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HIST 1010-001 Week 8 Notes

by: Josh Verble

HIST 1010-001 Week 8 Notes Hist 1010-001

Marketplace > Auburn University > History > Hist 1010-001 > HIST 1010 001 Week 8 Notes
Josh Verble

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About this Document

These notes cover material for the next exam.
World History I
Daren E Ray
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Josh Verble on Friday March 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Hist 1010-001 at Auburn University taught by Daren E Ray in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see World History I in History at Auburn University.


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Date Created: 03/04/16
People  the mayans­their kings reinforce their political authority by relating themselves with  successful bloodlines o started with farming o created mayan glyph writing system o Many competing city states in the lowland rainforest of modern day guatemala o 900 ce­ moved empire to yucatan peninsula o some architecture and art copied from teotihuacan o the mayans had a lot of water shortages o Had to change landscapes to hold enough water to supply large scale societies o traded across the gulf of mexico  canyon cultures­ traded with mesoamericans  Nazca­ created massive labor works to make large birds eye view pictures  Maize Frontiers­ in grasslands o doesn’t have a way to feed themselves other then maybe hunting o cattle and horses aren’t domesticated yet o can’t grow many crops  Prince shotuku­encourages chinese traditions and religions o he is japanese  king lalibela­holy war, hues churches from solid rock o from the zagwe line  o replaces by solomonic line  Tang o emperors refused to name successor because of fear of assassination o Huang Chao­ rebel  o Zhu Wen­ his successor  Ouyang xiu­  Wang anshi­  Slavs­ from the balkans, christian  seljuk turks­ from anatolia, muslim  Basil II­ increases revenue and asserts authority, adds bulger kingdom to empire,   Mongols­gender equality  genghis khan Places  yucatan peninsula  gulf of mexico  cahokia­began to grow maize because of trading with mesoamericans o built mountains  Japan­ closes trade with china because the don’t want to be taken over by china o the state begins regulating farming o Hunshu islands of japan­ taken over by japan for farming o discovers dry rice farming and can farm in more places  China  Korea  Chola kingdom (in south india)­ kings abandon close ties to commerce in favor of  promoting food production  Ethiopia­ o uses natural resources to enforce policies o axum was abandened and everything was in disarray o king lalibela started an internal war to resuscitate empire  Song Dynasty­960­1279 o Founded by the Taizu empire o very prosperous  Liao  Xia  Jurchen­hunting society, has few people, marries with chinese and eventually just  becomes a part of china Things  Black Plague­people are settling new places and interacting with new people’s.   Freeze­ a carved wall  maize  luxuries­   territorialization­ instead of the idea of ruling people, japan starts to rule over the land  and the farming that takes place on it  Tale of genji­court politics disdains the provinces  Shogunate­taira and minamoto clans use wealth to replace empire with a shogunate  ecological imperialism­intensive transformation of environment to improve the state  crusades­did not help byzantium at all. meant to make pilgrimage safe again but failed.  Feudalism­ o Fief­territory for fealty o Oath of fealty­ promise of loyalty in presence of priest


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