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by: Joanie Armstrong


Joanie Armstrong
GPA 3.63


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joanie Armstrong on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to I&C Sci 22 at University of California - Irvine taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 67 views. For similar materials see /class/201853/i-c-sci-22-university-of-california-irvine in Information And Computer Science at University of California - Irvine.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
7 quotth 739 F Science from Planck 11 Lloyd Knox UC Davis Planck Science Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 P Ia nrczki t s f I1Wijnfee Warkshp 23424 Mar23003 esa Outlin ilnflationlBBl Tensor and Scalar Primordial Perturbations Curvature iDark Energy Forecasts for Planck SNe with Nonadiabatic le Planck Science L Knox 3 Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 rum illlllillillliilili WMAPSDSE liw machz IFE 1006 fauna 39 l 39 39 I I l WMAF GB VEA IHE Spergelet 15 1 m Planck Science Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 Forecasted TT Pwer Spectrum Errors gesa g 7 a If f Model red curves has ns 1 I I t I I I I I i 1 I T I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I I I f I I I I A 5 Simulated 4 ear 5000 2 E 5000 g WMAP y g 7 51136855 g 3 4000 13303995 1 4000 5 39 E I N V Q 139 3 x 3 2000 h 2000 39 w 0 E 1000 l Equot 1000 g 1 l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0 II ii I I e 1 In I u I I I a D I I I 3 Iquot NM 100 I 39II39 3 100 a 7 I II III I i m I I III II 7 E 3 III II quot off 3 quot73 39 I quot quotIIquot a 39 2 100 I 39 I39I39IIIIIIII N 39 E 100 1 Ell i l I 1 IE I l l l I I I l I I I l l I l I l I l I I I l l I I I I J I I I I l I 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 I I Figures are from Planck bluebook available on Planck web site Planck Science L Knox 5 Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 001 II I I t l I l T l E I I I l 39l l I II J I Flaxwk BB ower s ectrum quot In uence of m E p p C 1 for r01 and T017 tensors may be detectable in the BB power quot Km spectrum 1 l A a x E H 1 E Planck Bluebook J I I 11 II I I 39I t It I H 717 I J I 10 100 i Planck Science L Knox 6 Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 lgesa Polarized Foreground Emission I r I I 1 I I I l I f I M 1 1w Earlch kW umbemul 1940 Gd m MW mete I39llquot I 0 39139 IML Bil l 1 H i n OW mdemd O u t lundarad Z 2 QVm emnd QVun and 01 K h39du gamma i I I I MHJEIEFEEI illIE 7 ll i g l 41 r39x la s I jig V f l IE39 u 3 no I 1 I39 a r 3 4 I W Mquot e 39 415 r N 111ein I J a Iquot 411 I Wu i a gt 2 1 e a 1 1a 14 13 2 J a It 19 14 Mullip le moment in Multipnle WmE t 1 Page et al 2006 Foreground cleaning is terribly important for polarization In ation Parameters Over factor of 10 in error reduction factor of 5 in error reduction WMAP3 Planck1 Spergel et al 2006 ns 9511519 00078 dnSdlnk 0 I Kaplinghat Knox amp ro Song 2003 dnsldlnk 010 5O4 i00035 Kaplinghat Knox amp Song 2003 lt055 95 005 I39 dnsldlnk 0 Tegmark et al 2000 middle of the road Planck Science L Knox Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 k 1 ilnflationlBBl Tensor and Scalar Primordial Perturbations 39 a i i a a 1 j L a i i l J V f r l l V r39 quotquot x J g39 nquot 39 r r r x g l l l r 3951 l l l e l l l 2quot 7 7 j u v 1 f 11 a j r 4177 x 14 r f l l r j 3 4 iI39Dark Energy Forecasts for Planck SNe with Nonadiabatic le Planck Science L Knox 9 Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 Reasons to Consider Nonzero Curvature We do not know that the Universe is exactly flat If assume dark energy is a cosmological constant then Qk 001 I 001 Eisenstein et al 2005 from BAO CMB Whether the dark energy is a cosmological constant is certainly an open question Occam s Razor is dull Inflation may have been short eg Frievogel et al 2005 Would be major error to conclude nonA dark energy if actually A curvature Both assuming and not assuming flatness are interesting exercises Planck Science L Knox 10 Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 Knox 2006 Precision Determination of Mean Curvature a 2 Darkenergy polluted Matterdominated W A A 0 OK 0 0 M Measure DOL with CMB and DOM e g baryon oscillations Calculate lML given pm from CMB In absence of curvature DOLDOMHML 0 More generally for Qkltltl DOL39DOM1ML Qk HO2DOL339DOM36 ooegms 311119119081891 gWQ9 r4 gtkNote lML is the comoving proper distance equal to angular diameter distance DML if Qk O Planck Science L Knox 11 Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 Curvature Error Given Error on DOMrS Qk h2 6hHO2rs2 DOL 1is DOM 1is lMLrs Du1 93 DOMrs3 oo1 I 113 at 00001 a enrol Error in DOLrS lGS is insigni cant In limit of perfect DOM error is entirely from lML error Systematic error made if de is cosmological constant and its contribution is neglected at z gt z m r Zmz 39l l I l l I I I 0031 UMUL 111 ncDamrrmDamr Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 k 1 ilnflationlBBl Tensor and Scalar Primordial Perturbations Curvatu re l quot V 7 7 H 7 W V 777 IKL 7177 r r 7 l u g quotx V T 7 l rquot lquot r uquot J a n 1 f V 39quot law x l KW W l39 1 x 2 1 W N k a l lt C r l P l quot r r l Iquot quotj x x X71 inkx 3 V I i a a l 7 W bx 1 J J V39 v f i ll Fl lLJ Forecast for Planck SNe with Nonadiabatic le Planck Science L Knox 13 Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 Dick Knox amp Chu astroph0603247 CMB amp Dark Energy Current Constraints esa umber oi samples SNLS CMB e39 m39 39I i egm egm z I l l llllllll 001 01 SNLS Astier et a1 2005 602 constant e1z e2z etc parameter value 9 Q a n 9 1 02 Planck Science L Knox 14 are best determined Pxltzgt PC 21 aizeiz SNLS CMB 02 W Ml are allowed to vary a0 a1 allowed to vary no or 02 allowed to vary 9 Up to 03 allowed to vary 0k Clo 07 a1 a2 a3 Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 CurvatureDark Energy Degeneracy See Linder 2005 3200 SNe from space out 2 KDOX SQng ampZhan to zl7 500 local sample 700 from ground z lt 07 u f Quadratic and Linear drifts in mean absolute magnitude W0 allowed with amplitude of 0015 each i Include Planck CMB 25 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I measurement l 12 AVIDO o8 os Include HST Hubble Allow non at Umverse constant measurement Planck Science L Knox 15 Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 WL amp Curvature 35 galsq arcmin dnldz as in Song amp Knox 2004 20000 sq degrees Eight redshift bins Just use shear two point functions lmax2000 i Planck HST LSST WL Survey Knox 8011238 Zhanl 10 O8 O6 W0 With non at Universe allowed Planck Science L Knox 16 Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 JDEMSNe CMB esa 2 n I 39 Z JDEMSNe WMAP4 u 39 t x if 3 Wu 3 a 5 JDEMSNe I 68 con dence 3 contours l I a I a n 44 12 1 I we oe W0 Assumed atness Assumed H0 72 8 kmseeMpe Freedman et al TBD Planck Science L Knox 17 Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 esa JDEMSNe CMB Planck Planck Science L Knox 18 Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 q qq q q a a S e I m c u m n a o l 1 P mmmm m m Hmmu Emma 1 1 nu u 1 Sea 2 ee conditions Trotta and Durrer 2004 WMAP 4 years q q H laq lqdd a a 2 7 ADTT E D ADTP isoTT t u 0 b a S n 0 on p m u S S a d n a S v1 0 v1 v1 6 v1 6 t e m a v1 3 P l nu 1 Hobo 2 And the error in zeq goes from 1 from 35 to 14 for WMAP4 eg error in zeq goes to 15 for Planck 0 2224 Mar 2006 Irvine CMB Workshop 19 L Knox Planck Science esa JDEMSNe CMB Knox Trotta amp Song I 1 u 39 t t I I k I Allowing for adiabatic Assumlng Pure adlabatlc 39 isocurvature initial conditions i initial conditions wt l j WMAP4 WMAP4 w w 0 1 31 s f Planck i 4 39 l 3 39 I Planck Planck ellipse area the DETF gure I I I g 23 of merit is 35 times smaller 39 39 l 1 L i 39 l 1 I I z r 44 2 0 M 06 44 2 40 435 415 W0 W0 Planck Science L Knox Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 1 year if 1 f 139 2quot in i 3 Ex rIi 113x Summary I BBI is a very exciting topic HZ is close to being ruled out We are poised to make great advances with refined measurements of the CMB Planck s combination of highresolution fullsky coverage and high number of frequency channels will lead to great BBI impact with the scalar perturbations and with luck the tensor perturbations also I Nonzero mean curvature is an interesting target to chase Need precision distance measurements to redshifts beyond 2 Could come from BAO or WL I Planck will reduce modeldependence of inferences relevant for dark energy probes Planck Science L Knox 21 Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 I 7 QA Qk degeneracy Eisenstein et a1 1998 Efstathiou and Bond 1999 esa Dark Energy Curvature Degeneracy The comoving size of the sound horizon depends on matter density and baryon density which can be inferred from CMB acoustic peak morphology and thereby calibrated Measure 9 and infer D A ADADA Al s1 S 39 O25 Apmpm D Standard ruler A 9 1 s But D A depends on both curvature and matter content degeneracy Planck Science L Knox 22 Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006 I rnstein and Jain 2003 Ma et a1 2005 Huterer et a1 2005 WL Challenge Photoz Errors Knox Song amp Zhan 2006 III For distance vs redshift probe to deliver need to have accurate redshifts I Redshifts must be estimated using 1 3 multiple passbands and models of 3 galactic spectra photoz s I Small biases in redshift estimates WcJ O i can cause significant degradation I I I I I I I I I I I I I4 I2 Io O8 I l O6 we I Central contour redshift biases controlled to 001 I Middle contour 003 II Outer contour 01 Planck Science L Knox 23 Irvine CMB Workshop 2224 Mar 2006


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