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by: Carlotta Dare DVM


Carlotta Dare DVM
GPA 3.68


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 26 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carlotta Dare DVM on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Physics H196A at University of California - Irvine taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see /class/201923/physics-h196a-university-of-california-irvine in Physics 2 at University of California - Irvine.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
l FRO M pagsysr r1 t qf P From the First Star to the First Galaxy First star First light First HII region 2247 Fossil Hilxregion 2246 First galagy 2146 first of all conclusions 1 UV photon escape fraction is 1 for the first objects with small mass 2 Radiative feedback from the first stars is very strong and a kpc volume is affected 3 It takes a very long time for the photo ionized gas to fall back cool and condense to form the first minigalaxies if the first stars are very massive Evolution of early HII regions IIIIIII I IIIIIIII I IIIIIIII I IIIIIII I IIIIIIII I Illlll 6 maf 0 63 M11310 106 M81111 quotwl 23 5y1quot E 3 quot 25 Dtype Rtype 18x105 4 X106 11 l g i W 0 WWW I 5 x b quot 391 z HWYr g 5j j l 2quot gtlt E E 33 393 ED 10 39 I ma 391an I 303 a I Mhaloamp OGMO I E I I quot 39 39 a 4 quot quot Sho e k 51 05 E 1103 I LE 1 M33 I 2 E I 5 ml Mamimam j j 11 19E06 IIIIII I I IIIIIII I I IIIIIII I I IINIII I IIIIIII I I IIIIIII I I IIIIIII I I IIIIIII I 101 1 1o1 102 101 1 101 1o2 105 106 107 r ch r ch years Radiationhydro Sim by Kitayama Yoshida Susa Umemura 2004 ApJ Hot gas in a small halo zero baryon fraction in the end 02 fBlt rvir o I I I I I I I I I I I uu n l Vhalo3kmlsec Vgas 30kmsec M AIIIIIIIIIIIIIII halo 3 106 MO 105 Me O I I I I IIIII I I I I 105 106 ne 107 t yr Evolution of HII regions 2 lllll I llllllll I IllIIII I I Illllll 6 ampa o ampd M 107 M 4 39 39 v 3 39l 3 halo sun IX 2 39l 2 5er i E 4 I 39 3 O W105 Tl Z 2 22m 3 ll H IIquot ml I HI fl 1 ngh central den51ty 5 b e gtrecomb1nat10n 3 xx m 5 Mg 1395gg quot 3 p1J 2Large baryon mass 2 20 2 althou h not essentlal 2 g E C E f quotr O In O 2 ll Q quotMEX 4 f g f g 20 39 31front never becomes 6 2 i gt 3 R type 8 Illl Illlllll IIIIIIIII Illllllll II Ell IIIlIIIII Illllllll Illllllll II 10 1 1 101 102 10 1 1 101 102 p g r pc 1 p0 Kitayama Yoshida Susa Umemura 2004 ApJ Halo mass C calhmornassforconu ete ionka on Mstar 3 andgasevacuation E evacuation failed 3 A Necessary condition 5 FLshockgt FLst 4 39 i xquot o where a o 0 N 13 0 39 0 FLstzeai49 n392 3pc E 4 o E 10 X wholg haloionized 7039 w2 o fesc 1 Zc20 1o 39 39 10039 500 Simulations of the first HII region in 3D How do we do it raytracing raytracing and raytracing 3D radiative transfer scheme Raytracing to all the gas particles millions particles to compute photon arrival time t i1 Comparison 3 D vs 1 Dfull Radial profiles at t22 Myr Initial profile 100 1000 100 1000 r pa r pa Comparisons Radial profiles at t22 Myr Radial velocity Neutral fraction inoti ionized fraction 3 395 2 2 E 39U P 100 1000 quot pt A threedimensional Cosmological simulation with gravity hydrodynamics primordial gas Chemistry and radiative transfer Evolu rion of The first HII region EA very massive star Evolu rion of The firsT HII region Distribution of gas and dark matter 4 200 kpc At 2 10 baryonsjo not trace dark matterat all radial velocity kmsec Radial velocity profile At t22 Myr when the star dies 1000 Distribution of gas and dark matter 4 200 kpc Evolution of a photoionized gas and chemical fractionation 1 mJEvolution of an isobarically cooling gas 5 HT 5 X 104 Cm 3K Yoshida amp Oh in prep See also 39 on amp Haiman 2002 10 g Nakamura amp Umemura 2001 2003 Uehara amp lnutsuka 2000 g a 10 E r 7LT 5 x 106 102 E 7 With HD 10 l 10 102 103 l 105 105 10 10quot l 0 l years cooling per molecule ergsec Evolution of a cooling gas and chemical fractionation 2 Molecular cooling rate 10 Sr 100cm H2 Galli amp Palla 98 mm HDH2 0001 H2 1022 HD Flower et al 00 HD my 1020 1020 mm 10 2 L 4 100 1000 10000 Evolution of a cooling gas and chemical fractionation 3 D ionization D1D2DHltgtDH HD production D3D4DH2 ltgtHHD nHD kD3kD1nD 26Xp421K nD nH2 k k nH T nH D4 D2 Reaction rates from Savin 2002 See also Omukai et al 2005 temperature Thermal evolution of the relic Hll region gas distribution in T n plane 225 dens y Final state 213 o k o w 1 9 2 as L a o E a 4 o u 1O1 106 10A 10Z 10D 3 104 106 densn 1 9 2 as L a o E a 4 Z 1O1 10 6 10 A 10 2 13 100 densn Final state 10quot 10 Second generation omec a few hundred Msun 1039B 1039A 1072 10D 102 10quot 106 nH cnf The second generation object Dark matter A 300 Msun gas cloud in a 108 Msun dark halo Halo mass evolution in the CDM model M Solar Mass 1014 200Myrs 0 30 Redshift 2E V230 kms T2000 K 20 From Barkana amp Loeb 2001 Conclusions 1 Very massive Poplll stars affect too much the surrounding gas quenching starformation and significantly delaying the formation of protogalaxies 2 The second generation stars are likely formed in small mass gas clumps in large halos with V3O kmsec The gas temperature could be floored by CMB 3 StraightfonNard to guess what happens if the first stmamgtgggers empergeti s a n astro o h0505368


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