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MAT 284: Week 2 Notes (2.2, 2.3, 2.5)

by: Karen Cheung

MAT 284: Week 2 Notes (2.2, 2.3, 2.5) MAT 284 - M100

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Mathematics (M) > MAT 284 - M100 > MAT 284 Week 2 Notes 2 2 2 3 2 5
Karen Cheung
Business Calculus

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About this Document

Notes for 9/8/15 and 9/10/15
Business Calculus
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Karen Cheung on Friday September 11, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAT 284 - M100 at Syracuse University taught by Staff in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see Business Calculus in Mathematics (M) at Syracuse University.


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Date Created: 09/11/15
MAT 23H 018 I5 2zSPEAL FUNLTJ 739 Constan 39FLH ICJHDVIS hubs hl5 hl039 6 h05 hx375 139 Poltjmmrial Fumchons 7 7 7 W x Co cx CLgtltL chquot m is aposmve integer Hx C41quot co nsmm mwonr Hx C0 CK a mew Pumaion 1600700 0 X CaX gt quadra hc equa om 1xcpcgtltczx1csgtlt3 wbic Punchon f 7 The highest power 6 W16 M ne coemuent 09 We term WWIl U ne Wolvxesr powemsimgr 89qu C0 F tctem39 ex HMEJ f 39X AQXa quoto legma N leading CQQFEILIQM 7 example 09 somemn MDWS NOT a POMWQKDJQAF r X3172 4 5amp1 mt anm39wmegen W H Thecljomam 09a Golgi10mm ES o 990 Ra omal Fum om Qmo em Depuujnomtals I numeraltar CK 1905 7 QUOHEVH z demmmmitqr domain 3903 0 7 H39 ex H1 1 Xj f xrz 7 V mmemmw lmmr degree 17 ofemomnmamr quotd arge 1 lt2lomat m 19 09393 Axf5XZO W Xir 1 KM 0 7lt A X quot l7 7Casegde9medfunction 7 7 q o t 4395 Ha 1 W 55 39 2quotquot r WUL z sean 75 uq 435 1 H39D Mhde fd dgvmmm is O i qr 9 0 NLPJ w 4 l I 439 j I a l I 1 o r a rLSIISG39ISSIOHQ V Absolu auvalue WHCHDVI x 4 20 Val X T ac X o 7 i2 2 7 Us I H5 W l f 39zl z 101 o v Facwrtal FUHL OH an I 239 nW 7 le a L ll5l l5 j 2 1 25 unde ned domain IS won megawe m regers TEXTBQQK PaoaLt ZM 5l15H6 20 W quot752 lmesiprmctpm or Pdouars oL camwual lVH 6 rTeSi39 r For 1 gears Prmupm m rerest aEtaronc gear P r P U 9 7 Primpah mer SiIL aEt r gears PWPWP P2rP fhree cdear5z 7 V 7 r P H P5rP 7 er enas a Fumc qovw DP t 39 Aft PtrP jlnear Fumhoncht M 25 FCQJMBINA TIONS QF FUNLUDNS TEX H74 32quot 13fo XH Hmwxi x gcgtltJ 3x1gtltlm vg x Marga3xf x 1 3x311 C0mPDSIl1quottDVL W7 iiiT1F Lg EECQDO 7 7 em x xzj 6XT Xfl Fogmy xxw 0391 X5X2 1 32ltu ex write x774 03 as a COMPOSlHDVl H0409 i imswlc irtation XE X UlM39SidB Funch C F g x ng 9Lxr 5x 5x 5 1 3x Cg 29 xg x 7 50X X2 A MAT 284 25 commuon TEXTEwQK 929mm m Fum on oE Me it 09 emploqees revmm rag q 4th r revenue as magma 9961 ngManingCmD F Niven1W Q33FHVWHOV109 m Hem mquot 401 am HO 26 CnQAPHS IN QECTAN C7ULAR COORDINATES Quad ramp I 7 II 1 V 7 NW felmphmg A I 2 a t 1 2quot i EX AMPLES 4L Cswapha 25471 Graph XV C 7x25tgr 7 xx 53 7 g tmercaprrozgm Xf t i mepi 10I 10 5 z Ozquot3950flquott4 14 2 1 W gt423x 2 701 2 K1 quotmy 0 2 Kit x 53 4Io i 61lDl5 uoom mm A gtlt Iv1fercepi r39 HLOJ5O W I X EL 7 W 13 Mtenap 1 12 t 3 L5 AU L 4 3quot 39 Camutmow quott4 buan hips m equa om quotgramI bu on quotVars v quotIdVCLVS ls FUNCTVDN a 4 15 o25 7 37PaLj 310 and ride asrmamq rideCS 404 want z t rides NI106 Is The 608 perrsde Ctc Jig domam18 t gt0 A g im 7 r gmpm on t II VrercePEVVJowe 7 7 q l H H COLICulamr Crmrerceprrmo E 7 K7 Hath ofquot w damask v17 Ooor range 999 39 primcmb L 00 prmrtrcephtomgr 5 AbSOtLH Vowe umhon calicula rorJ MATtI5r r quotNUMT i39leab t 4 FM l I Glowmm 15 43900 00 range O 7 3 EWT VC 9t39 03 W xixrwkeruptquot 30 7 domaw 0 0 writ3 0 ui37


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