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by: Esteban Hammes


Esteban Hammes
GPA 3.54


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Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Esteban Hammes on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to DRAM 2120 at University of Georgia taught by Neupert in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 64 views. For similar materials see /class/202058/dram-2120-university-of-georgia in Drama at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
Intro to Cinema Does the narration create allegiance for both Lola and Mookie De ne Run Lola Run Complicated Automatically aligned allegiance is created once bad things start happening to her father betrays her Manni becomes more and more tense and robs the store Do The Right Thing Aligned to both Mookie and Sal allegiance is with Mookie if any Review editing strategies in each lm Representation of gender in Sunshine Cleaning vs The Killer Sunshine Adams and Blunt are not often put on display for the male viewer39s pleasure Women and men s bodies are presented the same Father doesn39t always know best presented in a goofy way which makes the women seem on the same level as men if not higher Roles are reversed Groups of women as a support system The Killer Jenny often wears white to signify her purityinnocence Helpless as a woman needs a man to get her what she needs eye surgery Also an object of desire Editing 7 continuity 180 degree rule cross the 180 degree line is discontinuity The Killer analytical editing patterns establishing shot matches eyeline on action Maltese Falcon Casablanca discontinuity disrupting a clear timespace intensified continuity sped up takeoff has 50 shots ASL of 31 seconds intercuts several spaces Apollo 13 Eisenstein39s montage goal to produce controlled intellectual responses Via emotional shocks and perceptual con icts also studied pavlov and re exology Battleship Potemkin jump cuts Violate continuity by elliptical cutting because portions of the shot are missing Breathless long takes continuous time and space Grand Illusion Ozu prefers short camera movements in a single direction Early Summer Sound 7 loudness dynamics pitch di erentiate music and speech from noises and timbre texture or feel of a sound three types of sound speech music and noise guides our perception of the image and the action by choosing the right sound Mr H ulot39s Holiday sound mixing dialogue overlap so it runs smoothly dramatic sound the closer the camera is to the source the louder the sound combination of dialogue sound effects music Seven Samurai musical choices affect viewer39s emotional reactions also uni es similar scenes Jules and Jim sound has a rhythm pattern of pacing and syllabic stress also in sound effects matching movement to music mickeymousing can also create disparity to emphasize the speaker fidelity the extent to which the sound is faithful to the source as we conceive it or what we expect the sound to be purely a matter of expectation spatial conditions diegetic sounds and nondiegetic sounds diegetic sounds can come from onscreen or oifscreen offscreen is crucial to our experience of a film as seen in Jackie Brown or Stagecoach external or internal diegetic sound can play with nondiegetic sound like in Blazing Saddles sound perspective spatial distance and location are analogous to the cues for Visual depth and volume temporal dimension synchronous sound we hear the sound at the same time as we see the source produce the sound or asynchronous sound out of sync simultaneous and nonsimultaneous sound sound bridges Authorshipauteurs 7 John Ford expert at genre filmmaking themes include vanishing past civilization is a mixed blessing search for code of conduct empathy for main characters men have to keep moving in the end society does not work for free men style includes depth and planes of action doors passages fences few camera movements melodramatic music Spike Lee stories center on black characters but never in isolation complex cluster of central characters ambiguity in doing the right thing style challenges notions of classical realism very mobile ashy camera work melodramatic music montages different acting styles because di erent ethnic groups act differently Clockers Summer ofSam Independent cinema 7 low budget lms that are offbeat personal stories often risky story structures outside mainstream genre norms excessiveviolent may emphasize taboos de es CHC norms of quality with handheld cameras valorizing cheap alternate sounds and images and actors Elephant has no causeeffect nonlinear storyline no clear CHC deadline no resolution Oscar Micheaux combines social themes with sensationalism dances shootouts with social criticism lowbudget self production Within Our Gates black independent cinema of the 1980s Robert Townsend s Hollywood Shu le self nanced movie to prove yourself with hopes that you can get a studio to back your next lm Spike Lee was part of the black independent movement of the 80s French New Wave 7 originally lm critics Cahiers Du Cinema post WWII generation of new lmmakers overturning the traditional style of lmmakjng calls for new cinema and new young talent based on personal styles used lowcost lightweight cameras and sound equipment with smaller crews and cheaper productions Jean Luc Godard 7 ts into FNW category with Breathless because of low cost casual visual style and the telling of a story in a new way not a lm student less concerned with continuity used jump cuts usually shot on location with short shooting schedules and no expensive stars mobile handheld cameras Hong Kong cinema King Wu in 1970s makes more stylized martial arts lms Touch of Zen known for vivid storytelling ashy style vulgar taste high emotion 2 types of Hong Kong cinema martial arts chivalry Crouching Tiger and modern crime drama John Woo s Hard Boiled John Woo has carefully organized violence quick crosscutting and slow motion melodramatic plotsmusic and heroism Documentary forms 7 creative treatment of actuality aims to present factual information about the world but can never be purely objective can be categorical Gap Toothed Woman Winged Migration educates you about the word noncontroversial or rhetorical The River an explicit opinion or call for action differences between traditional documentaries and cinema verite traditional has plot planning staged events and high quality visuals Thin Blue Line cinema verite has no staged events rougher visuals and direct sound Murray Smith amp Identi cation 7 recognition alignment allegiance Man Who Knew Too Much shows Dr McKenna visit north Africa and meet the nice Draytons showing a sympathetic couple on vacation an alignment unit tying us to the family but then we become aligned with Dr McKenna as his son is kidnapped and it becomes a spy thriller father knows best allegiance with Ben McKenna alignment only momentarily straying from McKennas to Draytons moral structure of the lm is complicated POV shots function to give us access to the thoughts of the character produce allegiancealignment classical cinema shows male looking at women complicates moral code of character affecting allegiancealignment Corrigan amp Critical terms 7 semiotics the study of sign systems SIGN SIGNIFIER material SIGNIFIED concept a character is a cluster of signs some rely on conventionscodes dress voice gestures signi ers images spokenwritten languages sound effectsmusic editing American Splendor the theramin instrument in the beginning of the movie is a signi er psychoanalysis studying movies as if they were dreams cinema as a dream screen spectator is a subj ectpatient ideology a system of beliefs held by a given group ideology is created and passed on via language systemsrepresentations ideological analysis may look at patriarchy religion ethics race ethnicity Iron Man dominant cultural values are maintained in commercial cinema Gender amp Women in Cinema 7 transgender identi cationlooks engaging with male action lms Jamie Lee Curtis as new cop dressing for the part Blue Steel feminist strategies focus on women39s lives reveal groups of women as a support system emphasize coping strategies show other options other than wifehomemakerdependent confront gender construction crossgender casting Orlando constructing masculinity escapes into fantasy of trans gender a divided look Boys Don 39t Cry The Piano Animation 7 pixillation object drawn cel directcameraless computer animation studio animation has a division of labor commercial distribution studio look Len Lye kinetic art abstract expressive drawing on film calls attention to the essence of cinema still images projected onto a at screen Colour Flight Robert Breer variations on color shapes rhythms used spray paint markers rotoscoped home movies on the train disrupts unity and turns bits of a train trip into abstract process Fuji Norman McLaren abstract direct animation idea that cinema should parallel abstract painting handdrawn sound too Dots amp Be Gone Dull Care Disney vs Warner Disney reinforces characterization provides depth cues suggests volume and texture an egg should appear round and fragile The Ugly Duckling Warner acknowledges audience and movie process at graphic space and color areas modern use of animation devices DuckAmuck 3D animated films like Coraline 3D parameters interocular distance distance between eyes that interprets 3D and convergence sense of distance from an object French silhouette animation Princes amp Princesses Genre vs New Hollywood Digital Video 7 genre identifiable by plot devices and icons some movies cross lines and borrow from several genres subgenres hostage thriller Speed or magical comedy Big contemporary crime thriller Big Heat western civilized order vs lawless frontier Shane musicals have a double resolution the show was a success so the heterosexual romance will be a success New Hollywood time period when new wave of American filmmakers came and in uenced the types of films produced not considered independent The Graduate Digital video Experimental cinema 7 abstract form avantgarde organized around color shape movements Ballet mecanique nine segments is a series of experiments in rhythm form motion Associational form groups of image with no obvious connection no narrative creates meaning via associations K oyaanisqatsi a process of images that accumulate into a concept and warning about modern life Animation question short answer or multiple choice not essay Differences between Disney and other production companies How are they different Articles Berstein on Stagecoach glorifies American expansion at the expense of the Native Americans social classes Ringo Dallas and Doc Boone are presented as more compassionate than the upper class characters social prejudice N eupert on New Wave between 1958 and 1964 scores of young filmmakers managed to write and direct hundreds of films in France stories aimed at young audiences with contemporary issues such as seduction and betrayal Cauhiers de Cinema Andre Bazin Smith Identification Butler Gender our expectation is determined by genre and repeated images 7 do women have strong presence or are they absent Are they restricted to dutiful wives and mothers or are they independent women Are independent women punished or valued Are women s bodies presented differently than men Are women valued for their beauty more than males H asse on postmodernism postmodernism vignettes idea that our actions don t matter what she does doesn39t affect what happens in the end American ideals of capitalism your hard work pays off is contrasted plays off luck rather than work Run Lola Run showcases a wide variety of cinematic techniques thematic interest in notions of predetermination and destiny selfre exive investigation of the action genre high and popular art and culture interplay German and Hollywood cinema CHC JJ Murphy on temporal complexity no causeelTect nonlinear storyline no clear CHC deadline no


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