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Week 8 notes of Social Psychology

by: Katie Warren

Week 8 notes of Social Psychology Psyc 3221

Marketplace > East Carolina University > Psychlogy > Psyc 3221 > Week 8 notes of Social Psychology
Katie Warren
GPA 3.48

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About this Document

From February 29th and March 2nd! There was no class Friday.
Social Psychology
Kendell Thornton
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Katie Warren on Friday March 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psyc 3221 at East Carolina University taught by Kendell Thornton in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 99 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology in Psychlogy at East Carolina University.


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Date Created: 03/04/16
Social Psychology Notes 2/29/16 Chapter 7 Affiliation and Friendship Relationships is the topic of this chapter. LOVEEE:  Most people think that you have to have something to love to be in love!  Our natural state of existence is to reside in a state of love.  Love is a feeling you learn to allow yourself to feel or not.  We start to think that we are in need of that special person to have the feeling of love and stuff. o Not true because we can be unhappy and not having the love feeling when we are with that thing or person also. o It is untrue that we need other things outside of us to have love.  With depressed people they are not getting the same outcome on the inside as most people with joy and love.  CBT: don’t have that bio genetically healing and all Side note:  Happiness and contentment ebbs and flows and changes over time in relationships. We can fall in love with anyone and anyone can be your soul mate. Probably found the one and only in driving distance that will put up with you for more than 3 days.  Smiling: o Facial feedback hypothesis study o Study was of people holding a pen in their mouth and this causes them to be happier.  FRIENDSHIP: o Proximity research: close in miles and distances. o Leon Festinger: social comparison and cognitive dissonance. o Research on married student housing. And randomly assigned couples to their place they will be living. Found out that at the end of a year the people who were their best friends lived within 3 doors of them. o Propinquity: state of being close over a period of time: in the mind closeness o Frequency of exposure is important and proximity increases frequency of exposure. And in propinquity you will encounter them more too in some way. o Frequency of exposure increases liking.  Zajonc research (1969) o Showed people geometric figures. o Two groups and in one group the figures reoccurred more often than in the other. o Then asked how they reacted to the figures and how they liked them. o This is research that shows that if the individuals saw the figure more than one of the others it caused them more happiness and they liked it more.  Info that came from this is figuring out how you can get more into liking someone after seeing and being around them more and then you can also see someone too much. Professor does not think there is no such thing as a soul mate and someone you could marry is someone you think you can’t live without not just someone you think you could live with. 3/2/16 Zajonc (1969) Relationships: Acquaintanceship theory: can’t become aquatinted without getting to know the individual. Need multiple exposures to an individual!  Definition: strange phenomenon where you can see two possible outcomes to being exposed to individuals multiple times. From Milgram: “So shocking” obedience research. Ex: riding bus together every day: frequency of expose such as these makes it harder to get to know the person more. The more opportunities where you could have interactions that you pass up the less likely you will ever interact! o After your done with the class you will recognize the people and then maybe introduce yourself to them. Friendship: what leads you to become friends: because they remind you of you… even when you used to dislike them you only didn’t like something you were similar to! Crazy!!  Occurs because of reward.  Reinforcement Affect Model: we are conditioned animals and like people because they do nice things for us. All of it is a form of manipulation when you tell them you like them, then you try to impress them, then do something fun together and feed them. This is a conditioning process. We do this over a period of time to think of us in positive terms because when they have hungout with us they enjoyed it. o When you do something that will have a physiological arousal then they will attribute that to you.  Misattribution is a conditioning. Study on the bridge is similar (example given in class). The more suspenseful the bridge crossing with a woman the more attracted the man felt to her. Misinterpretation of the arousal.  Reinforcing their arousal of you by making sure you are being connected to it. If activity sucks and food tanked they might not call you back.  Path through heart is stomach. Ingratiation from other chapters is similar. Complementary = Enhancement Favors: basic rewards.  BOYSSS: Reward and balance. Don’t give too much without reciprocation because it becomes impossible for them to reciprocate in any way other than sex and this makes them feel bad. Need reciprocity in relationship, if not imbalance will cause them not to be with you. Most important factor in making a good relationship: attention, honesty and patience. (other things said in class also, couldn’t type that fast….) Who you most likely to be attracted to: someone similar to you for a longer period of time but for a short period of time it is nice to have someone who is different and will give you arousal. Similarity is reinforcing:  For a long time relationship similarity is the key. Everything you could think of being similar is the better. Some differences are good though and no matter what you will have a few at least. Differences are tolerable when they are peripheral but not when they are central like religion, money and politics. Relationships need compatibility when the person is similar to you.  Why is similarity so important? Makes for a lasting endurance and an agreement. Similarity means predictability:  We like to think we understand our immediate world and be able to predict what will happen.  People say they love unpredictability but in the long run they really don’t, it causes stress and is anxiety provoking. If you don’t know how the day will go then you will be anxious about it and uneasy.  The simple things are going to be what drives you crazy if your partner is not doing it the same way, it was a conditioned way for you and him and if it was different then it is too hard most of the time. o If the little things drive you crazy then you’re the crazed person who is having the problem, not them!!! People create problems when we shouldn’t care about these. You are creating the problem unless it is an actual normal issue like never helping around the house or anything like that (major stuff).


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