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by: Ms. Juvenal Kertzmann


Ms. Juvenal Kertzmann
GPA 3.76


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Juvenal Kertzmann on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Bio Sci 94 at University of California - Irvine taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see /class/201896/bio-sci-94-university-of-california-irvine in Biological Sciences at University of California - Irvine.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
a Challenge to our M94 f the IMBH connect mg 0 understand AGN on i n H Anca Consfan n m n ll m m m K I In mm 1 6C mm m m 0 A N w o H and Joe Shields Ohio Univ Deciphering lhe ambiguous nearby aclively line emilling galaxy nuclei The composite model eg H0 et a1 2003 accre onpowered nucleus 9 e 39 O a O In WB ltIIgtO a o surrounding 53 rfo Ming regio ns A Test Constantin etal2009 Ground based observalions WMquot Palomar Survey Ho Filippenko amp Sargenl 1997 9 Include lhe circumnuclear slar forming regions Hubble Space Telescope 0 2 gtlt 0 2 5 Resolve The nucleus 9 Increase The conlrasl wilh lhe slarlighl of lhe hosl galaxy Reveal slronger AGN like signalure x w HST reveols quosor like brood Ho lines NII eg M94 nuc ignn Hl NHHoc k 4 I l 400 from The ground narrow lined nucleus 300 o n a v m FWHM l570 kms Lchxbroodl 037 ergs 407 20 L Mm MNA brood Ha SO 7 39 mmjhe HST 89 of ToTol H x broodnorrow so operTure one of The leosT brood one of The leosT luminous 0 w MM 1 WM Wvu 6500 6550 8600 wavelength A 6650 Constantin et al 2009 M94 MUITi wovelengfh observations BLR coincident with X rcly rodio UV compocf sources L r I m V N L E N1 r 2 n 3 r nu I Eiw me Emoreus at m 2002 UV Mooz at m 2005 Rodro Kordmg at m 2005 amp Nogor at m 2002 Radio To X roy nuclear SED of M94 Ho 99 LLAGN sed 4 shown forcomporison FA MIPS and T 1 J y MN 1 I 7 Spitzcr IRS 39rmu 4735 urn2 nwb 7 MES i i r IZ E u 939 I I I I I 1 H AGN like Radio To X ray nuclear SED of M94 I l I FA MIPS scd 12 1 II 1 Ho 99 LLAGN sed shown for comparison Riv SphzcrlRS l I I I I 39 mi 4735 ma 4731 gtroy I cs 39 gt H und arlumlnous s i rzerlRS 39 V quot39 39 39 390 Pepullarly I red 39 quotV Zr 139 radio I i 39Undelrlumlnlous I I BU p 1 Mm 1 H Mixed messages AGN like no r AGN Iike Rodio To X roy nuclear SED of M94 39 H QQLLHGNsed mowm rwscm mp3 0 Vquot r 7 sprwua m ray Underlumlnous yr s rz RS 7 39 39 D er PECUIIOHY w 7 red 39 f 39 239 radio s Underlumlnous Bu pHum V H Mixed messages AGNIike not AGNIike AGNIike M94 nuc The leos r luminous AGN like LINER 39 I 39 l I FA MIPS scg g I NM M1 0 l I I l Spitzcr quot15 quot my 4733 I i I Lt 39lni Euquot 7 0 M5 quotquotIL iii Z39l 9 IL O I I I I I 39I O 0 I 0 I l r lv EE cl f l V quotIquot H l Nu J IL39Vl39v39l 39 r I a I Mkvwx LLzquot I 39 l 39 I I I 39I I I I H Simple interpolation Lbol s 1040 ergs M94 nucleus Mbh Mbh a relation Tremaine et al 2002 with o 110 lltms Barth et al 2002 gt 107 Mm LLedd 105 scaling relation for broad Ha Greene 2 Ho 2005 gt 2 x104 Mm LLecId 10392 empirical correlations with MIR line emission Ne V 2 OIV gt 120 x 104 Msun Dasyra et al 2008 data from Dudik Satyapal amp Marcu 2006 normalized X ray excess variance method of Papadakis et al 2008 vbf fleh Lbol McHardy et al 2006 observationsmeasurements of Eracleous et al 2002 gt 120 x104 Msun no re with vbf tllbh no Lbol dependence lvibh z 107 lvisun Which one doesn t work And why M94 nuclear nebular emission sTubbornly a LINER 10 x difference in aperTure size 395 39 39r HSTSTIS 35 quotw n S y39 u E I l 11 u 39quot 45 ll 39 F a lomar MMT 39 0 39f 39Jl I I39L39 D C 1 39339 II II 339 Fifi l 9 Cquot 39I II Cquot I Gquot 39l quotI log h lluquotHal lg IIquot lquotH1 g I lle39Hnlv oMassive BHs bulges amp galaxies Low accreTion raTes LlNERSI NOT much gas around Old sTellar populaTions STOhShCGIIY gt aT The end of The evoluTionary sequence H H gt S gt T gt L gt Passive ConsTanTin eT al 2008 Schawinski eT al 2007 Iowans m m s a m naH log no m BH111ass Stellar mass 5 0 X ray detected median g 5 I2 I all median W w l l 0 9 H II S I L Passive obscuration 6 H II S Y L Passive quot H II S T L Passive LO III A Accretion rate Mi W 9 4 3 t gt 6 HII S T L Passive HII S T L Passive An AGN evolutionary seiquence 39Qntin et al 2008 4 Ol b Ircumnuclear Cburst high accretion but obscured ll Seyfert waning SF brief brealltout of accretion emission Ill Transition obj s aging stellar pop accretion weaker IV LINERs older stellar pop minimal accretion fuel exhausted See also Schawinski et al 2007 M94 Ivlulti wovelength observotions gt o star formation site instead 0s per Shields H992 LlNERs 0 stars me 0 th t lt Uld be SN II i i If i m w i rsanw eg type gt b rood Ha persists ot 1038 ergs for gt 3 yrs Smith et at 2009 fits well the IRS spectrum features worm silicate dust produced in SNe M94 summory amp no conclusion 2 conlenders LLAGN imbhhighrish LLedd or SN XRB or ULX 39 l sqn je excess V0 in gtoccreiing l39 I i LAGN imbhl quot l orSN ll rm ell O d slelldr liddl disruplion evenl or dl ledsl 0 good lesl bed for one gt eg SDSS J09529562l43l33 simildr emission response Summary amp No conclusion 1 M94 nucleus AGN The leasT luminous broad lined Type l LINER amp IMBH l O4 M M sigma relaTion fails for M94 nuc Xl is Then probably an AGN as well harder more luminous in X rays same X ray excess variance gt similar BH mass if similar Lbo gt M94 besT candidaTe for The closesT binary AGN 2quot 50 pc separaTion SUD 2 M94 nucleus Type II SN hoT buT noT necessarily luminous lsT X ray variable SN Then siTe of sTar TormaTion 0 sTar phoToionizaTion of LINERS Shields eT al T992 near a quiescenT 107 lvlSLm BH 9 need To dissecT The kinemaTics of This nucleus 9 possible To confirm or rule ouT a 107 lvlSLm


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