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by: Fiona MacGyver


Marketplace > University of Georgia > Music > MUSI 2060 > HISTANLYS ROCK MUS
Fiona MacGyver
GPA 3.62


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Fiona MacGyver on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MUSI 2060 at University of Georgia taught by Blickenstaff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/201992/musi-2060-university-of-georgia in Music at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
BLUES Iali Ialulu pl grins Kora Similarities to blues Divergence from theblues ca 1925 W liam Christopher Hand 18731958 0 quotthe Father of the Blues 0 Handy s documentation and codification of the ues 0 Text 0 Blued notes 0 The blues progression General characteristics of blues Call and response performance antiphonal singing Descending melodic line Field holler Use of blue notes Simple harmonic structure The 12bar blues progression Strophic song form Most notable traits Rock and Roll inherited Strophic structure Melody through the use of blue notes Harmony in the chordal structure of the 12bar blues progression Style or expression in the manner in which the music is performed BLUESSTYLES RURALBLUES Developed in 19205 amp 19305 Common musical characteristics of rural blues They are performed primarily by solo male singers The singers accompany themselves on acoustic instruments Words and melodies are frequently improvised Use of irregular meters Not sole use of 12bar blues progression Texas Rural Blues In uences General Characteristics in contrast to delta blues Lyrics are sung more clearly Singing is in a higher register Guitar lines are linear and melodic Guitar accompaniment is less percussive more smoothly picked The guitar fills frequently alternate between the high and the low strings of the guitar Melodic fills at the end of sung lines are usually performed on single strings There is a tendency to play repeated melodic figures or riffs on the lower strings Accompaniment sometimes utilizes arpeggiated chords Bl dLemon efferson 18931929 Early Life and blindness Muve tn Dallas a Huddie quotLeadbelbi Ledbetter s Aarun Thibeau WalkeriTBune Walker Dismvery uf Ieffersun quotMatchbux Blues 1 92 7 ts his eharaaeiisuelield huller singing a exhi style s East Texas guimr style Results ufhis success and in uence Mississippi Delta Blues Had the strongest in uence on the development of rock music Developed in the area known as the Delta region Early documentations of delta blues 0 Charles Peabody o Stovall plantation General Characteristics 0 Frequent sliding from note to note 0 Frequent use of slide guitar 0 A hard percussive picking style 0 A forlorn wailing type of singing o A small melodic range 0 Intricate polyrhythms between the vocal part and the guitar accompaniment 0 Guitar fills are more typically chordal and rhythmic rather than single note melodies Delta blues moves north and west Robert lohnson 19111938 Early Life Learning to play the blues Gone missing a Return Sold his soul to the devilquot quotCross Road Bluesquot a illustrates both ohnson s personal style and the rural delta blues style in general a Anguished style of singing a Slide guitar olnegMarmewr o Hardpercussive picking o Chordal k Faus anlegends Short recording career and death In uence URBAN BLUES Development 0 The Great Migration o Invention of the electric guitar The Great Mlgrallon 1916 1930 MN quot3 Wm M WW Wl Am 39 mm Mm n W W39 mam n a D m cmeau a gummy 39 Dam on Wanumh 1 Jam Hme u Mnrl by Michml 3mm Rulym Cn uyuphy mus Aim 10 m7 Common characteristics among all urban blues styles 0 O O A male singer typically accompanied by a small group Instrumentation electric guitars acoustic bass drums piano and harmonica sometimes horn section Because of amplification and extra personnel the volume is very loud Regular meter as opposed to the irregular meter of rural blues The twelvebar blues progression is used almost exclusively Texas Urban Blues Blues style of guitar is based on the Texas rural blues 0 Guitar lines are more linear and melodic 0 Guitar accompaniment is less percussive more smoothly picked o The guitar fills frequently alternate between the high and the low strings of the guitar Two important differences 0 A fullsized band is used The saxophone is often the solo instrument and horns are used in the backup band 0 Guitar is amplified Contribution to rock music Aaron Thibeaux quotTBnnequot Walker 1910 1975 Early life Use of eleclric guitar Independence as a musician a Capital Records a Black ampWhite quotCall It Stormy Monday But Tuesday Is Just as Badquot 1947 a Single linesuing guitar lls o Instrumentation characteristic of Texas urban o Soloing style also jazz in uenced His in uence CHICAGO URBAN BLUES Development of Chicago and its music scene Chicago blues and delta blues have much in common Frequent use of slide guitar Frequent sliding between pitches voice Numerous singlestring fills at the end of a sung line Frequent use of bent notes Use of intricate rhythm patterns and polyrhythms Frequent use of doublestopped strings Unlike the Mississippi delta blues 0 Reliance on electric guitar 0 Use of Harmonica as solo instrument In uence of Chicago blues on rock and roll Mudd Waters 191 51983 Early life In uenced bymral delm blues s Vulzl style a Guimr style rstremrdings in Mississippi Muve m ching


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