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by: Amy Hauck IV


Amy Hauck IV
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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amy Hauck IV on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Soc Sci 1 at University of California - Irvine taught by Christopherson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 532 views. For similar materials see /class/201911/soc-sci-1-university-of-california-irvine in Social Science at University of California - Irvine.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
Page 1 Social Science 1A iPrinciples in the Social Sciences Fall 2011 Study Guide Exam I Exam 1 is scheduled for Monday October 25 2011 at 1000am and will cover chapters 1 3 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 19 21 49 lecture material lms and handouts Please bring a red Scantron form F 288 Par L From the lectures please know the following What is the purpose of the Social Science 1A course What is the de nition of social science What are the various social sciences What are the different ways of obtaining knowledge and answering questions We viewed a short lm on the Columbia Accident Investigation We will have one or two questions regarding the actions of the NASA that hindered the accident investigation Who is Francis Bacon What are Bacon s doctrines of empiricism and induction How does induction work as a means to discover empirical laws Why did Bacon criticize the use of hypotheses in science What did Bacon mean by knowledge is power What is the practical purpose of the social sciences for Bacon Know the meaning of the four Idols of the Mind that interfere with the search for correct knowledge according to Bacon Why did Rene Descartes support the use of theory in science What analogy did Descartes use to indicate the importance of theory Auguste Comte is the originator of positivism for the social sciences What is this doctrine According to Comte societies pass through three stages of development What are these stages What did Comte mean by the religion of humanity Who should be the members of this religion What did it cost Comte for promoting the religion of humanity Comte arranged the natural and social sciences into a hierarchy What is this hierarchy What is the rationale for Comte s hierarchy What analogy did Isaac Newton use to describe the world How have the natural sciences aided the development of the social sciences Today is it possible to put the natural sciences into a logical hierarchy If so what is this hierarchy Is it possible to put the social sciences into a logical hierarchy If not why not Compared to the natural sciences is the subject matter of the social sciences static or dynamic What does this distinction mean Page 2 What is the difference between explanation and understanding in science Do the social sciences use both principles Can the LaMarckian view of evolution help explain any phenomenon in the social sciences What is a meme and what is the function of a meme In lecture we reviewed how Darwin s evolutionary theory was politicized by biologists In this regard what did many leading Darwinists advocate in Germany in the late 19111 and early 20Lh centuries What do the movements of infanticide eugenics and euthanasia represent Who was Ernst Haeckel How did the views of Haeckel and other challenge the view that human life was to be protected and valued How did the leading Darwinists view religion What is meant by the phrase making the unequal equal What is meant by the phrase the individual is nothing the species is everything The scienti c method of obtaining knowledge has been in uenced by logical positivism operationism pragmatism Know the meaning of these three terms applied to the conduct of science especially social science What are the three characteristics of a scienti c law How do scienti c laws differ in the social sciences from the natural sciences In lecture we reviewed the research wheel Please know the characteristics of this wheel Know the meanings of the following types of research studies 7 descriptive research relational research and experimental research What are the necessary stages in planning an experiment Know the major research methods used in the social sciences reviewed in lecture and the readings What are the ethical rules for social science research What experiments cited in lecture started the interest in the ethics of social science research Why are the Humphreys Milgram and Zimbardo studies considered unethical We viewed a lm on the Asch Milgram and Zimbardo studies We will have at least one question from this lm What is the Institutional Review Board In lecture we explored the controversy in the social sciences whether to use biological explanations of human behavior What are the reasons for and against the use of biological explanations of human behavior Edward O Wilson the creator of sociobiology is trying to unite the social sciences with evolutionary theory and biology in a position he calls consilience What does the term consilience mean Page 3 How is sociobiology de ned What concepts from sociobiology such as kin selection mating strategy and status reviewed in lecture help to explain human behavior Be sure to know how human 39 is J J How was sociobiology initially greeted when Wilson introduced it We will view a lm illustrating the use of sociobiology to explain criminal behavior in adolescents There will be at least one question on this lm I39Jb 39I39I Know the major characteristics of the seven models of society that we reviewed in lecture a The Civic Model Aristotle b Instrumental Individualism Thomas Hobbes c The Social System Adam Smith d A Con ict Model Karl Marx e A Consensus Theory Emile Durkheim g An Action Theory Max Weber h Phenomenonological Theory Alfred Schutz Be sure to know the characteristics of human nature according to Aristotle Hobbes Smith and Marx What is virtue for Aristotle Hobbes and Smith Why do people need both intellectual and moral virtues according to Aristotle What did Hobbes think of Aristotle s views regarding society How can you tell the nature ofa society according to Max Weber According to Max Weber why did capitalism become so popular in the West Weber also advocated that social science research should be value free What does this mean Is it possible for modern social science research to be truly valuefree According to Smith what does capitalism allow individuals to do that no other economic system allows Durkheim introduced the idea of anomie Does anomie exist in contemporary American society From the chapter readingsa please know the following Chapter 1 Please read and remember the quotes regarding science in general and social science in particular from Henry David Thoreau Albert Einstein Sherlock Holmes ER Babbie Rene Dubos Thomas Dye Margaret Mead and Emile Durkheim What message is each quote trying to convey Chapter 3 Know all the methods of social science reviewed in the chapter ie the experiment the sample survey the observational study What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods What is the difference between a detached observational study and a participant observational study Is there any value in reanalyzing previously collected data Chapter 10 What is the ancient Greek de nition of geography What is the modern de nition Are the two de nitions close What are the most powerful tools in geography How do geographers look for causal factors of patterns When geographers nd a pattern in a speci c location what their next step typically Page 4 What is GIS Check out this website what industries use GIS httpwwwesricomindustrieshtml What is the meaning of the cultural landscape Chapter 11 When did the social sciences begin Why are Plato and Aristotle important for the development of the social sciences What did Plato s book The Republic address Why were the work of Hobbes and Locke important for the development of the social sciences The chapter cites the contrasting views of Karl Marx and Herbert Spencer as important for the beginning ofthe social sciences Why did Marx despise the bourgeoisie capitalists For Marx how was communism supposed to improve society According to Marx how will class con ict end see Box 112 According to Spencer what is Social Darwinism see Box 113 Did Spencer support government programs for the poor Why or why not Chapter 12 Why is it so dif cult to be objective in the social sciences According to the chapter how do we maintain objectivity in the pursuit of scienti c knowledge Chapter 13 According to the chapter what is the de nition of modern science What is an axiom What are the three axioms of modern science and what do they mean How as science encouraged our desire to have material things According to the chapter how does science support equality Can social science really be valuefree Which two social sciences will incur greater dif culties by being valuefree Chapter 14 This chapter reviews the famous Zimbardo prison study Know the basic design and results of this study Why did Zimbardo end the study early Based on his results Zimbardo offered a characterization of human nature What is this characterization Do you agree with Zimbardo s assessment According to Zimbardo what happens to people who are put into prisons Why do prisons fail to rehabilitate prisoners Chapter 15 When did Milgram begin his research Why hypothesis about Germans motivated his study What was the basic design and results of Milgram s obedience to authority experiment Did Milgram s results support his original hypothesis about Germans Please note that the author of the chapter does not de ne negative reinforcement correctly To explain his results Milgram proposed the state of agency hypothesis What is this hypothesis Page 5 Chapter 17 The author of chapter 17 traces the evolutionary history of life on Earth Overall what percent of all species that have ever existed are now extinct Know the principle of natural selection see Box 171 Theoretically how does natural selection guide evolution How does modern biology explain the natural selection process in terms of genetics Explain how chance operates in evolution Does evolution always guarantee that future organisms develop more perfectly than previous organisms What are the evolutionary aws in the human design What does the chapter mean by evolutionary tradeoffs regarding human development How long ago did hominid and ape forms split off from a common ancestor What is the out of Africa hypothesis for human evolution Based upon human genetics why is race a dif cult concept to de ne According to the data from the Human Genome Project how genetically similar are humans to one another What are the similarities in the behavior between humans and chimpanzees Do these similarities support the importance of biology for the social sciences In terms of DNA how similar are humans and chimps According to the author of the chapter evolutionary combat is taking place between which two biological forces Which force might win according to the author See Box 173 Chapter 19 What is the de nition in social science of the term society What major characteristic is used to classify societies What percentage of the world s current population belongs to huntergatherer societies Where are huntergatherer societies currently located What is the most important social institution for the huntergatherer society Why What is the major advantage of the pastoral herding society over the huntergatherer society Why does warfare develop between pastoral societies and other groups Horticultural societies appear to contain more violence than do huntergatherer societies Why is this so What forms of violence appear in the horticultural society that do not appear in the huntergatherer and pastoral societies What is the difference between a horticultural society and an agricultural society The agricultural society is able to support a relatively large population What is the consequence for society of this expanding population What institutions develop within the agricultural society to compete with the family Chapter 21 What do the terms ethnocentrism and cultural relativism mean Why should social scientists practice cultural relativism When do social scientists have the duty to condemn certain practices in various cultures thereby setting aside the principle of cultural relativism Page 6 Chapter 49 What was the author John Lambert s profession What was he hired to study What was his hypothesis What did he nd What is DWB What is the technical term for this practice What did Lambert nd out about Blacks experiences with juries What is the most likely reason that Blacks have higher frequencies of being stopped on the New Jersey Turnpike How is this idea perpetuated How much more likely are Blacks to be arrested than nonBlacks on the New Jersey Turnpike are Next page is sample exam from previous quarter ithe exam is not part of the study guide except to give you an idea of the type of questions asked Please note the exams for this course Fall 2011 will have 50 questions Page 7 Name Social Science 1A 7 Principles in the Social Sciences N E 4 V39 Sample Exam 1 Which of the following statements best represents the major purpose of the Social Science 1A course a To present the major problems in society and offer solutions b To show how the various disciplines in the social sciences can be uni ed as one social science namely psychology c To introduce the various disciplines comprising the social sciences and how their common and unique methods help us understand human behavior d To show that social science in inferior to natural science and is really not a science at all According to the lm and lecture on the Columbia Shuttle disaster the shuttle program director Ron Dittemore did not think a lightweight piece of foam would cause a hole in the reinforced carbon carbon material What mistake did Dittemore make a Dittemore believed the investigation board had jumped to conclusions and did not spend enough time debating all the possible causes of hole in the wing b Dittemore created confusion by using too much technical jargon at press conferences c Dittemore believed that additional scientific experts were needed on the accident investigation team d Dittemore tried to apply logic and common sense to solve a scientific problem Francis Bacon is one of the modern architects of the scientific method According to Bacon science should develop theories to explain and predict human behavior unite with philosophy to create the best explanation for human behavior discover empirical laws based upon the careful observation of the world encourage the development of the idols of the mind as the main teaching method in education 9 0quotm Bacon also authored afamous phrase to indicate that society rewards those who learn The famous phrase is a to each according to need b humans are social animals c society is based upon competition not cooperation d knowledge is power Rene Descartes is another major architect of the scientific method What did Descartes advocate that Bacon did not a Descartes claimed that science must develop theories to explain empirical laws b Descartes claimed that the social sciences were more important than the social sciences c Descartes claimed that all living things are machines and can be explained by the laws of nature d Descartes claimed that psychology is the most important science since it must explain the functioning of the human mind Page 8 6 According to lecture the person who is credited with starting modern social science is 993 Auguste Comte Isaac Newton Emile Durkheim Aristotle 7 According to The Law of Three Stages a society that uses primarily theological explanation of events and phenomena is 999 9 highly advanced in a state of decline primitive in an intermediate stage of development Isaac Newton provided the natural sciences with a model of the Universe Understanding this model is the key to the development of the natural sciences Newton s model is a b 0 d gt0 a b 0 3 1 the Universe is a living organism that constantly changes according to an evolutionary process the Universe is a machine composed of atoms and follows natural laws the Universe is a thinking mind that produces ideas that represent physical objects in the universe the Universe is a mystery and will never be completely understood by the human mind Which of the following statements is not true regarding the nature of the social and natural sciences The social sciences study objects that lack individuality The natural sciences study objects with unique individualities The social sciences study different aspects of human behavior The natural sciences study objects that take up physical space such as atoms molecules and cells The natural sciences base causes upon the principle of determinism The social sciences must confront the problem that humans act for purposes and behavior cannot be predicted with certainty The natural laws and social sciences both try to develop empirical laws and theories of explain those laws 10 Which of the following statements is true of the comparison between the social and natural sciences The social sciences can be arranged in a hierarchy with sociology the most basic of all the social sciences The natural sciences can be a1ranged in a hierarchy with biology the most basic of the natural sciences The social sciences can be arranged in a hierarchy with anthropology the most basic of the social sciences The natural sciences can be a1ranged in a hierarchy with physics or even mathematics the most basic ofthe natural sciences ll N L Page 9 It has been common for the social sciences to borrow analogies from the natural sciences For example George Berkeley claimed that a social force analogous to draws humans together into groups a a black hole b energy c gravity d momentum Sometimes an incorrect theory from the natural sciences becomes a useful application in the social sciences For example the discredited Lamarckian evolutionary theory in biology has provided insights to the social sciences regarding a why social customs change rapidly b the great range of human behaviors from malevolence to benevolence c the function of altruism which is hard to explain with Darwin s evolutionary theory d the importance of understanding how human actions affect now only society but the biosphere of the Earth A relatively new concept in the social sciences is the meme Which of the following statements best describes the meaning of meme a A meme is a decision strategy used by an individual in a game simulation b A meme is an idea behavior style or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture c A meme represents the attractive in uence that allows humans to form social groups d A meme is a special form of biological evolution in which social behaviors are directly inherited The German Darwinists supported euthanasia which means that society should condone the killing of people who are hopelessly ill society has the right to order women to have abortions society should attempt to breed humans on a selective basis in order to improve humanity society has the right to do any type of experiment using human subjects 993 The German Biologists mentioned in the previous question were supporters of all of the following except a suicide b socialized medicine c eugenics d infanticide l6 00 O N Page 10 Sociobiology is a relatively new eld of research that was started by Edward O Wilson Which of the following statements best summarizes the goal of sociobiology a Sociobiology stresses that all forms of human behavior and culture result from environmental in uences b Sociobiology agrees with the beliefs of Ernest Haeckel that each human is in a struggle for survival and the fittest humans win the struggle c Sociobiology claims biology will replace all of the social sciences in explaining every aspect of human behavior d Sociobiology claims that inherited factors control several aspects of human social behavior Which of the following sciences most strongly opposes sociobiology a biology b psychology c sociology d physics According to sociobiology human aggression a is a learned response to deal with frustration b is a behavior that serves to remove the toxic buildup of stress hormones in the bloodstream c is an unlearned response to frustration d does not exist Which of the following supported the statement The individual is nothing the species is everything communists sociobiologists at Harvard University German biologists of the late l9Lh fearly 20Lh century a b c d the first sociologists of the 19111 century The principle of logical positivism for science means that a for a theory to be accepted in science the theory must be verified by empirical data b theories in science are social concepts with no meaning outside the mind of the theorist c scientific theories should produce practical consequences d for all its successes science now poses the greatest threat to human survival All human research institutions using federal funds must have research approved by a the federal government in Washington DC b the local Institutional Review Board c the state government in Sacramento d the Council of Human Affairs of the United Nations in New York City 22 N O Page 11 Which of the following statements best represents the hypothesis tested by Stanley Milgram in his famous Obedience to Authority experiments a Do people enjoy in icting pain on other people b Do people learn more quickly if they are punished for making mistakes c Do people follow orders from authority gures even though the orders may be harmful to others d Are men more physically aggressive compared to women Laud Humphreys conducted a controversial study Tearoom Trade that was later judged to be unethical because a he was only a graduate student b he did not tell his subjects that he was observing them as part of a research study c he gave the subjects false information at the time of debrie ng d he sold his data to the National Enquirer In lecture we explored the historical origin why ethical guidelines are needed for research with human subjects The historical reason why ethics are now a major concern for research with humans is due to large numbers of human deaths that took place inthe great u pandemic of 1918 the ethically awed experiment conducted by Laud Humphreys the faking of research results that was widespread in the United States during the 1960s the atrocities against human subjects by Nazi researchers during World War II moo 9 According to Aristotle each human being has a telos Which of the following statements best describes Aristotle s view of telos a Telos refers to the natural human tendency to form groups Therefore society should encourage socialization and family formation b Telos refers to a human potential to develop skills and find their purpose in life Society should provide the means for individuals to achieve their telos c Telos refers to the human desire to have friendships Therefore an ideal society allows people to have recreational time to spend with friends d Telos refers to the human potential to develop skills and find our purpose in life However society does not have the responsibility for providing the means for individuals to achieve their telos For Aristotle the most important institution of society for teaching virtue to its citizens is a religion b the family c the government d schools Page 12 27 According to Thomas Hobbes why is it necessary to have society N 00 N 0 LA 0 a b c d 57 9 99 The purpose of society is to allow each individual to develop one s personal talents and potential The purpose of society is to develop the most perfect form of democracy The purpose of society is to provide political order so that humans do not engage in mutual self destruction The purpose of society is to allow citizens to live a life in which the government guarantees each citizen free health care and a job According to Adam Smith capitalism keeps society in balance through the operations of human greed and charity the operations of the laws of the market the rule of law the operations of a strong federal government regulating business and the economy Karl Marx developed a model of society based upon the idea that human con ict if biologically determined since the tendency for aggression and con ict is inherited the competition between religion and science is disruptive to social organization economic con ict exists between capitalists and workers the common ownership of property would produce a society that is lazy and unproductive Emile Durkheim developed a consensus model of society Which of the following is not a feature of Durkehim s model 9 0quotm The individual is shaped by society The state of anomie occurs when an individual is shunned or rejected by society Religion is a good thing in society for giving the individual a sense of community Society should use sociobiology to find a cure for anomie Max Weber introduced an Action Model of society Which of the following statements best represents Weber s views regarding society based upon his theory 9quot 3 1 The actions of individuals determine the nature of their society In his action pattern theory Weber claimed that the happiness and success of the individual is determined and controlled by society Communism is a better economic system than capitalism since communism encourages cooperation instead of competition The rst concern of society is to establish a strong civil government to maintain law and order Page 13 32 Alfred Schutz adopted a phenomenological view of society According to Schutz it is important LA LA LA L a to understand how individuals subjectively perceive society b for citizens to guard against the overthrow of the government by subversive elements c for the citizens of a democracy to vote in order to keep that democracy strong d for the government to regulate capitalism so the world does not experience another Great Depression According to Chapter 3 of the text Zulke claimed that reanalyzing already collected data as from the U S Census a can be valuable However there is a negative in that previously collected data might have been accumulated for a variety of reasons that differ from the current researcher s purposes b should never be done because already collected data is often invalid for the present purposes of the researcher c should be the only way that social science conducts research d should never be done since analyzing anything already collected is unethical According to Chapter 11 of the text Herbert Spencer developed Social Darwinism to explain the development of societies Unfortunately one of the misuses of Social Darwinism was to a impede the progress of biology as a science by saying human evolution had ended b encourage a militaristic society to protect poor and weak citizens c justify violent overthrow of existing governments d justify policies to wipe out Native Americans in North America According to Chapter 13 of the text modern science has encouraged our desire to have material things because a we leave more money from our estates to charities like the Salvation Army b having material things makes society more religious c the objects of the senses become very important in a scienceoriented society d the person with the most toys when heshe dies wins Chapter 14 reviewed the famous Zimbardo prison study On the basis of his study and Milgram s obedience to authority experiment Zimbardo offered a characterization of human nature Which of the following statements best characterizes Zimbardo s characterization a People do hurtful things to one another because they are inherently evil b Many people perhaps the majority can be made to do almost anything when put into psychologically compelling situations c People are naturally good but society makes them evil d People are neither good nor bad by nature The values of society determine the morality of the individual Page 14 37 Stanley Milgram s famous Obedience to Authority experiment was reviewed in Chapter 15 The basic design of the experiment required that o 0 9 3 1 LA 00 some participants called teachers deliver electric shock to other participants called learners the participants divide into two groups called guards and prisoners The guards and prisoners were to then adopt roles appropriate to their group assignment subjects be hypnotized into believing they were deaf Milgram wanted to see if deafness in uences the development of paranoia some participants called teachers believe they are delivering shock to other participants called learners However no shock deliveries occurred Chapter 17 lists that according to the human genome project individuals around the world are genetically identical which indicates that humans 51957 LA 0 89 have had a relatively long evolutionary history on earth 999 have had a relatively short evolutionary history on earth 5050 are in danger of becoming extinct within the next 25000 years 768 and apes had a common ancestor that began to evolve about 75000000 years ago Which of the following definitions of the term society best ts the information presented in Chapter 19 of the readings a b c d Society refers to all people who live in a certain country Society refers to all people who live on a certain continent Society refers to all people who live in a certain location and share a common culture Society refers to all people who share the same religion 40 According to Chapter 21 of the text what does the term ethnocentrism mean a b c d The tendency to use one s own cultural standards to judge the standards of another society The tendency to see one s own culture as the best in the world The ability to interpret a practice in a society within the context of that society The duty of a social scientist to educate other cultures about correct moral standards This is only a sample exam the exams for this course will have 50 guestions Page 1 Social Science 1A iPrinciples in the Social Sciences Spring 2014 Exam 3 Study Guide From the lectures please know the following Economics According to lecture what is the de nition of economics What are the goals of economic policies What was economic life like before 1800 What are the de nitions of the Market System and the Command System for economic policy How has China s economic system changed in recent years What is the difference between economic analysis and econometrics as branches of economics Why was usury once considered a sin What was Aristotle s view of usury What are the contributions of John Maynard Keyes to contemporary economic theory What are supply and demand curves what does the point of equilibrium indicate What factors will cause shifts in these curves Sociology What is the de nition of sociology How is research conducted in sociology There was a link to view a portion of the lm Bowling for Columbine where Michael Moore interviewed James Nichols brother of one of the convicted Oklahoma City bombers We will have one or two questions on the methods and content of this interview which were also discussed in the lecture What is the gun culture in America What were the contributions of Karl Marx Max Weber and Emile Durkheim to sociology What are the main theoretical postulates of sociology What is the moral message from sociology Political Science What is the de nition of political science In general what are the responsibilities of government How is research conducted in political science What is political theory Page 2 What advice did Confucius offer to leaders What advice did John Locke and Thomas Jefferson offer for the development of political systems What is Rousseau s theory of government What did Rousseau mean by the rule of law and the tyranny of the majority What are the functions of government given human nature according to Rousseau What advice did Machiavelli offer to leaders What moral question remains for leaders from Machiavelli s work What are the characteristics of an effective leader according to Machiavelli What are three classic views of government Regarding government what do anarchists libertarians conservatives and liberals favor What major difference exists between conservatives and liberals regarding the role of personal decision making How would you characterize the leadership style of Vladimir Putin of Russia From lecture what lessons have been learned from the 2000 presidential election regarding the Electoral College Why does the Electoral College exist What are the reasons for keeping it From the chapter readings please know the following Chapter 8 What is the definition of economics What is the difference between 39 39 and 39 What do the following terms mean in economics commodities land labor and capital What is the fundamental problem studied in economics Please know the characteristics of the market economy the command economy and the mixed economy According to this chapter what is unfair about globalization See box 82 Chapter 44 Were the federal programs initiated by Presidents Kennedy and Johnson effective in reducing the poverty rate in America between 1960 and 1970 Since 1970 the poverty rate for children has been increasing What is the poverty rate for children in the United States in the year 1998 How does the poverty rate in the United States compare to the poverty rate in other industrialized countries Is poverty in the United States related to race If so what groups seem to suffer the highest rates of poverty Based on ethnographic studies what is life like for a person in poverty in the United States Know the three main reasons why the poverty rate in the United States remained constant over the decade of the l990s despite a robust economy Page 3 For a child raised in poverty what are the dangers to that child s mental and physical health Why is it that having a fulltime job is not a guarantee that someone will be able to move out of poverty Chapter 45 What is meant by a nonstandard work schedule In 1997 what percentage of employed American citizens had a standard work schedule What is one positive effect upon the family due to parents having nonstandard work schedules How are divorce rates affected when the husband and or wife have nonstandard work schedules Chapter 47 Why has work disappeared from the ghetto ie inner city during the 1990s How has inner city life affected the family structure What are the four proposals offered by the author to help alleviate social injustice in the United States especially in the inner cities Chapter 53 The median age of Americans is rising By the year 2050 how many people out of5 will be 65 years old As the median age of Americans climbs several social changes are likely to occur How will senior citizens use computer technology Are seniors a powerful force politically Chapter 5 What is the definition of the science of sociology What is the basic premise of sociology The development of sociological research and theory takes place in countries that have what kind of government In what two countries is this changing What is the difference between microsociology and macrosociology What percentage of the data in sociology is collected by interviews and questionnaires One ofthe classic books of sociology is Mills Sociological Imagination How does this book present the field of sociology What was the famous legal case of Brown vs Board of Education about How did sociologists contribute to this case Who were Jane Addams and WEB DuBois What did they accomplish See Box 53 Chapter 32 In 1900 what percentage of students graduated from high school compared to now According to the chapter what were the attractive features of the American family during the 1950s What was also bad about the 1950s regarding discrimination in society and problems regarding the family Page 4 Many families have mother who work Is the condition of working mothers necessarily bad for the children in the family Why or why not What bene ts come from the fact that fathers now spend more time with their children than in the past Chapter 33 In the past how did slavery affect the institution of the family for African Americans According to this chapter what is the special task that AfricanAmerican parents have with regard to the rearing of their children What is meant by multiple mothering According to Robert Hill cited in the chapter what are the four strengths of the AfricanAmerican family Chapter 34 This chapter addresses several trends affecting the American family According to the chapter the American family is changing for economic reasons trend 2 What are the four implications for the family when each spouse works According to trend 3 what will happen to the divorce rate in the United States How may divorces be handled in the future According to trend 4 what is the boomerang family and the blended family This chapter concludes with an assessment whether Americans still value family life What data is used to support a positive conclusion to this question Chapter 54 What is the idea behind the Broken Windows article by Wilson According to research by the author of the chapter what factors work to prevent crime Why don t Neighborhood Watch programs work What is restorative justice Chapter 29 What two enduring themes in American society continue to be confirmed by the 2000 US Census According to the material on pages 318319 why do incumbents tend to win reelection How was the term Hispanic created for the Us Census What are the four official minorities From page 324 what are the trends for marriage between people of different races Are any particular groups not entering into intermarriages What will be the effect of intermarriage for defining the concept of race On the 2000 Us Census form it was possible to select more than one category for the respondent s race Why does the author of this chapter conclude that the whole scheme of racial identification may have to be abandoned Chapter 30 Who is pressuring the federal government not to include a multiracial category on the census form hy


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