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by: Bryon Mueller


Bryon Mueller
GPA 3.97

Douglas White

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About this Document

Douglas White
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Bryon Mueller on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Anthro 174AW at University of California - Irvine taught by Douglas White in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/201905/anthro-174aw-university-of-california-irvine in anthropology, evolution, sphr at University of California - Irvine.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
ANTHRO 174AW HUMAN SOCIAL COMPLEX Prof Doug White Fall 20071001 Pauline D Manaka Anthropology Research Librarian For help make an appointment Email pdmanakauciedu or phone 9498244969 Introduction to eHRAF Collection of Ethnography A Guide This guide is designed to help you a easily identify a culture its background life styles etc b understand how to compare two cultures using the OWC Outline of world cultures codes and c learn as much as you need about doing ethnographic research using library resources Assignment Choose an ethnographic reading on a community focused in time and place from eHRAF Collection of Ethnography 2 Then write about What your life might be like if you lived in if you lived this time and s ace 3 Optional How does the ethnography reflect the impacts of globalization and intersocietal contacts in this time and place 4 Pick a second SCCS culture to compare and contrast with the first on our preliminary dimensions of culture Compare the codes on these dimensions in the Spss dataset used in class to yourjudgments justified by ltquotes from sourcesgt for your ethnographies How to Access the eHRAF database A World Of Cultures At Your Fingertips httplluclibsorglPlD148 Restricted to UC campuses From the UCI Libraries website httpwwwlibuciedu Select ANTPAC UCI Libraries Online catalog Search for title eHRAFand preferred sort by Onlinelnternet Resources Select the files on eHRAF Ethnography a eH RAF Collection Of Ethnography A World Of Cultures At Your Fingertips for a detailed review of the world communities listed alphabetically b eHraf Collection Of Ethnography This is the database that allows you to search each culture in detail as well as make comparisons What is eHRAF Ethnography and how to search for cultures their backgrounds resources on various topics about these cultures The eHRAF Collection of Ethnography from the ANTPAC results opens the URL httpguodlibumichedueehrafe ANTF AC RESULTS 393 University nl calirnmia im 2 INTERNET r Micmsn Internet Explnlel pmvided by the uci Libraries help 39n 5 File Edit View Favorites raa 3 ear 7 Q E g a pm frames 8 t 7 g 3 may nNrPnCWeh acmhayyrwga alumner aucmmeaaae gamma gimme am mar gram m a dec JND m TlTLE v eHraf l Onirneinlernelnasauraes v System Buried D Limitresut to ay able item lszve Marked Records Save all u Num save 1TI39LES in Year D eHRAF Archaeology 199 1 2 D enrar Collection orArchaeoiogy 55 3 D eHRAF Collection orArchaeoiogy Africa 9 4 i3 EHRAF Collection OfArchaeology A la 10 5 D EHRAF Collection orArchaeoiogy Europe 3 s D EHRAF Collection orArchaeology Middle Arnenca And The canpbean a 7 D EHRAF Collection orArchaeoiogy Middle East 2 a D EHRAF Collection orArchaeoiogy North America 11 9 D EHR E c ll ti rArchaeo ogy cearria 2 1o EHRAF collection OfArchaeology sojuth Arnenca 1o 2 11 eHrar Collection or Ethnography 137 12 eHRAF Collection or Ethnography39A World or Cultures At your Fingertips 1997 a 1 13 D EHRAF Collection or Ethnography Arnca 23 14 D EHRAF Collection or Ethnography Asra 33 15 D EHRAF Collection or Ethnography Europe 9 1s 1 EHR AF Collection or Ethnography Middle Arnenca And The canppean 9 17 D EHRAF Collection or Ethnography Middle East 4 r E 0 Internet Double click the URL httpguodlibumichedueehrafe Choose to BROWSE the cultures Here is a listing of the culture names and ethnonymsalternative names in alphabetical order A link on the left allows further browsing by country or geographic region 1i rat ailmiarc tilrar il cu Return back to double click on Browse screen and click on BROWSE subject This brings up subjects in the database the Outline of Cultural Materials vocabular alphabetically arranged with OCM numbers provided For example ifl click on T looking for tattoos I find Tattooers E AND Tattooing M arm aiimam l ea mine TIE it K i If you click on the OCM 305 for example you will get a detailed definition of the term other related COM and reference to narrower descriptions of these For example 3 2mm Cnlleclinn nl Elhnnglaphy r 001 Alphabetical Bmwse r Micrnsn Internet Explniei pmvided by the UCI Libraries File Edit View Favmites mi HElD cam E g 73 i g 1 E g 3 rm QANrPncweh QCDLrMelvleeh gimcgmemm UCIHamevaqe guanine gimme gimme Iaqaut Browse Subjects AZ Index Eiuwse Cultures ampan am mm mm in aacmm mngth Brnwsesuhlecls Emwsesubm A clams AEcDEFGHiiKLMNoPQRsTUVwXYz AZ index and la numerauan 2n 5 minus 524 Abandanment afdwelhng max A death 7st Abandanment af dying 752 Q 0 Intern z ADORNMENT 300 l 305 BEAUTY SPECIALISTS 305 BEAUTY SPECIALISTS leHRAF Documents with this OCMl Barbers and hairdressers manicurists tattooers specialized cosmetic services eg beauty salons special techniques eg shampoos special apparatus organization and training etc See Also Electrical appliances Public baths Click on eHRAF Ethnography Documents with this OCM to review documents from cultures organized alphabetical by region addressing the topic of tattooing For example checking under North America I double clicked on Navajo NT To find details about the Navajo community double click on More about this culture The cultural summary gives a description bibliography and more about the community Some cultures have more bibliographies The bibliography is about everything not only tattooing If click to the previous screen and choose say for example from the Middle East the Kurds MA 11 you ca n choose to do the same with two or more cultures At this point you can begin to make some general comparisons of the communities of your choice


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