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Molecular basis of cancer and gene expression review

by: lhall8

Molecular basis of cancer and gene expression review Biol. 433

Marketplace > Radford University > Biology > Biol. 433 > Molecular basis of cancer and gene expression review
Cancer Biology
Dr. Christmas

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About this Document

Week 2 of Cancer biology notes!
Cancer Biology
Dr. Christmas
Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by lhall8 on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Biol. 433 at Radford University taught by Dr. Christmas in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Cancer Biology in Biology at Radford University.


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Date Created: 09/11/15
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SrlellN 39 d39mmcllcpll xomo n intlommeh 0n H de l2 man CEHUllClQ memeMtg UZCPED Rammm l m fgbc ll Sign a avoiding immune eesmwnm Each cancer may develop by a different order of events On average 48 mutations required for development of cancer a each step mpresents escaping from another level of control j 1 8 2 lncreased cell division Sustainmgprm rfemrive Signaling The Gt checkpoint is a brake on the cell cycle 3th factors activate signal transduction pathways that release the brake pe trd dpb i g Re ning C31 I death o Extrinsic Pathway induced by death factorsquot Factor mag cha nmu TNF FasL TRAIL 39 m H 39 V 39 39 739 u 39 quot V gt n Death 39 a 3 91m a39r39h 39 ErN TMF mFAs quot BREE m 93 39 3939 m i 9 39 r i Defect5m I g mmw I DNA lepair o Intrinsic Pathway mediated by mitochondria F CeN s become immortal 9 meng replicamemmormm 1i q e A gdWOme msmb mw quot1 3me 1 mumhm 5quotwa 0w embo zm DN A gap B an f mechanisms i C hS quot 00 me dam age DN P mxs rcwes Hm 01328 mad o0wmg mumm 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grow from pareexisting vessels Avoiding immune desmmrmn WWW CD4quot T r3241 Antigen MHC c1333 uL ii x 133 7 broblast 39 39f SmaH Iocatized t umar pro ferati n that canned grow brosis beyond 1 mm Amiva ted u dammit can In ammation brosis angiogenesis Cancer is a farm of chronic in ammation it is like a wmund that does nut heai 10 Cancer Metabolism mm Amati I 39 Amie 1mm 39 Myths glycolysis 736 mm MP 39 39 2 m ATP Maiburg effJen w m0 gimse 39 mo games2 4 mo Msz gimme r cancers have 100 x gtyooly c ux campared to normal tissue Mu mm rsk Gammon Mr Cmmmz mm mm quot C WWf 39 G Mq gaq 9133me qo r dm S gp C Comm 1720 163 391 0m 6 baa m QDOM V bx cw mmm hmvamp SOQY E Skips GEE chS id m Cm v cmm 74 Ome f CE MKHZ 7 QQWS H WCH D i 0mm mm mamas m we pacmge ex a Noam mam 10me of m OmMQt ram epiwlewa W ei3 n Nme 39mommv EWW in memsmgig M v f r W KEV16W 0 Erma E xpxzegg mm 7 f16 Exp R633quot 1 an i mg L DNA 1 Double stranded C P mm 1 lMessemger RNA 39 lCiaS Single stranded H lb mRNA Riboso me T 7 prim n 5 hape acmmm 1 me unc on of p Protein quot PM IS 0 56 2m 6 5 r O E DNR CG 516116 N mm ncodes er huma haw 1mm 20600 gtneg quot PKUWEHS mm mm m 3176 Worn 0 RN amm 0 was 0000 h Si 1m biwn 50 9 2000 Gm39ma acidS quot 6am WORM mm mm 0 Un xque 3D gmpe 42mi dammmeg mm on pd Kammhon paw 6an 1125 made usmg NF Lambmmmm M jUS i 20 iHi ammo ULidS H mm 0 9 mi 20 0mm acids as Codad for bx 0a gamma M 3 bOSES m RN CQHCG a mam mew Smuenc 0 muumhdes m mRNR 13 mammal w MW 1 Mega Sequence M 1mm acids 3m make at pmirem 9 f Vi lm Codom 7 7 i l Pr talm mace 10 mare ammo acids 7w massmqa z RN13 5 mungm m tram JgtPwemgt 0mm m 219 m cwpxagm wumme acids ME hnmc i W m amw CGEQ Uquot seqMWE on mwrjagomets S qumca 423 ammo actidS m We 17va przoizrm mcwohes er chu nce o bams mam m mQN A eMowmgnl 9f r mRMAimo c bpla m quot via nucl aar DH Paptlde M0065 CM TIH W amdSm if W I P 12mm n Hz1lequot1Lmzlirm 49 1 2 hriabk side shame B group In 7 6 i n r H H Hydrogen a I m RAZULH 0 HS DWV quot quot394 LL bond in CovalenMdisul debridge 4 f M no r V Onlyin extracellularproteins G M mgig SD smug UHZE quott H OH on SH Hydropho blcumerac nm t CH 53 dispersianforces 2 quot7 39 z 1 13 I r e r Ionic attraction salt bridge w lmpOE 39cmC 01quot p b ii mv mm OHS 2quot in aciI or m gtnaaa ng BDSme t maammo Quad Sid mams pm 1 mm mquot 0ng me acme 5m mmmmm W mmmma Racepmm binder SHE inwmc em W ligand PROHim WWW immac om mm m mJremcmn demaam DI F Qm WOIIjS 01E mp 5inr ng pmwm SD Esrauwunae a A iibbon model of ly ozyme 7 m spacei lling model of Iysozyme have am pzmms 9 3 make diFJF cells o w mi n9 genes 0H eon f I amp mates tom sr o iovalz 2100 My Cm mpes ZEUS ME 119 big i th gt p2 55 duff pmwng bulk OH GEMS 110m 1 1nd have We ME 80 how 13 possibre rmme ens mmam cMf pao ims DNA a g Tmnscz i pi II J J H lt L pmmprr 3 S g mfN zW L 9 L fianan on if x QBSB Play 5 PROM n am Proteins p BORN Vt Genome Gene expression is eg ulated 39 V quot 1 Gene ex ressioncam 1 r w Genome 9 39mm atmultlple leven39s 235 Transcriptional Posttransc ptional regulation 553 regulation Proteins aMELhomsms WE 2631Mng gem Expaasion M wKamth CNS 39 Em 4 143 C ip 0mm EEEQLCK 390 quotmamcmphon WHOLE LCM on pmmmez in Manges DNR smucmm m make 391 mma LCCS Skbi LBW raumah n RBMUC ABH n65 1 m Em 2 cm mad h nah an 395 e f n Sng 11 nal I my a m CL g RNA pmaess mgj syll mg n E Comp Em fizcmsimw mRNAihmugh mama 20m 69 quot giz i dgwww mKNiX ENi ii iiithm S mCiii nancadmg rLG WOi Jr10R Sinmrsw mommher RNM 6 Viz 06 n am Mn 0n a 0mm hammown mom n iie1m Pawmmme T nswipm Mummy Q 1A r a 39 0F CtBi in gems in rum onIoFF Qi mi Oil minim3r Wanamiiphcn quotm Foaming G gnomoi EE 3sz mm W Hm RN R gamma cage j E 39 Activates transcription me nombit Eg e c39iq xi m imi on Ha M 66 in n a 0H3quot N f i Nilaid 10 unpacida e Q 03 9039 WPWSSiOH Gena transcription WM l WWWquot unzrwm Histane raceiylation ii 7 r r 7 7 7 Historic deacety lation Quan39i39 ctr vamm unk1 1 Acuy m 1 Chromatin remodelin m mm Chemicai modi cations cause certain 7 regions of DNA to become more protein packaged less transcription or less packaged more transcription 91 inangmip rm 2 onmoimz sii iqtinq Wei W 39 U i 39 Q p f im i e i i x i 06quot quotCClr LGidJCGv je W 39 if PKGmeen N ix C3306 39w u quotquot m m W C Bgm39tPS Um m eGdEd urgesnEEs CC m CG SELuenCCS m DNP m DN R 39memqlniunfSREQSES DNMT New wage Scum in cancel CJPEI VISICU39WCKS WE Show 128131 nng 0 DNR 4an m CG S qnenc S 3 i 39 le E39 D 39n pgjg mamgmehom M We pQOWDW We 0 C3an momMS mnnscmpn en H is men oHen assocquot Uri ed w mangoes phonm Mpomcm ifd Flip 135 a on Expression of eukaryotic genes requires em and aims Lens mpiaw 0 cause cancez Q m euzaleo c agent15 win be SPH mm Pieces Bacterial genome ene ene 39ene gene gen gene 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 unmet Eukarydtic genome Gene 1 G 511 have 0 loIr maze Noncoding DNA Ceiling DNA 96 ofgenome 2 of genome quotquot N EXO S it mmmg m mmmm g gem WWW POMS m genes K9264 bows an gangeamD4 1 ZODS nonfOijnq pee ks 0 gangs WW 1 6 m di g39 me S e 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