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Week 5

by: Alicia Mutlu
Alicia Mutlu
Cal State Fullerton
GPA 3.4

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About this Document

Covering week 5
Purpose meaning the goodlife
Ryan Nichols
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alicia Mutlu on Thursday March 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Philosophy 101 at California State University - Fullerton taught by Ryan Nichols in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see Purpose meaning the goodlife in PHIL-Philosophy at California State University - Fullerton.

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Date Created: 03/03/16
Ryan Nichols Therefore they are always wrong they are Philosophy 101 always bad they will always sin. “Narcissist” An admiration of Russel Feb. 24 themselves , no genuine intrest in any other 1872-1970. A pacifist, Aethiest, logician. Won person, wishing to be admired, but overall the Nobel Peace Prize. Diplomat. lacking self respect. Their desire to be desirable by the whole world. But no one will Unhappiness ever love them as much as they love Compares it to animals (pg.174) And themselves and they find everyone else as how they're happy with health and food. How less. humans aught to be happy with the same but “Megalomaniac” Seeks to be feared more than often aren’t. Because we’re rather than loved. Wishes for others lack of rational humans and we set the bar to high. success. They want power. “It is not enough Giving into primitive animalistic impulses for me to succeed, all others must fail” - makes you happier. “commuting” to country Genghis Khan. Types of Unhappiness “Hedonist” A devotee of Pleasure. Created in “Self absorption”. Holding “Seeks to make life more bearable by false beliefs creates an unhappiness a becoming less alive” An escapist. An addict. difference in beliefs and reality. This certain type of sad which finds you it appears Happiness inescapable because it has no apparent Role of self selection internally and external cause. False beliefs themselves externally. Other directions. Flow. Value of dont harm but give hope. False beliefs self. How to prove. “Diminishing regarding their looks expectations of events preoccupation with myself.”(175) Its better to of relationships. Faith in general. Major face reality as it is than to pretend. causes of unhappiness physical pain and Recommends becoming indifferent to death. Endorsing in false believes will lead to ourselves and disregarding your desires. inevitable doom. Indulging in a superstition Taking on a third person perspective on your will make them happier but climbing higher own life. Quiet your mind. Fleeting transitory will only lead to a greater fall. The self is the experiences to be your focus of attention. source of unhappiness. You must know your Turning your focus on the external world. You desires distinguish the obtainable to the must Diagnose your unhappiness and find its unattainable and demote certain desires to cure. The three categories of self absorption be happier. above and how we can move beyond those. Need internal: outward not inward. avoiding BB: Self awareness and the lack of self self centered passions. and focus on the deception regarding false beliefs. If Russell’s external. if theres is no motivation in the right, but what is some belief you might have external world. Externally: You need health that is not likely to be true but in your opinion love food and shelter. keeps you happy? It’s proven that when you are engaged with Types of people Personality Traits that lead an activity outside your self you are overall to Unhappiness happier. “Sinner” is self conscious and absorbed in their own sin and immorality. BB: what activities make you experience a Dwells on failures and disappointment. If the flow like state?” sinner believes in god he believes that god is just as disappointed with him as he is. They seek the sinless state that is unattainable. Fyodor Dostoyevsky The difference between guilt and Mid 19th century shame. The will to be punished. Guilt is a Philosphical: ivan and Zossima. role of moral emotion which results from breaking a religion . Stories they tell. moral code. It’s an action which will lead to Markel guilt. Anti. Illness.the effects it had on him Shame is about social rank and how others and on his mother. His death. Religion as perceive you to be. it’s quasi moral and happiness and forgiveness. Guilt in you depends on the person. Your personality is shame and change. Real christianity now associated with an action creating Dsoeticism or not. Zossima and JOB from the shaming the person. Shame is bio bible. Brother. Pledge to many . psychology and more primitive. The body will blush. It’s visible to another a shamed man. 1. God is all good and knowing Guilt is a moral emotion and theirs no way to 2. If god exists than evil wouldn't to tell. Accountability places without an 3. suffering exists individual. 4. therefore, God does not Countries majority follow religion have more Markels illness and how he communes with guilt where countries with less religion have nature . Better person for it afterward. He less guilt. Modern world: problems which was an atheist before. All is infused with god reduce us. and he expends gratitude. Politics capitalism redistribute private prep. BB: Is zossima’s argument successful? Communism. Effects of religion on people and the transformations they undergo. Intimate connection between his new responsibilities with him and others. Doing to others what they need and taking only what they can Contribute. He falls in love with a lady but she's already with a man. He insults him in public leading to a duel. The night before he remembers his brothers final days and the words he said to him become clear. He goes to the duel and lets the man shoot first it grazes his cheek he acclaims with joy throwing his gun into the woods. He tells the man and the crowd that you must love your fellow man. The visitor After ward Dostoyevsky becomes a man of the clothe if you know what I'm saying (priest). A man privately confesses to him about murdering the woman he loved so long ago. About how he pinned it on her servants taking a life and ruining another. Embarrasment leads to shame leads to humiliation


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