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Week 3 CLAS 220

by: Hayley

Week 3 CLAS 220 CLAS 220 001

GPA 3.35
Introduction to Classical Mythology
Jason Osborne

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About this Document

This is week 3 of CLAS 220 notes. The book the page numbers correspond to are the 9th edition of Classical Mythology.
Introduction to Classical Mythology
Jason Osborne
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Hayley on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLAS 220 001 at University of South Carolina taught by Jason Osborne in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see Introduction to Classical Mythology in Classical Studies at University of South Carolina.

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Date Created: 09/11/15
Wednesday 99 Chapter 5 The Twelve Olympians page 114 14 major deities ZeusSky Hera PoseidonSea HadesUnderworld Hestia Hephaestus AresWar Apollo Artemis Demeter Aphrodite Love is a common theme Sexuality and attraction 0 Athena Virgin Goddess o HermesMessenger of Gods o Dionysus Drinking and sex 0 They are all important in own right but some are more prominent 14 are reduce to 12 Hades o lives under earth rarely on Olympus most humanity is under the sway of hades not really evil but still god of underworld hades is normally associated with hell not really evil he is just lord of underworld 00000000000 0 O O O Hestia o Replaced with Dionysus 0 Virgin goddess Rejected advances of Poseidon and Apollo 0 Important 0 Goddess of hearth sacred fire family fire Hearth associated with home a The center of home a Closest thing to hearth now is a TV Zeus o Is everywhere 0 Root of name bright Amorous 0 Numerous affairs a lot of offspring who trace lineage back to Zeus 0 Associated with thunder and lightning o Indo Europeans fear sky 0 God has power of thunderbolt Bears the Aegis 0 Not sure what it is exactly Goat skin covered shield Head of gorgon Impenetrable shield When it shakes strikes terror into hearts of other Athena carries it Men have fear in hearts Associated with Athena or Zeus shaking it Exemplifies divine justice 0 He is defender of Justice 0 If you sin Zeus will know and you ll be punished Ex Lycaon story 0 Portrayed by different authors God who is mighty arbitrary powerful etc Always dominant muscular irresistible force even though he has a thunderbolt 0 Never absolute patriarchy o Fates o Aphrodite love to Greeks it was a disease that ruled out reason never ends well She makes a fool of Zeus Whoever controls love is most powerful 0 He possibly can be overcame Zeus and Hera BrotherSister Marriage between skygod and earthgoddess 0 Traditional indo European marriage 0 Zeus queen 0 Sacred marriage 0 Hera as vengeful wife but loving mother 0 White armed o Oxeyed or doeeyed really big eyes Eyes one can sink into Beauthl o Gods can portray a lot of human situations 0 Still have a very real relationship Hera as a goddess of 0 Woman OOOOOO Mothers Morality Marriage Childbirth Associated with Home 0 Really important Children of Zeus and Hera o Eileithyia 0 Goddess of Childbirth 0 Shares role with Hera Hebe 0 Goddess of youthful bloom 0 Primary cupbearer of Olympians Someone who pours ambrosia in Gods cup 0 Marries Heracles When he comes to Olympus and becomes God Hebe isn t only cupbearer JoinedReplaced by Ganymede 0 Beautiful young boy who was taken up to Olympus by Zeus 0 Some way he is a comical figure 0 Interpretation of myth of Ganymede o Spiritual Enlightenment o Zeus as sexual predator Sexual mores of 5th century Greeks sexualized mythology a Boy toy of Zeus n Plato Friday 911 Zeus children continued Hephaestus GOD OF FORGE 0 Mechanical genius o Artisian Creative fire and divine smith 0 Workshop in Olympus or heaven 0 Can make almost anything Beautiful extraordinary things 0 God that is strongest physically other than Zeus 0 God of Fire 0 Destructive fire 0 Story of Hephaestus being called by Hera to save Achilles o Page 123 Linked with Athena o Linked because of Skill wisdom crafts arts 0 Lame from birth uglydeformed o Parthenogenetic birth Birth with no father virgin birth 0 Cast out of Olympus by Zeus and Hera mother Wasn t physically perfect Stands up to Zeus for motherthrows him off Olympus He was ridiculed and despised o Defender of Hera 0 Married to Aphrodite Marriage of beauty and deformity intellectual and sensual She still does despise him Beauty and the beast theme Aphrodite and Ares n Affair n Hephaestus finds out Aresarchetype bad boy a Net catches them in bed I Was still ridiculed by other gods Ares 0 God of war 0 Destructive war 0 Righteous war 0 Father of Eros w Aphrodite Romans are fond of Ares known as mars 0 See him as father of roman race The Nine Muses Born of Zeus and Mnemosyne Varying numbers eventually settled at 9 0 Each had various duites o Clio history euterpe lyric poetry melpomene tradegy Terpsichore choral dancing erato love poetry polyhymnia sacred music urania astronomy thalia comedy Clio lyre playing The Three Fates Daughters of o Zeus and Themis 0 Night and Erebus Clotho o Spinner of thread of life Lachesis 0 Measures thread Atropos o Cuts thread ends life 0 The fates has such a great influence on life 0 Powerful because fate is always there Nothing you can do to change fate it s the way they are going to happen Terrifying part of life to know we are not ultimately able to decide ending or outcomes 0 Sometimes they are unified o Moira o Closer to fortune necessity Things just happen How Greeks dealt with rise of Rome 0 0 Chapter 6 The nature of Gods and Greek religion Anthropomorphism Depicted in Human form 0 No evidence Greeks worshipped Animals 0 Gods of upper air and upper world 0 Olympias Eat ambrosia and drink nectar wine Bleed ichor their blood clear but cant die Human qualities Worshiped in shrines temples sanctuaries etc o Gods of Earth 0 Chthonian deities o Creature that lived and died Dead Heroes and ancestry 0 Take part in life Unifying factors 0 Superhuman strength and knowledge 0 Limited by fate o Immortal Live eternally Divine Hierarchy Olympians immortals Lesser creatures o Gorgons o Nymphs sexuality and affairs bc really happy Rape association as well Muses Oceanids Nereids Demigods 0 Children of gods and mortals Part gods grandchildren or great grand children Superhuman Associated with heroes More than heroes but less than gods Heroes do extraordinary things Often become chthonic deities after death a Gods of Earth a Hero dies in city and becomes protector of city after death 0 Religious system allowed for many gods 0 Definition never clearly defined 0 Do not turn down new gods 0 Were not troubled by divinity Didn t understand Thought it was something they couldn t understand


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