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CLP4143 Week 3 Notes

by: Lana Rose Betts

CLP4143 Week 3 Notes CLP4143

Marketplace > Florida State University > Psychlogy > CLP4143 > CLP4143 Week 3 Notes
Lana Rose Betts
GPA 4.0
Abnormal Psychology
Casey Strickland

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About this Document

These are my notes for the third week of class, including both the lectures and the readings. I answered all of the learning objectives, which are what we will be tested on. I also took the liber...
Abnormal Psychology
Casey Strickland
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lana Rose Betts on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLP4143 at Florida State University taught by Casey Strickland in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 96 views. For similar materials see Abnormal Psychology in Psychlogy at Florida State University.


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Date Created: 09/11/15
Week 3 Notes Assessment amp Diagnosis Learning Objectives 1 What is assessment When and Why does assessment occur in clinical settings During an assessment a clinician gathers information about symptoms amp causes It is done when treatment andor diagnosis is the goal It is done to nd out what if anything is wrong and if a treatment is working 2 What is a symptom What is a syndrome and how are they related A system is an observation a syndrome is a diagnosis based on a collection of symptoms Symptoms are like individual stars amp syndromes are galaxies that society draws 3 Why is it Important to assess a person s current symptoms past symptoms and family history of psychological problems CLASS It may help explain why a person is exhibiting certain behavior ex if my parents are depressed there could be genetic reasons for why I m depressed It also helps with diagnosis 4 Define validity Why is it important that psychological assessments be valid Validity ACCURACY Does the psychological test measure what it is supposed to How close are the darts to the bull s eye If not the test is not a good assessment for diagnosis 5 De ne reliability Why is it important that psychological assessments be reliable Reliability CONSISTENCY Does the test provide consistent info about what it is supposed to measure How often do the darts hit the target If not the clinician cannot be sure if the test worked 6 What are the pros and cons of structured and unstructured clinical interviews Structured Unstructured Pros asks a wide array of questions ensures all issues are brought up serves as a catchall for any lingering factors amp issues in the client s life the client may not know what is wrong with himher the clinician may bring up an issue the client may have otherwise repressed Pros the client knows hisherself better than a stranger amp is the director of the conversation the client may feel more comfortable the client may be more honest the client may want to focus on an issue amp not waste time with unrelated questions ex why are you asking the clinician is an expert and directs the assessment me about my legal issues when I m just anorexic Cons the client may feel like there is something wrong with them the clinician may not focus as much attention on the client s main issue Cons the clinician takes the backseat even though heshe has more psychological knowledge than the client the client may not reveal important issues other issues that could be factors problem may not be discussed 7 8 9 What do Intelligence tests measure What are some criticisms of intelligence tests They measure intellectual strengths amp weaknesses They are criticized because people have varying de nitions of intelligence and they are biased in favor of middle and upperclass educated people Why are symptom questionnaires advantageous They target a specific syndrome and gather a lot of information quickly What are some uses for personality inventories They tell high from lowfunctioning people and are used in clinical amp job interviews Some are so successful that they are administered before the client s rst interview and can gage hisher level of abnormality 10 What are projective tests and What are some criticisms of them Projective tests can easily be equated to a mirror people project their inner state onto the stimulus The stimulus is an ambiguous picture eX Rorschach inkblot test or sentence stem These tests are critiqued because they lack validity amp reliability due to the fact that they are subjective Use of them is declining as the use of psychoanalysis declines 11 What are behavior observations How might a clinician avoid biased observations The clinician observes the client This is extremely helpful when the client has poor introspection eX children the mentally ill To avoid biased observations the clinician would need to eliminate observer effects amp stereotype threat The primary way to do this is to not tell the client heshe is being watched 12 How is selfmonitoring used to identi and change behavior Selfmonitoring is when the individual keeps track of the number of times per day heshe engages in a specific behavior This helps them identify amp change behavior because they discover the triggers of unwanted behavior in the client s 13 What makes child assessment more dif cult than adult assessment Children are not as insightful they cannot describe their feelings amp associated events as easily as adults can 14 In what ways can assessment he culturally hiased Language barriers often lead to underdiagnosis and overdiagnosis of symptoms some clinicians have negative stereotypes amp overlabel different cultures express emotion and thoughts differently ex some cultures are more accepting of aggression 15 What is the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM How has the DSM changed over the years It is the official manual for diagnosing psychological disorders in the US It has gone through several revisions amp upgrades since its publishing in 1952 it is currently in its 5th version At rst each disorder had a simple summary amp no listed symptoms which made diagnosing open to interpretation Now it lists symptoms 16 What are some controversies with the DSM Comorbidity if people meet criteria for one disorder they are likely to meet criteria for another ex Generalized Anxiety Disorder amp Major Depression overlap Cultural sensitivity people in some cultures may be more diagnosed with certain disorders 0 Politics v Scienti c Accuracy what is actually a disorder What does our current society label as a disorder For example homosexuality was originally listed as a mental disorder now we know this is not true but back in the mid 20th century there was a huge debate among scientists


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