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by: Daphney Kuhlman


Daphney Kuhlman
GPA 3.68


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daphney Kuhlman on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MIST 2090 at University of Georgia taught by Berente in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/202117/mist-2090-university-of-georgia in Management Information Systems at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
INTRO TO MIS What is MIS They are decision makers who work at the intersection of Business and Technology They often times work in consulting They consult with organizations to see how IT can support info needs and business value CONSULTING IS IT ENABLED How do you sell to customers There are now ERP systems enterprise resource management systems to help manage things such as inventory How do you market Old segment interest In TV radio Now navigation an ecosystem of media Social networking Target a micro level extreme personalization Account for transactions Old spreadsheets ledgers that were time consumingwastefulprone to error Now ERP systems REAL TIME DATA updates immediately data is integrated across an organization through ERPBPM Collaborate with business partners Synchronous face to face and phone and asynchronous mailemailfax NOW mobileubiquitous nomadic Multimodal communication skype instant messaging voice video screen sharing User generated content sharing Collaborative management systems google docs CONSULTING intemalanalyst and external consultant Intemal is within a company and external works for a company that consults and is hired by another company to help business BUSINESS MODELING SDLC leading IT enabled change Business model the canvas Value proposition what does this person want What are the things and values I am giving this customer Key resources How am I going to provide value Exlocation better pricing Key activities What can you do that is distinctive Common business models subad revenue retail product development Traditional organizations thought about their business models in terms of value chain The digital revolution has disrupted traditional business models Such as apple getting the music industry to sell songs for one dollar Bait amphook give you something free to lock you in and get revenue exrazors and razor blades Freemium gives you something free for the most part and give something free to most customers to get a subset of the costumers using premium services The marginal cost almost zero Two sided marketrequire network effects Examples include ebaygroupon PROJECT MANAGEMENT SDLC CYCLE ANALYSIS review current layouts REQUIREMENTS once understood what would require to improve things plans for the solution DESIGNwhat will future situation look life How can Imake it more effectivedesirable DEVELOPMENT IMPLEMENTATION Project managers actively pay attention to budgets goals to make sure process delivers what its supposed to deliver on time and doesn t cost too much PROJECTa temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product service or result Project managementmanaging a project includes identifying requirements establishing clear and achievable goals Triple constraints present in EVERY proj ect scope schedule time resouces costbudget Project managers must manage for effectivenessefficiency quality Risks include scope creep adding featurescapabilities INCREMENTALLY which was not a part of original scope Scope grope you never completely identi ed the contract and have vague boundaries Scope Leap drastic changeincrease in project scope PLANNING A PROJECT Projects are temporary because they have a de nite start stop time Mostly imp in todays innovation intensive economy It systems bring IT enabled change in organization through projects Not A PROJECT current operations Processes are ongoing STEPS l conceptualize 2 develop project plan charter translate goals into steps 3 EXCECUTECONTROL PROJECT SDLC analysis of existing into new and implementations Project charter key document that through which you translate the business case into project planning Question at a high level of who what when and how Work breakdown details speci c activities that need to take place In order for the project to be successful It s a hierarchal arrangement of major task that need to occur in a project Within in each task there is a bus task This is used for dividing responsibilities and allocating project budget 0 Gantt Chart used to illustrate and manage a project schedule List all tasks Graphically represent project using bar charts Be aware of dependencies and milestones important target dates for completing critical tasks in the project PROCESS AND USE CASES Data model way to organize communicate and de ne the data that will be used by an application It used for software development Data Entitiesattributesrelationships Entitything with independent existence can be uniquely identi ed Attribute details about either entityrelationship Relationship how entities relation to each other Business Process il This is the start to goal series of activities Asiis what we have now ToBe our goal for new and improved process system organization 0 BPM BPMN new standard Use CASE Advantages Natural Language good for communication Disadvantages you have to read many very details and descriptive use cases to get overall sense of detailed process USE CASE Actor whose goal de ned by use case DATA AND NEW MEDIA Old WAY Company controls the message It is unidirectional The 4 P s price product place and promotion Fallacy of assuming majority is the target market Products just satisfy not delight Believed to have trust in experts NEW WAY people now control the message The 4 cs are the customer cost ownership to consumer convenience and communication Because of user generated content the companies no longer control the message It is no longer about the product but the EXPERIENCES with the product Consumers are now seen as partnersco creations Nice marketsthrough intemet can reach types of markets Principles of Viral critical to engage people and turn them into advocates Word of mouth or the network effect iexponential diffusion Tactics for Viral Continuously interesting content ecology Engage influential customers and get them to promote content New tactics for the old way crawlerspage ranking botsagents search the web and rank pages based on key words CRMphilosophystrategy supported by a systemtech designed to improve human interactions in a business environment Focused on human facing departments SOCIAL CRM engage customer in a collaborative convo in order to gain mutually bene cial value in a transparent business environment Good experiences make loyal customers and make them advocates Clients feel like partners and feel like they have in uence Expect to see visibility and expect privilegestreatments such a loyal programs DataMarketing business intelligence computer based techniques used in identifyingextracting and analyzing business date for decision making Data Mining discovering new patterns from large data sets DATA IS THE NEW OIL CLOUD COMPUTING SERVICE ORIENTED ARCHITECTURE EVOLUTION l mainframe no one had direct access Processes data managed centrally IT watchdo g guardian 2 Client Server 3 cloudintemetfreeing business from managing majority of day to day It Operationsgt benefits include scalability it grows with your business efficienciescost savings as move from rm to cloud smaller staffresource consumption and servicesdon t have to buy software Government moving toward cloud bc its greener Cloud computing is ubiquitous configurable on demand access to a share pool of computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned Software as services exgoogle doc Final layer of human interface browser for accessing the cloud Advantages of cloud free of your focus on core competencies Sla agreementbuy what you need cost improved security disadvantages dependency on networldproviders Software development involved writing codes and is core of design and development Now moving towards virtually no code and instead a map out of the process With intemet and cloud moving toward soa You can get the computing resources you want when you want API app program interface Set of functions one computer programs makes available to other programs WIREFRAME DESIGNPROTOTYPING This is the design ofthe SDLC Contemp businesses world works in projects The moment one project ends you start the next one


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