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Week 3 Notes

by: Chaelin Despres

Week 3 Notes ENGL 221

Chaelin Despres
GPA 3.76
British Lit
Christopher Cain

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About this Document

This includes the notes on Chapter 6 and 7 of Reading and Writing about Literature as well as the notes for Caedmon's Hymn, Dream of the Rood, and Beowulf.
British Lit
Christopher Cain
Class Notes
british literature, english, towson, towson university, beowulf
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chaelin Despres on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 221 at Towson University taught by Christopher Cain in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see British Lit in Foreign Language at Towson University.

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Date Created: 09/11/15
British Literature to 1798 Week 3 Notes 982015 In Class Caedmon s Hymn o Caedmon agricultural laborer common at many ChurchesMonasteries I His miracle he always left the song circle of other laborers before his turn because he was embarrassed He then has a dream vision and remembered the dream song to preform 0 First instance of verse in English on Religion 0 Bede wrote Historia ecclesiastica gentis anglorum Ecclesiastical History of the English People I Uses fantasticalmiraculous 9 subconscious doing ex Miracles The Dream of the Rood 0 About Reliquary I Shrine that houses Biblical relics authentic ones 0 Shroud of Turin Thorn of the Crown pieces of the Cross pieces of Saints bodies Holy Prepuce J esus foreskin I Was highly important in the Middle Ages 0 Poem 9 in verse 0 Dream about a talking tree 9 says it s the tree of Jesus cross I Medieval Dream Vision 9 very standard I Large importancesignificance placed on dreams I 5 Gems 9 Jesus wounds I No felons gallows 9 Jesus was crucified with two thieves o Inconsistent with the Bible I Portrays Jesus as more of a Beowulfesque character 0 The tree needs to be recovered because it s the true cross 9 reliquary Beowulf 0 Nothing about England I All eventscharacters take place in Scandinavia I PlaceName Recognition places in charters property tradespapers were related to names of CharactersPlaces from Beowulf 0 Reference to Beowulf in a sermon I The description of Hell is very similar to that of Grendal s lair 0 One surviving manuscript of the text 0 Marshall exploits are highly valued 0 Why does it begin with so I Not because of In Media Res I Related to the word Hwaet original opening which signals a change in directiontopic o Begins with genealogy because lineage was very important I Explains alliances and ties between characters I Placed large emphasis on one s lineage and parentage o Kenning tightly packed metaphor I Whaleroad 9 ocean hronrade in Old English I battlelight 9 sword o Mention to religion I Reference to the Flood of Noah I Cain V Abel o Beowulf is related to Hygelac his King maternally I Makes relation unquestionable I Hygelac 9 Chailocus o Hygelac was a real person I Mentioned in Geoffrey of Tor s history I Puts the earliest form of Beowulf possible at 560 CE 0 Most likely written between 775 and 825 CE with the form of the language Reading Reading and Writing About Literature Chapter 6 o Narrative poem 9 tells a story I Epic long poem that narrates heroic events 0 Lyric poem 9 expresses personal thoughtsfeelings of speaker not necessarily of poet 0 Elements of Poetry I Speaker I Listener I Imagery I SoundSense I Rhyme I AssonanceConsonance I Meter I Form I Stanzas I Lineation Chapter 7 0 Elements of drama I PlotCharacterT heme given through dialogue and stage direction I Diction word choice I Melody verse and form I Spectacle what s actually on stage I Setting


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