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by: Olga Lynch


Olga Lynch
GPA 3.56


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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Olga Lynch on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHRM 3850 at University of Georgia taught by Hunter in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/202089/phrm-3850-university-of-georgia in Pharmaceutics at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
PIIRM 3850 Clinical Applications Study Guide for Final Exam April 1 2011 1 Parts of a SOAP Note Refer to Exercise 1 See attached Read SOAP handout from class Make sure to write the appropriate letter in blank that corresponds to S O A P Writing S O A or P in the blanks will NOT be accepted unless it corresponds with the letter in Word Bank provided 2 Disease States Section What is a Hypertension main symptoms b Diabetes Types I amp II and gestational 7 know symptoms c Atrial brillation all types d Myocardial infarction MI 3 Stages of hypertension know ranges a Normal preHTN Stage 1 and Stage 2 4 HTN Bradycardia tachycardia 5 Atrial brillation how to treat low risk and high risk patients 6 M17 aspirin allergy nitroglycerin SL MI therapy upon ER visit and longterm 7 DM inonpharmacological therapy immunizations goalsranges symptoms There are I 50 questions counts 2 points each I 3 versions of the same test I Matching Word Bank imost words will be used some more than once others not at all I Good luck Example for SOAP Note Directions Place the number in the blank that corresponds to the appropriate section of the SOAP note A number can be used more than once 1 Subjective 2 Objective 3 Assessment 4 Plan SH A smoker but has not smoked recently has history of heavy ETOH B Bipolar disorder Discontinue the zyprexa olanzapine 10mg dose since it is suspected to worsen symptoms iEPS tremor akathisia and slurred speech etc and make him see a psychiatrist for further evaluation Also discontinue uoxetine 20mg since it is also suspected to worsen his depression and could be inducing suicidal ideations and he is elderly 71 yrs too HTN Controlled 12481 continue procardia XL 30mg daily TIA Continue aspirin 81mg po daily for prevention of stroke Dementia Continue Aricept 10mg for control of dementia Fall Family assistant living need to follow all necessary precautions for fall C Vital Signs On admit BP 14374 HR 60 RR 18 TEMP 977 WT 75Kg Gen male D PMH Bipolar disorder Hypertension TIA with multipleinfarction dementia History of recent fall E BH is a 71 YO WM admitted to the hospital 09132009 F LAB Hgb 15 Hct 43 Platelets 252 Na 140 C1 110 C02 245 BUN 37 SCr 15Glu106 Ca105 K 43 Urine appears clear G I am so tired and weak H FH Unremarkable I ALLERGIES Lithium J Home Medications Fluoxetine 20 mg po daily Chloestyramine powder 1 scoop with water or juice po daily Folic acid 1 mg po daily


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