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by: Erling Ward


Erling Ward
GPA 3.51


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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Erling Ward on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RELI 1001 at University of Georgia taught by Cluck in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/202100/reli-1001-university-of-georgia in Religion at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
Religion 1001 Cluck 1192011 94100 PM Religiology o Different religions often associated with different cultures 0 Problems Language misunderstanding Different morals Warviolence Objectivity try to detach yourself and have bias 0 Hermeneutical Analysis System for understanding religions or beliefs Methodtheory of interpretation Herme comes from Greek god Hermes the messenger n In a relatively objective way it s a way of understanding others as well as yourself Religiology is a type of hermeneutical analysis Religiology A coherent systematic and relatively objective method for analyzing and understanding world views Two major dimensions 0 Cognitive Mental analytical dimension of religion 0 Affective Understanding your emotions Religiology has categories or questions 0 Lenses for understanding particular aspects of world views Can be used to analyze anyone 6 CategoriesQuestions The disciplined study of networks of human spears of belief o What that means is we can categorize our beliefs about different things Epistemology Asks the question what should be the basis for valid knowledge 0 Ex secular books the new testament television 0 Hermeneutical source Ex priest doctor etc Ontology o What is really real o Theology What is real about God Does GodGods exist What are its charactaristics o Cosmology Characteristics of universe in general 0 Cosmogony Beliefs of universe s origin o Anthropology o What are we as human beings o What does it mean to be a human 0 What do you believe about human nature and human identity 0 Identities gender race religion nationalism 0 Example answers nonreligious humans are superior primates humans are free beings human beings are victims of things beyond our controls humans are servantschildren of God o Psychology 0 What does human consciousness thought fact of awareness by the mind by itself consist of o Perception of what is around you 0 2 Categories of Consciousness States a State of mind mood at peace or agitated particular conditions that you are currently in a From a religious standpoint can be fearful of God sinful at peace Faculties n Mental and physical powerstools n Ex Mind heart etc can be faculties or tools 0 Example answers human consciousness is composed of purely electrical mind processes the heart and soul spiritual not particularly religious o Teleology o What is the purpose of human life 0 Example answers to find one s own purpose salvation to attain purpose no purpose and try to create one s own meaning to serve God o Methodology 0 What is the primary method of achieving the purpose of human life Ex To strive to know what is real ReligioSpiritual Answer Legal Answer If a religion has obligatory charity for example 25 of one s wealth that could be a method 0 O O MOVIE o Tallit shawl o Tefillin box o Elie Weisel Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 Wrote Night o D Pinchas Peli Israeli rabbi and Jewish Scholar Unit 1 Judaism 1192011 94100 PM Abrahamic Religion Religion that trace its origin to Abraham Tradition o Something that is inherited and handed down through generations o One can practice Jewish tradition without practicing the religion 0 Goes back to Judaism being an ethnic religion Judaism o Distinctions Some of the things that distinguish Judaism from other religions 0 Religion and Culture Also possible to practice aspects of Judaism without being religious Ex cultural aspect of Yiddish 0 Religion and Ethnic Group Judaism is unique because it is possible to be ethnically Jewish and be atheist Can be ethnically Jewish 0 Religion and Nation God is the driving power behind the Jewish nation In terms of religiology that would be an aspect of theology A nation can be a geographic country or it can be a people that are united by a common heritage Feel that God is the God of everybody not just the Jewish people in particular No other religion that is based on just one nation 0 Religion of Law Judaism is a religion of law a Something that is an emphasis in Judaism n 613 commandments instead of traditional 10 n There wasn t a strong emphasis on God being a much higher being in Pagan beliefs which were the neighbors of ancient Jews n Judaism is particularly identified as a non theological religion o Means that Judaism is not theocentric systematic beliefs about God but is anthropocentric Teachings of Judaism are centered on people rather than an emphasis on the afterlife o Not quite as important that everyone believes the same thing 0 Religion of History In terms of ancient thought Gods were often associated with places Up until the creation of Israel in the 20th century Jews were a people without a nation Christian Bible old and new testament Hebrew Bible old testament a May be first written history in existence meaning that it is the first Western style historical account Written in a timeline not a poem psalm etc Focus on sanctifying life and time o 3 Principles ofJudaism 1 Torah Pentateuch a Law of God revealed to Moses and the first five books of the Hebrew Bible 2 God 3 Israel a More metaphorical a Not just talking about the geographic area of Israel but the idea of fellow man 0 Orthopraxy Judaism is considered less of an orthodoxy focuses on what to believe and more of an orthopraxy focuses on defining people by what they do instead of what they believe o Introduction to Judaism Smith 0 One of the oldest and smallest religions in the world 0 About 14 million Jews worldwide 0 The views of Ancient Judaism had a profound influence over Western Values Many modern names today are Jewish Were the Jews an important people Were their lands extensive Did they have a great history KEY Jewish culture was influential because they sought meaning in life s areas God Creation Human Existence History Morality Justice Suffering Messianism o Meaning in God 0 Covenant Agreement Idea Religious contract between God and people Lifelong Assumes the existence of one all powerful God and he has chosen Israel to be his messenger to the world Central concept in Jewish faith God is the creator and the revealer o The origin of the Jew s search for meaning was their understanding of God There had to be an Other and it is meaningful a Nobody claims to be selfcreated so humankind must have come from somewhere Therefore they must have come from an other a Humans know that one s power is limited therefore this generalized other must be an almighty being as a counter to human limitations Not unconcerned chaotic amoral or hostile Not prosaic impersonal Not inanimate and mechanical Not chaotic God is One and has One supreme will o Meaning in Creation 0 God is good God created the world so the world must be good 0 What does Godcreated mean 0 Life is worth living 0 When things go bad two solutions Trouble comes from nature of existence therefore we shouldn t try to change circumstances because its fate Not Jewish belief because it is pessimistic The fault is within ourselves gt Jewish 0 First 12 chapters of Genesis Contradictory details In Genesis first two chapters you get contradicting ideas 0 God has granted humans the rights to be in control of the world and to work good deeds in it This doesn t mean the right to trample on the world Nature is something to be relished o The Earth becomes a means of salvation 0 Nature is a dwelling place if the Divine God created nature but is distinct from nature and transcends it o Meaning in Human Existence 0 Jews asked Who are we What does it mean to live a human life 0 5 Traits of Human Nature We have limitations we are frail We are also great dust and divinity We are sinful miss the mark We are free We are God s beloved children Abraham and Sarah s Son gt Isaac Isaac s Sons gt Jacob and Esau Jacob and Esau s descendants gt 10 tribes of Israel Around 12 Century BC when Israelites first existed as a civilization This is when the biblical accounts are starting to run into archaeological proof o Meaning in History 0 Jewish history is linear 0 History is where God displays himself 0 History is sacred not an illusion 0 History is important to Judaism for 4 reasons One s historical context is related to one s life It shows that social or collective actions can affect change History is an open book to learn from a History is a field of opportunity a God is in control and things are happening for a reason so historical mistakes should be learned from Once an opportunity is lost it is gone 0 In Judaism there is a sharp tension in history Tension between what is and what ought to be God s will Humans are responsible for deviation from God s will o Meaning in Morality 0 Establishment of Law Exodus Period a God is very active 0 Ten Commandments Division Commandments 14 are ritual 610 are ethical and number 5 doesn t fit in either category Ethical precepts 5 areas of life preserved Themes n Religion a Force a Wealth a Sex n Speech These serve as moral foundation for most of western world including Christianity and Islam KNOW TEN COMMANDMENTS o Commandments for Jews and Gentiles 4 Categories a Ten Commandments n Covenant Code o Found in Exodus o Laws about slaves n n of Leviticus Eye for an eye tooth for a tooth Criminal acts and how to deal with them 0 Ex One s ox attacks another of Deuteronomy Laws Laws Noachic Commandments Ethical Laws and Equivalence Priestly Laws Leviticus 11 Laws of War Levirate Marriage 1 A concern for Israelites was containing the family name Levirate marriage customs by which a man might be obliged to marry his brother s widow If a man dies without male children then his name could die with him In that case his brother becomes automatically married to his widow and their first born son is automatically named after the deceased father o Tabernacle temple tent where rituals and community affairs are carried out o EC Read and summarize Dry Bones page 19 in coursepack 0 Style Like analytical summaries Due day of test Meaning in Justice o 2 Western ideals gained from the Prophets o 1 Just societies survive better 0 2 The wellfunctioning of the society as a whole must be the concern and responsibility of each member of that society o Who the prophets were 0 Did no have to be educated to be a prophet 0 Prophet from Greek word prophetes Pro for phetes to speak 0 Hebrew word for prophet navi O 0 Could be male or female rich or poor did not have to be a priest o Hulda one of the few female prophets o God s choice who s worthy to be a prophet O o Law of the Prophets 0 Oral Formulaic Poetry Meaning in Suffering o Events to Learn From 0 Destruction of Northern Kingdom 722 BCE o Destruction of 1St Temple 586 BCE o Sacrifice each moment to God o Redemptive values taught by the Prophets 0 Lack of righteousness produces suffering 0 Faith helps lift suffering o The Jews suffered in the stead of others o Vicarious suffering 0 Doing someone through something else 0 Jews found meaning in the pain they endured because others might be spared that pain 0 Through Jews suffering all mankind is able to see freedom and justice Meaning in Messianism o Meshiach the anointed one o Translates to messiah 0 Modern definition developed after 70 CE o The Messiah came to signify o 1 Hope Set stage for Western ideal of progress 2 The Reestablishment of the Nation 3 The spiritual and ethical improvement of the condition of the world 0 3 Key Questions about the Messianic Age How would the Messianic Age arive n Messiah is a person but doesn t always have to be a person 0 O n Some thought that God would appear without a specific person God is just going to intervene directly Restorative or Utopian a No matter what the Messiah s actions will be he certainly is a political figure and will bring God s justice to the world o Restorative Referring to past conditions like bringing the world similar to one of the better times found during the Biblical Golden Age during the Davidic monarchy When David was king o Utopian State of Earthly bliss that is new so can t look at a biblical period for reference How would the Messianic Age be in relation to the current age in humanity a Is the Messianic Age going to be continuous with previous history or is it going to be a completely new age after some sort of cataclysmic event a Belief in eventual apocalypse rose after which there would be a divine kingdom and the laws of nature would make way for divine peace 0 Messianic Expectation hope for an age with political freedom moral perfection and earthly bliss for the people of Israel in their own land and for the entire human race o Theodor Herzel established Zionism as a political organization in 1897 o Reestablishment of the nation of Israel in 1948 Ritual Hallowing Life o Not any one thing that you have to say or believe in order to be Jewish o Life Cycle o 1 Rituals help with anxiety and stress 0 We like to look for a way to consecrate important moments in our life to make them sacred mark their importance Moments 1 a Birth Circumcision o 8 days after birth brit Puberty BarBat Mitzvah o Shows that someone is an adult and is responsible for keeping the commandments Marriage o Woman is keeper of marriage contract Death o Shiva done for seven days after death where family doesn t do anything and just mourns o Neighbors and friends come and help the family out 0 Prayer Kaddish Said daily for 11 months and 30 days after the death of a spouse o 2 Rituals intensify happy experiences 0 Celebratory acts wine prayer breaking of the glass signing of marriage contract etc o 3 Concepts of Hallowing Life 0 1 Living Piously Main way to hallow your life Putting into practice the attitude that the world is possessed by God Helping to prepare for the coming of God s kingdom on Earth How can one live piously n n o 2 Tradition o 3 Torah Believing in God and seeing that everything is God s creation All your actions should be done in the presence of God Manual for hallowing life Follow law to sustain holiness o Kashrut Kosher o Sacred Space 0 O 0 Temple Synagogue Place of study Home Mezuzah a Special box on door with a pierce of parchment with shema on it o Holidays 0 O O O Sabbath Weekly holiday Celebrates 7th day of creation when God rested Sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday Ritual Family meal Rosh Hashanah Beginning of Jewish New Year Beginning of Fall Starts at sundown Yom Kippur Day of fasting and atonement Holy and solemn day Sukkot Includes Autumn harvest In biblical days spend 8 days in tabernacle or temple In modern times people build small temporary shelter called a Sukkah outside the home and eat meals there Pesach Passover Matzah unleavened bread is eaten Shavout Hanukkah Tisha b Ab Remembers the days that the first and second temples were destroyed o Holocaust Remembrance Day Holy Books in Judaism o Hebrew Bible Tanakh o Torah Conservative view Moses wrote it Scholars Documentary Hypotheis Claims that there are at least 4 different authors and a final compiler 5 total people involved GOD Elohem or Yaweh There are dublets o Ex two different creation stories in Genesis These prove documentary hypothesis Don t have names for these authors known as J E D and P o Nevi im Prophet books Ex Samuel Joshua etc Prophets trace history of Jews from time Moses died until the first temple was destroyed o Ketuvim Sacred writings o The Tanakh s History 0 1400 BCE Egypt 0 12801440 BCE Exodus o 1200 BCE Period ofJudges Song of Deborah 0 1000 BCE David takes Jerusalem Dynasty Begins Samuel and Saul Judah Significance of the Law of the King Deut 1715 David unites Judah and Israel 922 BCE Separation of Kingdoms 722 BCE Assyrians conquer North and 1St Diaspora begins 10 tribes of Israel 621 BCE Josiah s reforms based on Deuteronomy 586 BCE 1St Temple destroyed and Babylonian Exile begins Hezekiah and Isaiah n n n n n O O O O Sennacherib and High Places Yaweh no longer viewed as national deity o 538 BCE Persian Empire conquers Babylonia and Exile ends 0 457 BCE Temple and Ezra at Watergate o Other Texts o The Midrash Haakhah Legalistic explanation Aggadhah Narrative explanation o The Mishna composed in 200 CE Means teaching in Hebrew Collection of material from Midrash sources The 6 Orders with 63 Tractates o The Gemara Means to complete in Hebrew Expansion and continuation of the Mishna o The Talmud Mishna Gemara Talmud The main text of Rabbinic Judaism n Babylonian Talmud 5th Century CE a Palestinian Jerusalem Talmud 4th Century CE The fence for the Torah Comprised of n Theological elements personal morality and social ethics o The Chosen People 0 Why make these covenants 0 Jews chosen to suffer o Doctrine of the Chosen People Serve and suffer God s trials Observe morals more demanding than others Suffer in the stead of a wider range of humanity Doctrine of Election n Concept of Jews being chosen people 0 What led the Jews to believe they were chosen Once oppressed now a free nation God was beyond other gods because of morality Over 3000 years of survival against tough odds o Reform Judaism O O O O O God the principle of moral conscience that unites humanity Torah the unchangeable record of divine revelation given to Moses at Mt Sinai Aaha all the commandments Israel affirm all aspects of biblical version Stress Israel s mission to share its moral insights with the nonJewish nations Above all TRADITION Haredt Ulltra Orthodox


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