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Clinical Psychology - Week Two Notes

by: Danielle Lerer

Clinical Psychology - Week Two Notes Psych 430

Marketplace > James Madison University > Psychlogy > Psych 430 > Clinical Psychology Week Two Notes
Danielle Lerer
GPA 3.476
Clinical Psychology

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About this Document

This is the notes from week two of Psych 430, Clinical Psychology - highlighted, key terms in bold, organized, etc. (9/10/15)
Clinical Psychology
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Danielle Lerer on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Psych 430 at James Madison University taught by Shutty in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 103 views. For similar materials see Clinical Psychology in Psychlogy at James Madison University.


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Date Created: 09/11/15
Clinical Psychology Class 2 91015 Clinical Psychologists Postgrad education with clinical supervision starting point to become a psychologist you are licensed to practice guided by code of ethics and standards of care A doctorate adds to the de nition of psychologist 47 years to get degree need a predoctorate internship yearlong of which you apply during grad school before you can practice Need to pass a statistical exam before you can just do internship After doctoral degree 1 year of supervised practice 0 Clinical hours seeing patients as a graduate school will count towards the 1500 hours you need to be allowed to practice To be a ill member of APA must have a doctorate 0 Gold standard APA approved program 0 Extra list of requirements necessary to be licensed if not APA approved PhD vs Psy D 0 Two Training Models 0 Integrated approach to science and practice 0 Focus on clinical research method in conjunction with clinical skills 0 Must complete research dissertation to receive a PhD 0 Arguments against 0 Most dissertation research is irrelevant to the clinical eld 0 Very few PhDs clinical psychologists do any research after they get out of school 0 No empirical evidence to suggest that a research background has resulted in bettermore effective practice I Skills needed for therapeutic practice ie active listening is not brought out through research necessarily 0 These reasons are what led to the new Vail program 0 Research skills are not necessary to provide competent clinical care 0 Focus primarily on clinical skill o No research dissertation requirement to receive a PsyD o Arguments against 0 Best clinical practice is based on research both om laboratory and eld I Techniquesprocedures that you learn within lab is effective I Clinical research in eld is necessary to provide extra knowledge to advance the eld I Current outcome data research how we know what we are doing is effective I You have to read about research as a practitioner but it might be easier if you know itdone it and it will help with understanding I Skills needed to make clinical inferences come om a research background but there is no concrete evidence on that 0 Research competency is needed in either program through 0 Selecting tests interpreting tests developing tests risk assessment selecting outcome indices factor analysis regression 0 Interpreting treatment tx outcome literature studies how important replication is hallmarks of experimental design 0 Assess outcomes from your practice you individually or as an agency describing new applications ie combine two types of therapy in a new way or provide treatments in a different venue demonstrating QA o 3 Graduate Hours of I Psychological Measurement I Research Methodology I Techniques of Data Analysis Latent Variables things that we cannot see vs Manifest Variables things we can see and directly measure but the theories state that they exist A clinical entity whose existence is theoretical and and we believe they exist even if we cannot directly measure it ie stress anxiety happiness con dence schizophrenia etc 0 Le a Beck Depression Inventory is used as one of their outcome variables FDA approves meds on the basis of these numbers om the inventory License to Practice 0 Purpose of licensure needed to protect vulnerable populations I Ensure competency and that it can be demonstrated 0 Requires continuing education I Needs 14 hours 15 has to be on ethics half has to be facetoface they randomly check you and it must be documented APA is not involved o By law you have to practice in your area of competence Ties you to state statutes and standards of care 0 In Virginia you need to get your license I PhD or Psy D in Clinical Psychology I Predoctoral Internship amp Post doctoral Supervision with 1500 hrs total I Pass National Exam Examination for Profession Practice in Psychology EPPP 0 On not just Clinical Psychology but rather on all areas of Psychology 0 Have to be in 70th percentile in VA 0 Standards of Care I professiona1 consensus about the treatment of speci c disorders I Provides general clinical guidelines 0 Provide ex1ble directions for treatments of speci c disorders 0 Provide minimum requirements for treatment 0 Based on research literature 0 Clinical departures may come about due to unique factors 0 Wether they have comorbid substance abuse problem intellectual disabilities you may need to take a new approach but you need to be aware of how you are deviating and be able to defend that approach 0 All departures should be recognized documented and explained I Group of statutes in VA also called Standards of Care and they are all about ethical guidelines which actually parallel APA ethical guidelines Ethics legally bound 0 Competence I SofC guidelines in terms of treatments 0 Integrity I Don t misrepresent your quali cations Professional and Scienti c Responsibility Respect for People s Rights and Dignity Concern for Other s Welfare 0 Social Responsibility Transference happens in this eld ie acon ding emotional interaction occurs but 000 rather than keep boundaries they cross over into an inappropriate relationship Insurance companies have guidelines that we have to adhere to as well because they are the thirdparty participant in payment Managed care favors medication 0 Two Phases 0 Restricting Utilization o Preapproval Time and cost caps 0 Clinical Trials Research 0 Approval for effective tX outcomes 0 Empiricallyvalidated treatments EVT standardized treatments I Have at least 2 randomized between group designs 2 individual independent studies that is superior to pill or placebo or another treatment or equivalent to an already established treatment Good design compared to the intervention to another treatment Conducted with treatment manuals lays out proper treatments I Specify the client groups o All EVTs are Cognitive Behavioral 0 Use of EVTS by 311 Party Payers to decide coverage supersedes clinical judgment 0 EVTS are e icacious but not always effective those who adapt the manual perhaps with patients with comorbid disorders Works in real life settings 0 When you have therapist in the study who knows the manual by hard in a focused group Experimentalco ntro lled settings 0 Manualization is too Rigid 0 Manual cannot always be followed 0 The name itself EVT is too strong as atX cannot be completely validated 0 Bottom line EVT is a failed approach 0 Evidence Based Practice in Psychology EBPP I Broader more comprehensive concept I Work to provide best outcome for particular patient I Research evidence that certain treatments work 0 ie mindfulness works ooding works 0 Tool in our toolbox o Psychotherapy Integration 0 Uses exposure and response prevention and coping skill building 0 These methods effective 0 Build rapport and provide insight into historical dynamics that underlie some selfdefeating cognitions 0 Most effective therapies involve some degree of self awareness 0 Recognizes that providing hW exercises will stimulate interpersonal dynamics Where patient will want to please therapist o Psychodynamic factors are always involves and addressed to facilitate behavioral changes 0 First psychologists to provide meds Department of Defense


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