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by: Clotilde Hodkiewicz


Clotilde Hodkiewicz
GPA 3.83


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clotilde Hodkiewicz on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EPSY 2130 at University of Georgia taught by Pagnani in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 42 views. For similar materials see /class/202096/epsy-2130-university-of-georgia in Educational Psychology at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
pau39an partn Isrepnnk scales Va Savaral types 0 s s re mm Vsludu m m The graph 0 NPR o the ngm n Inn scan3 pmvm on each lest mlahv a me uther tess The human I my us u s w Tux w r Bands mm In wmmmel Ms swam mm rzprasun scmes induce momances max am pmbamy cam 49 u u a a m quu Mum Lumpzled ma nalrun Mum CMDADEM 5mm 5 m mm m m L L imxanb 5 mm m m39 s 2 mm 5mm quotvu w suu 39w m su Mam Cancun Nu39HhIAI39F39 ACpnalwm FINAL EXAM PREPARATION EPSY 2130 Fall 2010 DIRECTIONS Below are some scenarios concepts and essay questions from which your Final exam will be composed The scenarios given are the actual scenarios that will be used on the exam although you may not be asked to address all of the concepts on your exam you should be prepared to address each of them The actual exam will consist of four parts The rst three parts focus on the main topics from the nal part of the class while the nal section is more comprehensive Each section contains short answer questions and three also contain an essay question As with previous exams you will write your answers directly on the exam you will have 46 open lines to answer the short answer questions and about threequarters of a page to answer the essay questions so plan to be concise and clear You are encouraged to discuss with other students how these concepts and questions might apply to the scenarios but all answers will be writtenindividually in class during the regular threehour exam period though I expect many people will take less than three hours to write the exam NOTE Scenarios re ect typical students and teachers in common educationrelated situations but all names of people organizations and schools and speci c details in the scenarios are ctitious PART A Assessment Read the scenario below You will be asked to answer three 3 short answer questions related to the attached Performance Pro le Martin Grant has not been doing very well in your second grade class He takes a very long time to do work in class and often misses turning in homework what he does turn in is often incomplete with many erasures and errors His parents are very concerned that he do well in school so that he can eventually get in the honors track in high school and get into a good college They have suggested that maybe it would be better for Martin to move back to first grade for another year since he is obviously not able to succeed at the second grade level but you have persuaded them to wait for the results of the Fall I TBS testing before making any decision Now the test results are in and they have come in for a conference Concepts that may be addressed Be prepared to interpret for Martin s parents the meaning and implications of various types of scores eg percentile scores sub test scores and grade equivalent scores norm versus criterion referenced scores in speci c areas of the Performance Pro le and ALSO to use these scores to make recommendations and decisions about what should and shouldn t be done to best help Martin in the sture Essay question 15 pts NOTE This question is NOT based on the quotMartinquot scenario above Dr Robertson teaches undergraduate Biology at a small college in Georgia In his Biology 101 class he has always given multiple choice Midterm and Final exams each worth half of the class grade but he is becoming dissatisfied with this plan of assessment for two reasons First he has noticed that students who do badly on the Midterm often lose interest in the class starting to skip classes or even withdrawing when many times he is sure that if they worked a bit harder and came into of ce hours for help they could do much better on the Final and therefore pass the class He is also bothered that during lectures students keep asking him quotIs this going to be on the exam quot It seems to him that many students are just interested in learning the quotrightquot answers instead of really understanding the ideas he is trying to teach Since his PhD is in Biology Robertson has had no courses or training in teaching so he has come to you Director of the college 39s Center for Teaching for advice Describe in some detail two practical changes you would suggest he make in the way he assesses and grades students in this course and explain why you would suggest these changes based on speci c principles of from the course readings andor lectures PART B Classroom Management Read the scenario below You will be asked to answer three 3 short answer questions related to the concepts that follow and one essay question As an experienced and previously successful English teacher Ms Brown was assigned this year for the first time to teach a section of English for Life the lowest track English class for sophomores at her high school Knowing that this track was mainly for problem students and low achievers she made her expectations clear from the beginning She told the students there would be no easy grades in her class only students who studied hard and mastered the material would pass It is the end of September and her worst fears are being fulfilled Students didn t read the first novel she assigned and very little homework is being turned inimost students say they forgot it or left it at home quotNo one ever volunteers to answer her discussion questions or to correct sentences on the board so Ms Brown spends most of each period either lecturing about the book or demonstrating proper grammar and editing techniques on the board The few students who try to participate get teased by a vocal group of girls who all choose to sit together by the door These girls typically walk in late and take five or ten minutes to settle down they spend most of the rest of class time whispering passing notes across the aisles or sending text messages Several other students in the back row sleep through most of each class The grades on the first test were terrible almost half the students failed the others got mostlyD39s and C 39s exactly two students got all and none earned an A When Ms Brown handed the tests back she told them they would have to do better and reminded them that they could not graduate unless they passed this class but if anything student behavior and attitudes got worse She has come to you the chair of the English department saying she is either getting out of this class or getting out of teaching How can you help her solve some of the problems in this class Concepts that may be addressed You will be asked to analyze the causes for Ms Brown39s management problems in this class in three of the following areas taken from Woolfolk Ch 12 and the Questions to ask yourself handout the physical environment seating spaces physical organization etc the communication in the classroom rules procedures tacit messages expectations assignments feedback etc Ms Brown s teaching practices gaining attention maintaining focus adapting to students developmental skill levels prior knowledge experiences temperaments interests and goals increasing student choice and ownership etc the social relationships in the classroom teacherstudent parentteacher amp or studentstudent Ms Brown39s handling of the students modifiable behaviors information about her students Ms Brown should find out that might help her solve these management problems Essay 15 pts Please describe at least two changes you would suggest Ms Brown make to solve some of her management problems in this class Describe these changes in some detail and explain based on materials from class reading or discussions why and how you think these changes will help eg Do not just say quotShe needs to give students more choicesquot give a speci c example of one choice she could offer students and explain how you think offering that choice would improve things and what makes you think so PART C Motivation Read the scenario below You will be asked to answer a number of very short and regular short answer questions related to the concepts that follow You will also use this scenario in answering part D of this exam Shauna Washington teaches seventh grade math at Bangor Middle School and is working toward her Masters degree in middle school education For one assignment she has been asked to re ect on a recent class that didn t go as well as she hoped it would Here are her notes on a recent review session for a big math test in her first period class As usual Denisha and Hank were the first to volunteer to do problems on the board Even when it wasn t his turn Hank kept calling out the answers or shouting directions to the person at the board This was really annoying when Cheri was taking her turn She kept stopping and looking at me to see if she was doing the problem right and every time she stopped Hank would call out the next step and say he could do it about a thousand times faster Then when it was his turn he actually made a calculation mistake When I told him about it he erased the number really fast and said I hadn t read it correctly prettyfunny As usual Ben kept asking questions about the problems on the board I don t usually mind because Iknow he just wants to make sure he understands but it was just taking too long I was worried we wouldn t get through all the problems so I had to ask him to check with me after school if he needed more help I hope it doesn t discourage him Jaclyn and Sharice were whispering and giggling the whole time this was going on they stopped when I went over to stand by them butI caught them passing notes again later I wish they would spend less time talking and pay more attention in class they need this review if they are going to do well enough on this test to pull up their grades Tyree wasn t paying attention much either most of the time he was drawing on his paper I got a glimpse of it later he had drawn this incredibly elaborate space battle scene with all kinds of ships and planets and such The only time he zoned in was when Meisha was having a hard time doing one of the toughest review problems on the board She and Tyree got into a really interesting discussion and together figured out a way to do it thatI don t think was even in the book Once it was solved Meisha sat down and Tyree went back to his drawing I m not too worried about him though he always does great on tests although he s a little slack about turning in homework H e s nowhere near as bad as Darryl though I am worried aboutDarryl s grade He had so much trouble doing his problem at the board thatI asked to see his paper and he had to admit he hadn t done any of the practice problems I had assigned for this review He hasn t turned in much of the homework for this unit either he always seems to have some reason he doesn t it have itihe had to go to his grandma s house or he lost it on the way to school or he didn t know there was any assignment etc etc etc Darryl s a really nice kid with a smile a mile wide so I m afraidI ve been letting him get away with too much lately Tom is another one I m really worried about He never volunteers and when I called on him to work a problem he said loudly that he didn t have time for all this stupid math stuff and he wasn t going to have any time to study for the test either I don t know whatI m going to do with him he s failing my class I checked his elementary school records and it seems like he s always struggled in school and in math especially in fact he had to repeat third grade because he failed the state test twice at that level I ve even o ered to help him after school but he just says he doesn t need any help he s planning to quit school just as soon as he can because his father can get him a job in the plant where he works He told me once that his Dad has done just fine without a high school diploma and he will too I know his father is a foreman at the plant and makes a good living for his family But times are changing and I want Tom to realize how important it is to go to high school and not shut off his options I just don t know how to motivate him At the end of class we had five minutes left so I started to show the class a neat math puzzle I had seen in the newspaper over the weekend A few of the kidsiTyree Meisha Denisha and Bill really got into it but then Adrian asked ifit was going to be on the test When I said no he and a lot ofthe other kids including Hank and Heather and Fenice started to put their books away and get ready to leaveicatch them doing anything extra Then when I added that I might ask about it for extra credit on the test Hank got his notebook right out again and started taking notes I couldn t help laughing so I guess the class ended on a good note at least Concepts that may be addressed Goal Orientation including Mastery approach Performance approach and avoidance Work avoidance and Social goals and the Expectanch Value model of motivation including factors that can affect Expectancy self efficacy view of ability locus of control support amp time and resources and those that can affect Value intrinsic interest utilityinstrumental value self image relational value and risldcost


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