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Week of Notes

by: Krista Lindenberg

Week of Notes Psy 4043 ( Social Psychology, Dr. Ilan Shrira)

Krista Lindenberg
Arkansas Tech University
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

These notes cover material from the lectures.
Social Psychology
Dr. Ilan Shrira
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Krista Lindenberg on Friday March 4, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Psy 4043 ( Social Psychology, Dr. Ilan Shrira) at Arkansas Tech University taught by Dr. Ilan Shrira in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology in Behavioral Sciences at Arkansas Tech University.

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Date Created: 03/04/16
Monday Test Wednesday March 2 Social psych  Would you ever…  When other people do it, we feel more comfortable and don’t question it.  Social influence and persuasion  Norms  Norm – beliefs or behaviors that a group of people accept as normal  Conformity – doing what others do; following the norms  First, how do norms develop?  Muzafer Sherif (1935)  Autokinetic studies  Optical illusion of eye movement  People conform to match each other’s answers  What’s going on?  Informational conformity  Conforming because we want to be correct  Dominant view psychology in 1940’s:  People are conformists  Solomon Asch  Asch Conformity Test  Line comparisons  12 trials total  Most people (75%) conformed at least one power of group is very strong  Factors that increase conformity  When it is unanimous  Being the one to break the conformity is really hard. It is easier to follow someone else because we don’t want to appear like we’re going against the group.  Public commitment  Group size  Conformity over time  Decreased a little bit  Two kinds of conformity  1. Informational conformity  Conforming because you want to be correct (Sheriff study)  2. Normative conformity  Conformity to be liked and accepted (Asch study) Friday, March 4, 2016 Chapter 8 Attitude Change (Persuasion)  Elaborative Likelihood Model  Attitudes change in 1 of 2 ways  ---------- little mental activity-------------------more thinking----------  Two routes to persuade people  1. Central Route: people are persuaded after thinking about the message carefully, usually based in logic.  2. Peripheral Route: attitudes change through little mental effort. Doesn’t require logical argument.  Ads try to use the central route:  “Simple,” “safe,” “quality,” “smart.  Ads trying to use the peripheral route:  “incredible,” “sexy,” “get it started”  Not necessarily logical  Peripheral Route  When we are unmotivated or unable to think about message  We use peripheral cues (heuristics)  Peripheral Cues (heuristics) we use  Audience response (how is everyone else reacting?)  Source credibility (who is the person pitching the product?)  What makes a source credible? Expertise and trustworthiness**  Repetition  Repeating to get information stuck in head and mere exposure effect  In advertising  Product can be marketed in different ways  Classical conditioning (political campaign ads)  Don’t need to tell a story, just arouse a feeling  Find any way to grab attention  Alcohol commercials; triple distilled car crash  Using the Central Route  When were able and motived to think about message  Advantage: produces stronger attitudes


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