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by: Quentin Kiehn


Quentin Kiehn
GPA 3.82


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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Quentin Kiehn on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INTL 4320 at University of Georgia taught by Justwan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 75 views. For similar materials see /class/202124/intl-4320-university-of-georgia in International Affairs at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
INTL 4320 Politics of Development Florian Justwan 6 January 2014 State of Development in World 0 Domestic and structural factors that shape development factors around world 0 Structural factors things leadership cannot in uence geography 0 Development issues globalization culture etc 0 Main guiding questions 0 Role of agency in regards to development extent of fault of less developed countries for lack of development I Highly theory focused 0 Why are some countries richer than others and why have some countries developed so quickly I Economic development main focus 0 Development 0 Standards of living economic development food health care access to human security industrialization progress Broad definition Human development fuzzier I Narrow definition economic development 0 UN Human Development Index I Ranking on dimensions of income health and education either developed or not Other dimensions of human development Hans Rosling I Development varies widely 0 Human rights environment governance economic growth education health culture cultural development and expression 0 For WEIRD w educated industrial rich democracies o Approaches to study development 0 Snapshot 7 study world at one point in time ie cell phone coverage in 2001 0 Time series approach 7 look at process of development within certain time frame ie differences between years 2001 4 and 8 0 Common characteristics of developing countries 0 Low level of GNP ranging from 80 to 9205 per year Less modern Lower quality of life Lower education levels High birthrates o Youthful populations 0 Divergence o Pronounced difference between developed world and developing countries I Large variation within developing world 0 Snapshot and trends approach soon 0 What in uences development 8 January 2014 0 Causes of differences in development 0 Causes of differences mostly focused on economic differences 0 Three forms of development 0 Development around world I What is state of development I What are trends are poor countries catching up I Broad definition of development 0 Political systems around world I Political development implies Western democracy is ultimate evolution not objective 1 O O O O O O INTL 4320 Politics of Development Florian Justwan 0 Income inequality where reasons why care 0 Human development 0 WEIRD 7 western educated industrial rich democracies o What is developing world I GDPCapita percentage malnourished 2008 0 India 1140 19 o Mozambique 470 38 0 Pakistan 1120 25 0 Trends of development and process more important than goa snapshot too narrow I Video 0 What are Rosling s main arguments 0 World improvement much be highly contextualized I Generalizations even for goal of good improvement willnot work I Health before income causes faster increase in health 0 Regional solution not effective specialized Much variation within developing countries regions I Development is continuum not dichotomy 0 Everything moving in this one direction global convergence I Was double hump for income before and now single hump with many more in middle income and upper than before 0 Convergence not for everyone I Bottom billion still lag behind no convergence for you 58 states 0 Different pathways towards development I China v US Asia had social development health before economic development and US opposite I Difference regime type capitalistic v communistic when US obtained wealth medical advances not available 0 What kind of data does he use to support arguments o wwwGapminder org 0 Health GDP per capita life expectancy fertility rate income distribution 0 10 January 2014 0 Global convergence on several dimensions 0 World becoming less unequal infant mortality life expectancy income I Convergence not for everyone 0 Different pathways for development I Wealthy first then healthy or healthy first then wealthy 0 UN human development report 2013 0 Post 2008 financial crisis these trends still hold I Life expectancy child mortality and income dimensions 0 Overall upward trend rise of south discrepancies inequalities within countries I Many countries in Latin America South America have continued to grow develop 0 Continued convergence world becoming less unequal I Differences do exist between areas states but overtime values have become more similar 0 Still far away regions subSaharan Africa 0 Infrastructure extremely underdeveloped con ict and its consequences 0 Poverty I Individual is living in poverty if they live on less than 125 USD per day I Continued convergence for most countries 0 Brazil 1990 17 then 2012 6 2 INTL 4320 Politics of Development Florian Justwan 0 China 1990 60 to 2012 13 I World becoming less unequal 0 But for some countries especially at lower end 0 Gender equality I Should be important indicator for development because if half population excluded then cannot count as developed 0 Women in power areas of high con ict reduces male population so more women must come to power 0 Some quotas adopted to appear more democratic I High disparities in South Asia subSaharan Africa Arab states 0 Even developed world some countries have low scores 0 Se selective abortions huge issue 0 Patriarchal mores greater economic value dowry systems 0 Gap in health and education is getting narrower but income gap increasing 0 Human security 0 General trend of global convergence continues I Bottom billion 0 58 small countries in Africa Central Asia 0 DRC Somalia North Korea Yemen I Collier did not want to discourage investment 0 Characteristics of those countries 0 High infant mortality rate 14 die before first year 0 High rate of malnutrition 36 o No sustainable increase of GDP capita since 1970s up then reversals on average have same as did in 1970 I If increase present only short term effects due to high world prices for natural resources I Since rest of world getting richer see divergence not convergence in bottom billion I Average income of one in bottom billion is 153911 income of other developing country 0 Some research questions Effects of FDI Correlation and causation Political turmoil Wealth distribution within countries Political and civil liberties Institutional dimensions dealing with development increases how processes started and what s in place 0 Perceptions of countries and their development I Why so many countries lagging behind in development for decades 0 Why see convergence now 0 What explains process of global convergence 0 Why are they still lagging behind 0 Political development 0 Historically political development referred to democratization I Judgment based on closeness to western democracy 3 INTL 4320 Politics of Development Florian Justwan I Churchill 7 democracy worst form of government except for all others that have been tried from time to time 0 Freedom house I Research on democracy and political freedoms 0 Free partly free and unfree o Founded 1941 o Criticized for being politically biased 0 Free open political competition climate of respect for civil liberties signi cant independent civic life independent media 0 Democracies C Partly free limited respect for political rights and civil liberties Unfree basic political rights absent basic civil liberties widely are systematically denied 0 Autocraciesdictatorships I 2012 many countries moved in less democratic direction 0 More declines than gains 2012 o 90 countries count as free 3 billion people 0 58 countries partly free 47 countries unfree 0 Speci c geographic regions 0 Middle East North Africa 7 would have expected increase in freedom I A few countries have done well Libya Egypt I Some have gotten worse Turkey Syria I Iraq have seen backtracking 2011 PM concentrating power in own hands I Only free country in region is Israel 0 Competitive authoritarianism 7middle group needs more attention as very broad and semipopular regime type 0 Democracy and autocracy are contagious 0 Mali dropped free to not free in single year military coup I Moving up ladder takes long time but not going down I Historical freedom in world 0 Trends in regime type 0 Overtime percentage of countries being free have increased in 1970s partly free has overall remained stable unfree has decreased largely 0 Process of global democratization has been described as occurring in waves I Wave 1 0 18201926 French and American revolution 29 democracies followed by reverse wave to 1942 great depression rise of nazisim fascism 12 democracies I Wave 2 0 194362 allied success post WWII and decolonization new states initially established democratic regime 36 democracies reverse wave to 1975 rise of communism cold war US and USSR country fights military coups 30 I Wave 3 o 1975 now end of cold war decolonization 90100 democracies o What are longterm prospects for undemocratic countries Is democratization inevitable 0 Will have to evolve definition because now democracies are still autocratic o What does this mean for US foreign policy 0 We need to continue to share responsibility for democratization otherwise risk hegemon 0 Should all people have right to live under democracies 4 INTL 4320 Politics of Development Florian Justwan 0 YES all people should have right to be ruled by those they want 13 January 2014 0 Proportion of democracies increased steadily form 1970s portion of clear autocracies decreased substantially 0 Three major waves of democratization I First 9 reverse 9 second 9 reverse 9 ongoing currently 90100 democracies 0 Competitive authoritarian countries put institutions in place but rigged so not real I Asian values historically important values and I Cannot force democracy always will be cultural ties I Have they failed to democratize in past I Modernization theory 7 all things moving toward more westemized development 0 Increases in democracies means less US security involvement 0 Group verses individual mentality I Ignorant to assume democracy best form of government Manifesto is stepping stone I Parliamentary system needs coalitions which forces compromise I Migration towards social democracy rather than federal democracy mixed elements of equality and free markets and individualism o Overtime people will volt being able to choose your leader is HR self determination 0 Democratic ideals likely to spread if not essentially democracy general freedoms democracy affords 0 Central tenants cultural values democracies may not look like ours 0 Social ideology verses federal democracy I Liberalism 7 I Social democracy Sweden verses political democracy US 7 consensus income inequality and income tax 0 Capitalism verses socialism Competitive authoritarianism 7 play field tilted heavily towards one side is democratic facade general social wellbeing 0 Social democracies and parliamentary systems 0 Global way of life survive and prosper at same time idea that way democracy works in US cannot culturally work in other places no historical basis 0 Is democracy human right I A lot of characteristics civil liberties can be but not system itself hard to label form of government as HR after main HR secured physical security basic access then can worry about democratic ideals o Hierarchy of needs maybe eventually having say in government 0 Western notion of democracy comes with institutional prerequisites and expectations seeking American democracy isn t right I If had all those HR would you institute a democracy 0 Voting verses clean water not necessity Income inequality and analytical framework 0 Other form of global inequality 0 Domestic inequalities income is just one measure of inequality but is often association with social injustices o How measure income inequality I Split of country in quintiles and see how big spread is I GINI index of global inequality 0 Modified version of this approach 0 Human development repot HDI values 0 Most commonly used measure is GINI index 5


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