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Richard the II

by: Nicole Dorsey

Richard the II English 323

Nicole Dorsey
GPA 3.3
Joan Dean

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About this Document

These are my notes for Richard the II, along with comments and interpretations from Professor Dean and other tidbits like vocab and things she mentioned in class.
Joan Dean
Class Notes
Richard the II, Richard, Shakespeare
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nicole Dorsey on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to English 323 at University of Missouri - Kansas City taught by Joan Dean in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see Shakespeare in Foreign Language at University of Missouri - Kansas City.


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Date Created: 09/11/15
Richard the II R2 Note Professor Dean said that the movie Richard the II with Ben Wishaw is a good movie and can help with comprehending the play Background E3 is the father of the Black Prince John of Guant Thomas Duke of Gloucester and Edmund Duke of York The Black Prince is R2 s father Bolingbroke is Gaunt s only son The Duke of Aumerle is the Duke of York s son Mowbray Duke of Norfolk is one of R2 s supporters along with Ross Green Salisbury Berkeley Surrey Carlisle Scroop Westminster Bushy and Bagot R2 gets passed the crown at an early age 18 21 approx after his grandfather and father die He s ultimately a dreadful King and makes many blunders He reigns 13771399 He is probably portrayed as in his mid 20 s in the play When Shakespeare wrote this play no one remembered R2 Vocabulary Divine right of Kings God interfered to assure that a certain family would rule Any time one family conquered another and took the crown that was supposedly God s doing Primogeniture The idea that the rst born always rules if they are a male Act I 11 John of Gaunt and his son Bolingbroke are accusing Mowbray of being a traitor to the crown and miscreant Mowbray declares Gaunt a coward villain and liar Bolingbroke declares that Mowbray is taking the pay of soldiers for himself and planned the Duke of Gloucester s death Mowbray denies everything and R2 allows everyone free speech Mowbray admits that he attempted to kill John at one point but now regrets it There s an emphasis of chivalry in this sceneact He asks R2 to set a date for Mowbray and Bolingbroke s trial by combat Neither man will back down so R2 sets a date for their trial 12 Gaunt says the trial s fate is up to heaven The Duchess of Gloucester wants Gaunt to do something to stop R2 s tyranny She also says that the best way to avenge his brother s death is to safeguard is own She does hope Mowbray is killed though She also proclaims that she is going to kill herself but Gaunt barely takes notice 13 R2 stops the combat just as it begins in order to converse with his counselors He banishes Bolingbroke for ten years and Bolingbroke takes this in stride Mowbray is banished for the rest of his life and is discouraged but accepts his fate The banishments are R2 asserting his power among the people R2 has them both swear that they will never meet in banishment nor plot against the kingdom foreshadowing Bolingbroke still wants Mowbray to confess and vice versa R2 shortens Bolingbroke s sentence to six years because he pities Gaunt Gaunt attempts to soothe his son before he leaves 14 R2 fears for Bolingbroke and the public wish him to be King Green directs R2 s thoughts to the rebels in Ireland R2 says he will tax the rich to ght the war Gaunt falls sickly and R2 hopes he dies soon so he can take Gaunt s money to fund the war Act II 21 Gaunt is dying and he wants to see R2 before he does York tells him not to waste his breath Gaunt replies that the words of a dying man are more powerful than those of someone else therefore he can persuadeR2 to lessen his erce blaze He wants R2 to be more cautious with the war Gaunt tells R2 that he is lean from not seeing his son He declares that R2 is the one dying He says that R2 s grandfather would have kept the throne from him if he knew this would ve happened R2 declares him a lunatic and saved only by the fact that they re related York tries to smooth things over saying Gaunt really does love R2 he s just grave due to his health Gaunt dies shortly after and R2 makes plans for his money York argues that Bolingbroke deserves to inherit it In the end York turns away from him Northumberland declares the King is not himself and is being led astray Ross recognizes that the public does not love him due to over taxation Willoughby and Ross agree Northumberland reveals that Bolingbroke has gathered the support of Cantebury and is coming to conquer the kingdom after R2 leaves All three men are in favor of crowning Bolingbroke 22 R2 has left for Ireland and the Queen misses him Green informs the Queen that Willoughby Northumberland Ross and the Earl of Worcester has joined Bolingbroke York comes to the Queen to try and strategize how to save the kingdom Bushy Green and Bagot recognize that there are as many supporters as haters of the King They fear for their lives 23 Northumberland his son Percy Ross and Willoughbyjoin Bolingbroke as he enters England Berkley delivers York s message of asking Bolingbroke why he s come to England York arrives and quotdisownsquot Bolingbroke despite Bolingbroke attempting to remain courteous Bolingbroke claims he was banished a Hereford and returns a Lancaster his father s title and just wants what belongs to him York declares that because he has little power he will remain neutral but will allow them to rest in the castle for a night Bolingbroke agrees but has to deal with Bushy Bagot and their accomplices rst 24 A welsh captain rumors that R2 is dead because he has not arrived as promised Salisbury declares that all of R2 s friends have gone to cater to his foes Act III 31 Bolingbroke confronts Bushy and Green He sentences them to death Bolingbroke also sends kind letters to the Queen 32 R2 returns to England is glad to be back He fears the rebellion but the Bishop of Carlisle comforts him Salisbury tells R2 that all the Welshman soldiers have left for Bolinbroke when they heard R2 was dead After a moment of doubt R2 bounces back and has much con dence R2 says Bolingbroke will dissolve the moment he sees R2 Scroop tells R2 that Bushy Green Bagot and Earl of Wiltshire have made peace with Bolingbroke which R2 misunderstands as they have become friends to Bolingbroke When in truth they were executed At this point R2 makes the comment that they were all Judases and that they have betrayed him He is portraying himself as Christ Again R2 despairs and Carlisle comforts him and R2 bounces back However after more bad news R2 despairs and resigns to defeat and plans to go to Flint Castle 33 Northumberland omits R2 s title and York gets upset over it Bolingbroke is with them and arrives at Flint Castle to nd it occupied Bolingbroke sends Northumberland with the message that he is allegiant to R2 R2 appears on a castle wallbalcony and proclaims that he is the rightful King therefore Bolingbroke should bow to him He relays to Northumberland that Bolingbroke is committing treason Northumberland replies that Bolingbroke is only here because of his royalties R2 promises Bolingbroke s demands shall be met and he regrets ever banishing him He muses that he would give up his kingdom for peace They speak face to face and all goes well At this point it becomes clear that R2 is somewhat bipolar and changes his mind frequently and is discouraged by any and all bad news 34 The Queen is despairing A man says to a gardener that it is silly to dent to details when the outside world is falling apart The Queen overhears this along with incorrect information regarding Bolingbroke overtaking the King She reacts badly and tells the men off Act IV 41 Bolingbroke holds a session with Parliament to get to the truth of Gloucester s death Bagot targets Aumerle and Aumerle declares Bagot a liar Fitzwater Percy and another lord challenge Aumerle Aumerle declares he wishes to go to trial Surrey comes to Aumerle s aid but is deemed a liar Fitzwater now also accuses Aumerle of ordering the execution of the Duke of Calais Bolingbroke declares that everyone s claims will rest as challenges till their trial dates are assigned York arrives and tells Bolingbroke that R2 has declared Bolingbroke as his heir and Bolingbroke accepts Bolingbroke is now planning to quickly ascend the throne Carlisle declares that Bolingbroke is a traitor and can t be King Northumberland has Carlisle arrested for treason Bolingbroke arranges for R2 to publicly hand the throne to him R2 offers Bolingbroke the crown but he also recognizes that he is losing it Bolingbroke has won at this point Northumberland wants R2 to publicly recognize his follies but R2 doesn t want to Eventually he is taken to the Tower A date for the coronation is set Act V 51 The Queen goes to the Tower to see R2 He tells her to not despair Northumberland conveys that Bolingbroke s wishes have changed and he now wants R2 to go to Pomfret and the Queen to France They are very upset and wish to stay together but they are not allowed to This is when Bolingbroke seems to really come into his position as King and begins using his authority forcefully This is parallel to how R2 acted at the beginning when he banished Bolingbroke and Mowbray 52 In a parade R2 is pelted with rubbish and the same people say quotGod save thee Bolingbrokequot York and his wife Duchess sympathize with R2 Duchess asks her son who the new king s favorites are but he replies that he doesn t care York discovers that RutlandAumerle is planning with others to kill King Henry the IV Bolingbroke 53 H4 complains that he hasn t seen his son in three months and that he s become a ruf an Yet he still believes his son has potential Aumerle asks H4 for a private counsel but York arrives shortly after York tells H4 of Aumerle s sins and then Duchess arrives to beg for her son s forgiveness Aumerle also begs for forgiveness In the end H4 forgives Aumerle but plans to kill all of the other conspirators 54 Exton plans to kill R2 on behalf of H4 55 R2 is trying to compare his prison to the outside world in an effort to cheer himself R2 converses with a groom who seems to favor him A keeper delivers R2 s meal and they both know it is poisoned R2 beats him and kills two men when Exton rushes in Exton then kills R2 56 H4 tells York that the rebels have burned down a town in Gloucestershire Northumberland tells H4 that he sent Salisbury Spencer Blunt and Kent s traitors heads to London H4 thanks him Fitzwater reveals he sent Brocas and Seely s traitors heads to London and H4 thanks him Carlisle is told to hide out as well because he is also a traitor H4 tells Exton that he didn t actually signal him to kill R2 he wanted R2 dead without the blame being able to come back to H4 H4 plans to visit the Holy Land to wash his hands of the metaphorical blood of these killings Post Play Notes Gaunt describes England as Eden There is prelapserian and postlapserian Laps fall of man in Eden Postlapserian Eden isn t as wonderful because of the fall of man Gaunt also describes England as a precious stone and teeming with Royal Kings Also recognized as an island defensively protectedisolated Gaunt says England is now disgraced because foreigners have been allowed to lease out land Everything s falling apart It is important that Gaunt is such a strong believer in the divine right of King s because he therefore believes that R2 s actions are the will of God Advisors on the left side are supposed to be sinister Latin for left whereas advisors on the right side are supposed to be guardian angels Wilton Diptych is a painting that was designed as a portable altarpiece for R2 It came from the House of Wilton hence the name Diptychs in general are paintings carvings or pieces of metal work on two panels They are transformed through paintings to immaculate visions On the inside of the panel R2 is presented by St John the Baptist St Edward the Confessor and St Edmund to the Virgin Mary babyJesus and eleven angels


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