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Week Three (8-11 Sept. 2015) Climate and Terrestial Biomes

by: Chris Hicks

Week Three (8-11 Sept. 2015) Climate and Terrestial Biomes BIOL 2040

Marketplace > Bowling Green State University > Biological Sciences > BIOL 2040 > Week Three 8 11 Sept 2015 Climate and Terrestial Biomes
Chris Hicks
GPA 3.955
Concepts in Biology I
Daniel Pavuk

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About this Document

Notes on Earth's Climate and Terrestrial Biomes
Concepts in Biology I
Daniel Pavuk
Class Notes
Terrestrial biomes, climate, EARTH, life, Biology, ecosystems, ecotone
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chris Hicks on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL 2040 at Bowling Green State University taught by Daniel Pavuk in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see Concepts in Biology I in Biological Sciences at Bowling Green State University.

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Reviews for Week Three (8-11 Sept. 2015) Climate and Terrestial Biomes


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Date Created: 09/11/15
Week Three 811 Sept 2015 Climate and Terrestial Biomes Earth s Climate Regional and Local Effects on Climate Climate is affected 3 Mai or Factors Seasonalitvmore pronounced farther from equator Large Bodies of Water EX Lake Erie westerlies are cold pick up water and cause snow can in uencemoderate climate Mountains Seasonality seasonal light and temperature variations increases farther towards poles high latitudestowards poles pronounced because of Earth s tilt Solsticessummer longest day Winter shortest day N Hemisphere belts of wetdry air straddling the equator shift changing Wind patterns alters ocean currents EguinoxN and S hemispheres have 12 hr day 12 hr night Bodies of Water oceanslakes moderate climates of neighboring land masses Currents move in different directions coldgtequator Wargtpoles gyres have garbage islands gulf stream etc During Dayland s warminggt moves offshore causing cool Winds off the water Land cools at night draw warm air from water to land Mountains rising air releases moisture Why warm air getting high in tropics causes rain one side s wet and other s dry Sunlight plays role Northern Hemisphere South side of mountainsa lot of sun Elevation and Temperature 1000 m rise 6 degree Celsius drop highthin air Microclimate EX Under logrock very small scale area cleared compared to interior forest cleared is warmer and dryer very different than interior logs and stones in forest Mosaic of small scale differences abiotic and biotic temperature pH etc Lab Species richness number of species Species evenness population of each species Diversity takes both into account ShannonWienergtdiversity higher numbergreater diversity Class Terrestrial Biomes Ecosystem at certain latitudes FactorsPrecipitation and temperature Biomesmajor life zones occurring over earth and characterized by vegetationgt determines ecosystem aspects Aguaticdetermined by physical characteristics climate s very important latitudinal patterns of terrestrial biomes more landmass in North than South Hemisphere climates dramatically change as you go North and South Climograph plot of temperature and precipitation What Affects Biomes Precipitation temperature climategt driven by Sun Features of Terrestrial Biomes Named for major physicalclimatic factors and vegetation aren t usually sharp boundaries between terrestrial biomes Ecotone transition zone between 2 terrestrial biomes narrow or wide mixing of different communities generally high diversity Vertical layering is important feature of terrestrial biomes Canopy plants uppertall treesgtmost leaves at top require a lot of energy midlayer subcanopy Shrub understory Herbacious plant no wood tissue provides opportunities for different organisms and diverse habitats How characterized physicalabioticprecipitation temperature average and patterns over year distribution living factors plants Video Life Scars on Seabed dolphins stir up bottom of seabed and swim in circles to create mud rings traps fish like net and they jump and get eaten only in Florida Everyday full of challenges needing overcome to survive Cheetahs fast to bring down fastsmall prey hunt in band strength in numbers bring down large prey in numbers like ostrich Madagascar Preying Mantis Chameleon can change skin color and independently move eyes tobgue shoots at 15 ms and grasps target for preygt hunt is life or death Sealson guard from Killer Whales most eat fish but some eat Who use agility and protection of ice ows to survive Open Ocean safety in numbers Flying Fish can glide 200 m above water to escape predators Boa Vista Brazilpitted rocks Monkevs Nut palm seeds have strong shells monkey dry nuts in sun for a week uses hammer and anvil rocks to crack nuts infants imitate up to 8 years to learn this technique


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