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History 103 test 2

by: Juliana Reynolds

History 103 test 2 25376

Juliana Reynolds
GPA 2.77
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About this Document

Next test is 3/9/16
American Civilization since 1877
Tom Appleton
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Juliana Reynolds on Thursday March 3, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 25376 at Eastern Kentucky University taught by Tom Appleton in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see American Civilization since 1877 in History at Eastern Kentucky University.


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Date Created: 03/03/16
Presidents of the Guilded age 1865-1955 Week 1 Test 2 Created by Juliana Reynolds 1. U.S. Grant 1896-1877-Lived in Illinois- Elected because he was a Civil war hero, helped win the Civil War from the North. Not successful term in Ohio 2. Rutherford B Hayes 1877-1881 Republican Civil War hero, he also had a long beard. 3. James Garfield 1881- Ohio- talented- President for four months then shot (the name of the shooter is Charles Guiteau) ****wanted a job did not get it staked president and shot him at a good opportunity shot in the back did not die till two months later. Charels tried guilty and hung. ****** 4. Chester A. Arthur 1881-1885--- 1963 President Kennedy shot and died instantly. Needed to change constitution 25 amendment 1967 spells out what would happen if the president was in capitated. 5. Grover Cleveland 2 terms 1885-1889 & 1893- 1897----Born in New York-- Democrat clean image- went up against a Republican James De Blaine from Maine held every job besides president 1884 smoke has cleared continental liar government found him paying payments to a women had a baby out of wood lock- vetoed a # of pensions- Bills never served got married when white house he was 49 she was 21 5 kids not re-elected. Lost by 1 state 2 terms not consecutive terms. He served 2 terms not happy/ economic depression Panic of 1893- farmers could not make a living. President health regarded as a private matter. The Rebellious Farmers 1865-1900 I. The decline of Agriculture  Years of farm distress- man made problems- natural disasters. 1. Physical Aspect  Soil erosion- hot summers- Animal diseases- nature constant battle- harsh winters. 2. Political- Government not listening to the farmer’s voice announced to very little. 3. Economic- over expansion 1860-1910  New up to date machinery – going in to debt to buy the market becomes glutted with wheat. 1860’s bushel of wheat cost .45 cents 1890’s .49 cents. Overproduction  Lower Prices over Expansion Farmers Blamed the RR for most of their problems 4. Social Aspect—isolated more insanity on farms in mid-west for women- more pregnancy all the time lower life expectancy until birth control came around. 5. Spiritual Aspect—Men tilled soil, closest to God big business men heroes- made fun of farmers- status anxiety. II. Patrons of husbandry (Agriculture) (1896) “The Grange” Started selecting farmers to office social organization. Fun group for farmers- groups got together with similar interest/ talked about their problems. III. Farmer Alliances  Northern farmers alliance  Southern  Colored  Mostly interested in politics and running people for office  Federal Government to build ware houses were farmers could store food till harvest rose. Gov’t wouldn’t help farmers  Ran candidates for office 1890’s 50 farmers to congress. I Formed political party to help farmers--- Political Party 1890 II Things ** Became a law things ____ important laws The populist (peoples party) 1. Gov’t to own the transportation and communication system RR telephone. 2. ** The voters wanted to be able to elect US. Senators 3. ** Graduated income tax- The more you earn the more you pay. 4. ** The secret ballet—able to vote in private *Favor an 8hr work day—mostly factory workers * Restrict Immigration ******** Populist wanted free and unlimited coinage of silver and ratio of 16 to 1 silver and oz Gold Farmers wanted inflation—“cheap money” easier to pay back debt. Names of populists 1) Tom Watson- Georgia- ran for congress appealed ti black support—didn’t win blamed his appeal for black votes, complete 180 hated black “racist” 2) Jerry Simpson- Kansas 3) Mary Lease- KS- Lawyer, Public speaker “raise less corn and more hell” I The Wizard of OZ (1900) the book about silver and gold Scare crow- farmer brain thought they were dumb. Tinman- man working in a factory, wants a heart, afraid of “rust” rust belt industries. Lion- wants to be brave “WM Jennings” Goes to emerald city (Washington D.C.) fallowed the yellow brick road William Mckenly is the Wizard—“todo” against alcohol Book silver shoes dorthy flies back to Kansas “silver can take you anywhere you want to go” L Frank Baum wrote the wiz. From Emancipation to Equality I. The Rise of Jim Crow ( not an actual person) 3 amendments added to the constitution 13 -1865 – freed all slaves in the us. 14 -1866- freed our citizens 15 - 1870- gave black men the right to vote KKK-tried to keep black men from voting 1890’s- Prejudice decade  Segregation fully emerged  A parthied } discriminatory law to keep them apart Jim Crow laws- white character dressed up to be black 1896- Plessy VS. Fergunson Said laws are fine. To Be Continued……


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