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Social Psychology 2600

by: Sean Campbell

Social Psychology 2600 Psy 2600

Marketplace > Wayne State University > Psychlogy > Psy 2600 > Social Psychology 2600
Sean Campbell
GPA 4.0
Social Psychology
Daniel Krenn

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About this Document

These notes cover Lecture 12 and 13, Influence & Persuasion.
Social Psychology
Daniel Krenn
Class Notes
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sean Campbell on Friday March 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psy 2600 at Wayne State University taught by Daniel Krenn in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology in Psychlogy at Wayne State University.


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Date Created: 03/04/16
Lecture 12 amp13 In uence and Persuasion Normative In uence going along with the crowd in order to be liked and accepted Asch 1955 study of normative in uence Conformity increases as group size increases Dissension reduces conformity Group Norms the beliefs or behaviors that a group of people accepts as normal Informational In uence going along with the crowd because you think the crowd knows more than you do Methods of Social In uence Footinthedoor technique a technique that is based on commitment in which one starts with a small request in order to gain eventual compliance with a larger request Lowballtechnique technique based on commitment in which one first gets a person to comply with a seemingly lowcost request and only later reveals hidden additional costs Bait andSwitch based on commitment draws people in with an attractive offer that is unavailable and then switches them to a less attractive offer that is available Labeling Technique based on consistency in which one assigns a label to an indiVidual and then requests a favor that is consistent with the label Doorin theface Technique based on reciprocity in which one starts with an in ated request and then retreats to a smaller request that appears to be a concession That snotall Technique based on reciprocity in which one first makes an in ated request but before the person can answer yes or no sweetens the deal by offering a discount or bonus Limitednumber technique based on scarcity in which one tells people that an item is in short supply Fastapproachingdeadline Technique based on scarcity in which one tells people an item or a price is only available for a limited time Pique Technique technique in which captures people s attention as by making a novel request Disruptthenreframe technique when one disrupts critical thinking by introducing an unexpected element then reframes the message in a positive light Persuasion an attempt to change a person s attitude 0 Three components of persuasion 1Who Source of the message 2 Say What Actual message 3 To Whom Audience Source the individual who delivers a message Source credibility Expertise and trustworthiness Sleeper effect over time people separate the message from the messenger Source likability Similarity and physical attractiveness Halo effect the assumption that because people have one desirable trait they also possess many other desirable traits Reason Versus Emotion People in a good mood more responsive to persuasive messages Moderate fear appeals most persuasive Repetition If neutral or positive response initially repeated exposure persuasive message Advertisement wearout Repetition with variety Advertisement wearout is a condition of inattention and possible irritation that occurs after an audience or target market has encountered a specific advertisement too many times Repetition with variation repeating the same information but in a varied format Receptivity whether you get pay attention to understand the message Yielding whether you accept the message Need for cognition a tendency to engage in and enjoy effortful thinking analysis and mental problem solving Impressionable years hypothesis proposition that adolescents and young adults are more easily persuaded than their elders Elaboration likelihood model theory that posits two routes to persuasion via either conscious or automatic processing Heuristic systematic model theory that posits two routes to persuasion via either conscious or automatic processing Central route Systematic Processing the route of persuasion that involves careful and thoughtful consideration of the content of the message through conscious processing Peripheral route Heuristic Processing route of persuasion that involves some simple cue such as attractiveness of the source through automatic processing Personal relevance degree to Which people expect an issue to have significant consequences for their own lives Negative Attitude change boomerang effect doing exactly the opposite of What one is being persuaded to do


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