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James Town

by: SC_Grace Dillon

James Town HIST 1100 - 01

SC_Grace Dillon
American History to 1865
michelle morris

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About this Document

Taken Tuesday, September 8,2015 & Thursday, September 10, 2015. All about the colony James Town in the early 1600s.
American History to 1865
michelle morris
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by SC_Grace Dillon on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1100 - 01 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by michelle morris in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see American History to 1865 in History at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/11/15
Tuesday September 8 2015 Thursday September 10 2015 James Town 1 Motivations a Lingering idealism i Bring quotfreedomquot to the Indians ii Biracial society iii Providing opportunity for the English poor and enriching England at the same time b Making money i Virginia company nancial corporation 1 Joint stock company 2 Expected a return on investments ii No more preying on the Spanish 1 King James made peace with the Spanish 2 May 1607 104 English men and children settled in James Town a Within four months half were dead i Powhatans warriors attacked Jamestown fort 1 Three days after they arrived 2 The Indians wanted to use the Colonists as trade partners English Indians 104 men Powhatan confederacy Many gentlemen 30 tribes and 8000 people Very few soldiers Some craftsmen Exhausted by the long voyage Much of the work done was woman39s work unlike England House building Farming Unfamiliar disease environment Male responsibilities were hunting and war ii Unhealthy environment 1 Was a swamp a Full with mosquitos that carry disease iii The colonists refused to grow food 1 Cultural stubbornness a Gentlemen do not farm b Gentlemen39s do not farm c Artisans practice their crafts it is illegal to do work other then yourjob i There was no materials for the craftsmen to practice their crafts so they starved 2 Other factors a Period of drought 16061612 b Many were poisoned from drinking brackish water i The mixture of salt and fresh water Tuesday September 8 2015 Thursday September 10 2015 c Disease and malnutrition makes it hard to farm d Before 1618 settlers in Virginia worked for the company store So they did not own the fruits of their labor i After 1618 they switched to the head right system 3 It was not that the colonists could not far It was hat they would not farm a John Smith forced them to farm b England called john smith back in 1609 iv The Virginia Company instituted a new government in1609 1 Replace the council with a single governor 2 lmpose martial law strips citizens of the civil protections they usually enjoy a Mandated that settlers must work b Made a variety of crimes capital 3 Tried to keep Indians and Englishmen far away from each other v Starving time winter 1609 10 Uneasy truce with the Powhatan lndians Plenty of game and sh Plenty of time to plant corn Supplies of the arriving from England People refused to make nd food a They starved i They turned to eating each other cannibalism vi Negotiations with lndians 1610 1 Governor De La Warre negotiated with the Powhatan for the return of Englishmen who left to live with the Indians a Send George Percy to retaliate because they b Refused to give back the men i They burned houses ii Executed the queen and her children iii They cut and burned the corn and food b Three crucial changes in Early Virginia 1 1617 Tobacco 2 1618 head right system allow for individual land ownership 3 1619 House of burgesses rst representative assembly ii Tobacco agriculture 1 Very pro table in Europe P PWF Tuesday September 8 2015 Thursday September 10 2015 John Rolfe who married Pocahontas discovered that the west Indian tobacco would grow in Virginia 1617 Virginians sent their rst commercial tobacco crop to England Virginia company and James 1 tried to discourage tobacco cultivation The men who would not plant food planted tobacco a A pro t was motivation to plant on their land lndentured Servitude a English men who could not pay for their voyage over i Paid in the form of a work contract b Why did they come over from England i Push 1 English poverty 2 Land ownership in England was very rare 3 No other options 1 Land was plentiful in the early years a So good that people forgot about the Indians 2 Virginia company advertised how awesome it was a quotLive a life of luxuryquot 3 The tobacco company was a way to make money England Virginia Servants commonly contracted by the year Servants served for longer and did not contract with speci c masters Once a servant had a contract heshe Masters could selltrade servants could not change the contract unless Have their time seized for debt both agreed Worked for wages Wages had peen paid in advantage ln form of passage Servants worked and masters provided Masters were technically required to provide some sort of freedom dues Rarely happened though A The master a Wanted to get as much work out of the servant as possible b To spend as little money as possible to keep them alive Most servants did not live that long 1 Disease and malnutrition Tuesday September 8 2015 Thursday September 10 2015 C d A master can do almost anything he wants to with the servant i Tradingselling The master owns the servants TIME not his BODY i Not slavery 3 To make Virginia more attractive to settlers c Head right system 1618 I ii iii iv When Jamestown was rst settled all of the colonists worked for the Virginia company No private land ownership Products went into the common store Attracted people from England 1 Offered 50 acres of land per person d First representative assembly in the colonies 1619 e House of burgesses 1619 f Quali cations for voting were unclear The Virginia government was more representative then England 16205 were a quotboomquot time Overproduction quickly lead to the market crash Colonists who paid their own passage and survived disease become very wealthy 1 Got land from the head right system 2 Tobacco gave him land 4 The AngloPowhatan War The massacre of 1622 a The colony expanded in the years 1607 Tobacco requires land b Ca 1619 Opechancanough replaced Powhatan as chief c There was a peace with the Indians in1622 But the constant encroachment on Indian land Opechancanough decided to push the English back to sea 1 Almost successful 2 An Indian warned the colonists which kept them from all being massacred 3 347 colonists dies 13 of the colony d The Royal Investigation I ii iii iv V 4270 had immigrated to Virginia In 1622 before the attack 1240 were alive By March 1622 less then 1000 were left 1 in 5 people Royal commission discovered that the captions had been sending people without adequate supplies 1 Private corruption kept food in the hand of those who could pay for it 2 Disease and malnutrition James 1 seized control of Virginia in 1624 1 Ended the Virginia company experiment 5 Tobacco servants and slaves In the 1620 a man could come to Virginia and get rich a Free colonists Tuesday September 8 2015 Thursday September 10 2015 1 Started with head right of land 2 Made money purchases servants 3 Grew tobacco and expanded b Decline of opportunity in 1660 i Land scarcity 1 Tobacco requires large amounts of land a Tobacco takes all the nutrients out of the land 2 Land speculators a Buy tons of land and don39t do anything with it Then they sell it to make a pro t 3 Beyond lay the Indians ii Decreasing mortality rate 1 Virginia born children are more likely to have immunities 2 Settlements spread further inland 3 Food supplies improved iii More servants survived their indentures 1 More exservants ghting for land iv The scarcity of land led to large groups of vagrant impoverished free men 1 Sounds like England c Development of planter elite i Declining mortality moderately wealth men lived long enough to gather more wealth and pass it on their children 1 More freed servants survived and could not get land ii Falling price of tobacco made it harder for small planters to make a living iii Growing unrest among the poor and middle class 1 New voting which excluded men without land 2 Taxes raised steeply a Fall mostly on the poor and middle class people 3 Sense that the governing elite broke their social contract a They were governing themselves rather for the common good d The spark 1676 i A group of Doeg lndians claimed that Thomas Mathew has not paid for something he bought 1 They took a bunch of his hogs 2 Mathew and his med cased after them and killed several Indians and so on ii The con ict escalates 1 Raids and colonists killed any Indians 2 Gov Berkeley wants to avoid another lndian war and tries to limit violence Tuesday September 8 2015 Thursday September 10 2015 a Particularly to avoid the Indian nations to band together to ght the English 3 He builds a series of forts for defense a Very expensive b Ineffective and colonists continued to hunt the Indians 4 Nathaniel Bacon a Member of English gentry b Friend of the governor c April of 1676 was drinking with his friends i Hears about a small planter peUUon 1 Want to go and hunt Indians 2 Gets denied ii Bacon hears and agrees to lead the revolt


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