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by: Jayson Dooley II


Jayson Dooley II
GPA 3.83

Ramesh Arasasingham

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About this Document

Ramesh Arasasingham
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jayson Dooley II on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Chem 1 at University of California - Irvine taught by Ramesh Arasasingham in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/201942/chem-1-university-of-california-irvine in Chemistry at University of California - Irvine.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Pracch MidLerm by Gigi Based on Midlenn 1 F3112013 Chemisn39y nr Arasasingham 1 which une uf Lhe follnwing sexs of quantum numbers is possible 2 uf the EXEEIEDL m W6xlO39 m QQOw htexto39aii 60X03 Zvm my 4 Ar 4 The EIEIIIEDI with he symbu Sr is A Selenium is 262 x 1 quot5 J Express your answer ins ienti c manor gt 39 339 MAW g zm 365x1039 l ln39v 2969x1039g 3egxyo V tr 6397x10 391 67xlo39g M 13 h 6x015 6 What the I value fur the orbital Shawn balow a THS is a F orl f al I 39 x 10 kg and a speed 039 538 x 1mm 1 M 1 gxlo 5q xtosmQ x 133x104 BAn electronin a hydrogen awm has the quantum numbels n 31 0 ms 0 Which m39bua is 1112 212mm locamd in A 3d mums vwa sua e AE39R 9 395 RG Rib mwquot A E 175 x Ico39liir 395 5mm AB 653LIL x 104 Efl pjm ESZEWWJ 633wv 8 E LYV W111 9 39v m5 rm v Cr86xlo 5H 89M 1quot Mun 5414450 M Ema f 1ElHuwmauy nrhizals are than in a shell with n 4 A 9 BB C4 ll Erna Express your answer in suend c nSx39dum iii 2 M0 XIO39LOI Siggsmof Q AOxlU39Loi K 64 x Ion m a 12 Wriie Lhe ground5mm elecan cnn gura un nf manium 4 amps 333 834 13 You have a 10000 mL gnduated Cylinder dial contains 700 mL DI water You place a 360 g 2a ban in nu yljndermensiry 11342 gmL What is 016 new reading of the graduated number of significant gures 317ML riseiw vo mme 113wng new 417 Name 2 3397ML700M I Cmfrl lscr 5T3 43 Me or au mgl v 14 which subshzll can huld mg greatest numbar of Electrons m e H B w c 4p 5 D 3f I V 39 39 1125 Th 5 Could MA I Iaecamse quotL 5 an a LJAJMQ giggles drama 15 L 55 1115 a use a39 311 mummy H x 1539339 J ofenerg a a quotwarm 0 7quot 10 n Hon ma39w prmons we 9 pulse Ewes you answe m sale39mh rutlaw Eznl39w WXIo Na n G m39aggw39wxwgh h W 0 gt946 M 5 Z 3 913 cien c eruhm 10 x 03 Man m wmm of me fn uwing has 10 dawns mums Midterm by mg Based an Midterm 1 Fall 2013 Chemistry 1A DnArasasmgham 1 wmm me a me Inllnwlng sets a quantum numbers s pnssuble 2 a me element A The element ml the symb 01 s 15 A Selenium m m 5 262 x 10 quot9 I Exyress your answenn smenu c nmauun 6 What 15 the 1 Value fur the orbital Shawn h uw 7 Calculate the de Bruglie wavelength in meters of an eleetmn that has a mass of all x 1039 g and a spaad of 598 x 105 ms a An eleetmn in a hydrogen atom has the quantum numbers n 3 l 0 ms Q Which orbital is the electron located in 9 The energy Isvals Ina electron can occupy in We He man can be alculaled using he energy level equinan calcu ale me Vrequancy of the phmon emmed when the elsctron gaas mm a n 2 energy Iavel lo a n z 1 energy level Exprass vour answer an sclenlmc nalaucn 10 How many orbitals are there in a shell with n 4 9 8 4 1 HUDUJCD as 1 N 11 Determine the number of atoms in a 134 g sample of a metal whose molar mass is 5585 gmol Express your answer in scientific notation 12 Write the groundstate electron configuration of titanium 13 You have a 10000 mL graduated cylinder that contains 700 mL of water You place a 360 g lead ball in the cylinder density 11342 gmL What is the new reading of the graduated cylinder after the water rises Answer must be in mL and must be expressed to the correct number of significant figures


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