost sexist. ethical virtue. “Happiness” - eudaemonia All activity good as end in itself/ good “living well and doing well”. Self control differs as means to an end. Real gain is good by you between a cold fish and a pig. Held to itself. Happiness the only good that can stand the “highest rational ideals” This philosophy alone. Highest good political science. Certain allowed foreigners. City-states had slaves at types of happiness being class based. this time. Religion? Ethnic identities? The highest good: Happiness. “when Disagree what happiness is. Plato- there’s an end beyond the action, the product says its a souls harmony. Pleasure is for is by nature better than the activity” commoners- happiness is coming to a Suppose there is some end we do not contemplation. Is pleasure necessary for choose everything because that would make happiness? desire empty and futile. Happiness “would be less if the end is several” means external Happiness - good suppose being selfless. End in itself • Only good one (BB: explain what you think Happiness is) - Human Nature: rational - Soul Aristotles Academy • Rational • Greek/ Athenian • Arational • Student - Reason • Teacher to Alexander Social Component City-States - Measured after death • • Under Plato’s influence - Reputation Philosopy - Resources • “scientific” • Ethics is a science Ina moment you get pleasure and you • Key concepts get happiness. But true happiness will endure - Purpose (telos) through time and skepticism. “Can’t know is - Happiness someone’s truly happy till they’re dead”. - Virtues Complete and self sufficient “the end”. Morality and Ethics Aptitude Enjoyment Individuals. Career a job - Development of virtue functions like a body part and we have purpose in nature and society. What do we drags on. Love - english -latin-greek. Akrasia do well? The activity of your soul when some one acts against their better He was very civic minded. Socrates judgement through weak will. When people on his death bed once given a chance to are asked in certain points of their lives they escape his execution and go on the run he start with few desires but the number replies with “I’d rather die and Athenian.” increases throughout the progression of their Humans are rational bipedal animals lives. which is unique. What makes them more unique is they’re the only animals to not listen BB: What things might you need to be to instinct. What differentiates animals from Happy? humans is that humans “rationality” to ignore animalistic impulses. Conversion To Manicheans for comfort? February 18th The meaninglessness bought in a philosophical web and he converges. Gods Augustine role. He was a sex addict and his conversion 354-430 AD helped him a lot with that. North african Christian Manicheanism: A dualistic religious movement- One really good power and one really bad one. Two Deities. G.V.E. ontology:supernaturalistic Role of Majority Confessions Socrates and greek. Knowledge and Civics. Augustine Religious Self-Knowledge. Form of book. “good will Never win” He becomes a bishop combines his own story with god and continues on a journey of faith to edify others of god. Pears Steals these pears when he is younger, not because he needed to he had plenty of food. He hardly even wanted to it was more for the thrill of the sin. Just to be disobedient. A social sin. To be prideful of these sins. Parallels the original sin in the garden of eden with the apple. A break out of the overbearing power of god. Pg.29. Just to sin to see what’ll happen. Like that Johnny Cash song “Folsom Prison Blues” “I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die”. Beggar Story VI “not for Honors” . Contrast beggar to the modern day homeless. “Hedonic Treadmill” the pursuit of pleasure. How you continually want more and more as time


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