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by: Mack Koelpin


Mack Koelpin
GPA 3.65


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mack Koelpin on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HORT 4050 at University of Georgia taught by Thomas in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 79 views. For similar materials see /class/202008/hort-4050-university-of-georgia in Agricultural & Resource Econ at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Scope of the Industry Floriculture Industry 0 Major market areas 1995 figures western Europe 16 billion US amp Canada 14 billion Japan 55 billion 0 Top production areas 1995 figures The Netherlands 47 billion Japan 37 billion US 33 billion the 3 55 of world production 1 Scope of the Industry Greenhouse Industry 0 Crop categories fresh cut flowers cut greens foliage plants flowering potted plants bedding plants woody plant propagation vegetables alternative crops 1 Scope of the Industry Floriculture Crops cut flowers amp cut greens 15 of US floriculture value in 1998 545 million population east coast longdistance transport outdoors in south LDT cooler temperatures Colorado carnations LDT low fuel costs growing western market California 1 Scope of the Industry 0 cut flowers amp cut greens high light low fuel cost low labor costs LDT Columbia amp other imports Dutch imports new crops Scope of the Industry foliage plants 14 of US floriculture value in 1998 503 million tremendous increase in value in late 1970s saturated market outofbusiness static in size since mid 1980s mainly FL CA and TX Scope of the Industry flowering potted plants 20 of US floriculture value in 1998 701 million percent of total value is decreasing but value is increasing growers shifting to bedding plants Scope of the Industry bedding plants 51 of US floriculture value in 1998 1813 million tremendous increases in percent of total floriculture value staggering increase in value since late 1970s plug technology Scope of the Industry markets traditional florists mass markets retail garden centers future markets Scope of the Industry 0 traditional florists service high prices 0 mass markets high volume increasing in size less service I lower price I delivered quality increasing Scope of the Industry 0 retail garden centers still here and will be service and knowledge diversity of product I product line 0 future markets telemarketing internet marketing Career Opportunities floriculture production grower head grower production manager Average Salaries 46000 39800 33600 27400 21200 25266 15000 National South El I II 02 yrs 35 yrs 6 yrs Head Grower Foreman from Beytes C and IA Shaw 1996 How do your salan39es compare GrowerTalks 60758 61 62 64 67 68 70 75 Career Opportunities 0 associated positions sales of floriculture products allied trade sales propagation specialists interiorscaping HS 371 Interior Plantscape conservatory management research greenhouses cooperative extension service teaching opportunities 1 60000 54000 48000 42000 36000 30000 Average Salaries South quot ationa Production Manager Sales General Manager from Beytes C and J A Shaw 1996 How do your salan39es compare GrowerTalks 60758 61 62 64 67 68 70 75


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