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9/11/15 STHM Notes

by: Sara Will

9/11/15 STHM Notes STHM 1113

Sara Will
GPA 3.3
Altschuler, Benjamin

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About this Document

Here are notes from today 9/11/15!
Altschuler, Benjamin
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sara Will on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to STHM 1113 at Temple University taught by Altschuler, Benjamin in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see THE BUSINESS OF LEISURE in Recreation and Leisure Studies at Temple University.

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Date Created: 09/11/15
STHM 91115 INDUSTRIALIZATION DEATH AND REBIRTH LEISURE Earlv industrialized Cities and Factories if you died you died no one cared cities built upon body of water before industrialization why gt children worked 15 hours a day no labor laws 0 children had nowhere to go 0 children became beggars living in poverty very bad area to live in before people lived in farms move to gt city impacts 0 cities no longer moderately sized area for commerce economyjobs 0 required raw material power and most importantly PEOPLE 0 why move employers moved some no jobs to be found picture of better life american dream A NEW TYPE OF CITY greek citv vs new industrial citv GREEK CITY o parks o amphitheaters o place for discourse essential to construction city NEW INDUSTRIAL CITY o city built around financial and commerce center o extend out to include factories transportation residential and warehouses o no green areas o old money forced out into suburban areas 0 escape from pollution and crowding o crowded and segregated 70 on 1 of land Altschuler Grybel Bender Notes FACTORY LIFE AND CONDITIONS o Life revolved around factory cycle 0 Labor intensive o all worked men and women 0 needed multiple revenue to live 0 6 days in a week working 0 15 hours work days 0 day off SUNDAY o local bars gt only place for recreationmen o no place for women no leisure for women THE RECREATION MOVEMENT REBIRTH OF RECREATION AND LEISURE o response to the living conditions of children in urban cities o initial parks based around european design 0 1853 central park o seward park NYC first playground o 1899 o 10 parks chicago 1905 o emphasis on recreation RECREATION REFORMERS Jane Addams o hull house of chicago 1899 o services for poor immigrants o included variety of recreation opportunities o help people adjust to city living o worked with men and women o organization for activism and political action Joseph Lee o appalled at children being arrested for playing in street o play not just about pleasure can be directed towards creative athletic and artistic endeavors o became first president of national playground association 1907 o known as NRPA o recreation essential to urban neighborhood CHANGING OF LIFE IN THE CITY o how did industrialization change family and city life o people not just separated from land but each other 0 men became providers women stayed with the children 0 beginning of the traditional nuclear family o recreation utilized to keep men fit for work 0 drinking became look down upon 0 UNACCEPTABLE forms were made illegal by government YET LEISURE FLOURISHED o SPORT 0 first baseball club 1845 o 1871 becomes professional sport 0 football between princeton and rutgers 189 o entertainment 0 bowery in nyc o sought out plays highly interactive o ethnic celebration


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