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by: Ellsworth Herzog


Ellsworth Herzog
GPA 3.61


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 24 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ellsworth Herzog on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to English 28 at University of California - Irvine taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/201957/english-28-university-of-california-irvine in Foreign Language at University of California - Irvine.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Development of the Thing Counters for the MEG experiment 8 Dussori August 28 2006 Outline Brief TheoreTicol morivorion TC development 1 Longirudinol deTeCTor concep r 2 Transverse deTeCTor APD reodouT Moniroring LFV and MEG importance LFV can be related to neumm phySICS Connection with the scale of mass pattem and generation h NEW PHYSICS mechansm neLtrinoless double beta decay anomalous muon magnetic moment lepton electric dipole moment Tmng comter Requred Provide fast signal for bw r 39 39 39 2 Hh timir g resolition 13 i 3 Preliminary direction of em39 amount of data 4 Hh efficiemy gt90 Albw for precise determ39n during evert amiysis 39 impact point for track recon Very hh timirg resolution iUU p l VVl IIVI IUI is y uuiiuiucnui Tming counter quu39red Hovide faa signal for low level trigger with r th tim39ng resolLtion ns for triggering purposes r Hel39mhary di39ection of enission a seiecthg events a lower arant of data r th ef ciency gt 90 Albw for precise determ39ration of positron khen39atbs during evert amiysis inpact poirt for track reconamction Very high t39mhg resothion 100 ps FWHM for e y coincidence TiTing comter how it was Longitudinal 17 thin slabs 5X1X80 cm of scintillator BQ4Q4 or 498 readout with PMTs 15 or 2 Transverse slabs of scintillator with light guides to keep PMTs axis parallel to magnetic field gt 64 PMTs required very expensive and little space for light guides After a great RampD effort guided by MC amp beam test T39rn39ng counter how it is Longitdinal 15 square section bars of BC404 readout with 2 PMTs High speed and high timing resolution detector Main concepts Timing on the first photon Homogeneous positron tracks Transverse later Aim minimize Time walk Key parome rers o Scin rilloior Thickness and shape gtlt5cm gt gt4gtlt4cm o Bar orienfro rion wri Dosi rron Troiec rorles bar ro ro rion B asi dea dehy bets een positron in pactand sjgnalgenerat39on AT 23wa s P oz39sson stat39stb weighted t39med39S r39bmquot w jth the scirlilllamrresponse in the tin e dom ail F t exp tcfallgtlt l exp tcr39se And the photon propagation inside the barw jth vcA 1 W jth a silgb photon em jttedO39AT 039F 1 ns W jth N photons em jttedone can consiierthe rstphoton arcivzhg at the photocathode so AT 111 11 ATiF1N And its spread 239s farbss than in the silgb photon case mm VEDD 20m 35m 40ij 45m 50m Generation of 105 scintillation photons with distribution Rb and propagation along the bar Distribution of arrival times for the first three photons time spread are respectively 47 46 and 44 ps rms More refined model under study to account for PMT effects Fnal resuts After many optim39zatton steps Ftrst TC modute ready Each bar assembled wth 2 PWS am tested BTF Data aratys39rs exoeltert time resolttton Some tems urder imest39gatton NC anatys39rs of beam test setup Further impreemert expected for exert wth doubte bar oo39mtdemes Tuning Mutton nu ma nan 112 1154 113 Transverse counter th segmentation to obtain precise determination of irnoact z ordina e Perpendicdar to magnetic field Both these issues are problematic with PIVITs Designed a detector made with scintillating fibers 5x 5 rrm2 readout by APDs 512 ch 0 Scintillating fibers l igh segmentation APDs insensitive to Magnetic Field To be used also in trigger algorithm for a fast estimate of positron direction 16 adjacent chamels grouoed Other advantages bwer cost wrt PlVfl39 readOLt 30k vs 145k and no need for corrplex ligh gudes very corrpac layou APD readout Signdl from fibers 100phmm of posi rron Trdck leng rh Shor r emission Time 27 ns Needed d dei hi h din device gt silicon APDs Hdmdmd su 866455 Wiih These devices M 500 AV Vbd Vbids 24 Vol rs Imporidn r issues Bredkdown vol rdge dis rribu rion dnd Temperd rure dependence Ddrk curren r noise ChCirCiCTeriSTiCS iVIdXimum gdin OpTiCdl bench se rup Gdin medsured wi rh fds r pulsed viole r Idser ns durd rion woveleng rh 403 nm TerKnperdTure con rrolled wi rhin 03 Cornpdrison wi rh bedm Tes r resul r 4 s 5 m E m I 3 u Tes rs of Iddrk on differen r deches Sdmple for evoluo rion Tes r Low cos r irrddid red Hdmdmd rsu brdnd new fi r of gdin curves Gdin 11VVbdk Designed Low noise fast eiectrorics with discrete 39rput device Charge prearrpifier with CR RC shaping Tested with satisfactory result ENC lt 1500 e rms with biased APD 1000 e rms w o APD Signal from energy deposit h fbers is detected with good noise rejection 47H 7Hi i H A 7 riri eta H44 Problems and solutions with fibers Loss of Iighi due To curvaiure and irregular surface Less signal Greai pasiiian dependence recovered WiTh high Fber edge refleciiviiy caaiing improved apiical praperiies of surfaces as well as uniformiiy of Iighi auipui Moritoring Needed Check of 39ntr39nsic t39rne resolLtion monitorhg of the overall sync stability Wny a laser souce Fast ight pulse 1 z 10 ps Constant and measurable ight intensity Monitoring of PlVlT output Timhg resolLtion given by 612 6M2 652 GPNIT Gtts O39ns 650 ps 1 pe htr39nsic PlVlT jitter neasured 39n P M Rassela Laser moniton39ng Required 0104 phpulse on each PMT oPMT z 30 ps low Temporal dispersion of phoTons 7 z 500 nm avoids soiniillaior exoiiaiion maximum frequency 1kHz raie dependeni effeois Laser apparatus Solid sfdfe pumped NszVO Idser k 1064 nm 200 uJPulse T 10 ps PRF 1lltHz frequency doubler 7 532 nm 100 uJPulse equivolenf fo 10A14 pnofons Disfribufion sysfem focusing lenses opficld spliffer dnd fiber opfic bundle wifh low fempordl dispersion 18 ps nmkm overdll coupling dnd frdnspori efficiency 10A 8 gt some 10 pnPulsebdr Spliffer dnd fdsf pnofodiode for low jiffer fime reference Possibilify fo monifor even The LXe pdrdmefers wifh furiher frequency doubling 7 266 nm Under construction Conclusions Afier an inTense RampD phase The Timing CounTers for The MEG experimenT have been successfully TesTed and are currenle under consTrucTion Their Timing resoluTion meeTs fully The experimenTal requiremenTs ATlt100 ps FWHM A reliable procedure has been assessed for real Time moniToring The performance of The deTecTors buT a physics calibraTion is needed Some secondary iTems remains To be fixed He bag APD cooling MEG perfonnance Aim sensitivity on naey down to 1013 Main limitation comes from accidental background Optim39zation of detector perfomiances Rate of accidental background Rm Ft 0627 ZAE39YZ AEp Amer Ater Experiment designed to reach very high sensitivity AEy 49 AEp 09 Rm 24 1014 Atey 120 ps FVVHM Na 06 Aeey 177 msr C Ru 3 x1om s T 4 x1075 Trigger procedLre Energy threshold from Lxe Egt 45 IVIeV ZKHZ Coincidence e g with39n 20 ns 200Hz Fbugh colnean39ty estimate 20Hz 1 FMT with higher signal in Lxe 2 z coord39nate wlh 100m accuracy Other issues Mn39m39ze t39me wak effect Rather insersitive to PIVIT gain spread Allows for sirrple electronics DTD Single Electron Response SER 2000V Vt th tl reshold ow tl reshold gtt39rre


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