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by: Quentin Kiehn


Quentin Kiehn
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Quentin Kiehn on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INTL 4430 at University of Georgia taught by Mobley in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see /class/202125/intl-4430-university-of-georgia in International Affairs at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
INTL 4430 US National Security Policy Kayce Mobley 6 January 2014 0 Security 0 Self preservation stability preparedness protection certainty 0 Job 9 money 9 shelter 0 National security 0 Military strength deterrence preservation of sovereignty long term spillover soft power more stability economic stability 0 Difference between national security and American foreign policy 0 AFP 7 cooperation between states and protection of those relations more militaristic I Deals with other states outside US truly international 0 National security 7 more unilateral domestic security and capabilities state department and diplomacy I Both international and domestic I In security state are protecting domestic sphere 8 January 2014 0 Current events 0 Changes in war on terrorism Washington Post national security page 0 1971 break into the FBI building private records taken 0 Former Guantanamo detainee thought to be behind Benghazi attack 0 De ning national security 0 National security is state of being self preservation security is emotion feeling I Perfect security cannot be achieved therefore national security is striving I What in uences whether or not feel secure 0 Terrorism sense of panic military strength economics time delay from attack geography ie Israel or landlocked 0 US geography good island state economically very good military strength best 0 US is target for terrorism homegrown terrorism is concern I International cyberterrorism bigger concern Unusual phenomenon I 911 memorable because easily preventable huge scale experience television created huge visual c Allies intemal homeland security state capacity 0 Are these factors and level of national security felt matched now yes decade ago no 0 Time since last attack if massive attack tomorrow would feel much less secure I Policies 0 TSA 0 Money poured into national security 0 Reorganization of departments 0 6 Agree 7374 271 Disagree 9 0 Quote one Franklin 7 those who would give up essential liberty to purchase little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety I National security think of state which is people territory 0 State verses individuals keeping state safe is not same as keeping individuals safe 0 Country born on individual liberties scale weighing between safety and liberty INTL 4430 US National Security Policy Kayce Mobley I What makes state secure often involves taking away liberties of individuals ie phone tracking or internment camps of Japanese inWWH or stop and frisk 0 Quote two Kissinger 7 country that demands moral protection of itself as a test of foreign policy will achieve neither perfection nor security I Kissinger was SOS under Nixon and Ford your enemies will not play clean 0 Setting bad example should be morally right but cannot be complacent idea of world perfection much too relative o Moral perfection and security are subjective indicators 0 Are results more important than methods employed in the big picture methods have produced results 0 Have to balance short term interest verses long term interest I Line changes due to view of country on other end who dealing with ie British v Pakistani airplane 0 US has upperhand with most countries therefore has more right to be immoral 0 Quote 3 Homer 7 blade itself insight to violence I Military industrial complex if build up arms then have to use it o If have weapons will use them more quickly 0 Nuclear deterrence and security dilemma one up one another to point that cannot use weapons 0 Quote four Mr president what it comes down to is every American has right to know hen government believes is allowed to kill them I Question is whether or not government has right to kill but whether or not people can know where stand with government I Should know where stand with government that might get you killed 0 Quote themes 0 Relationship between I Security verses liberty I Security verses morality I Role of capability I Information and rights 0 Obama s speech addressing national security 0 Themes I Political self preservation I Personal defense I Justi ed taking away some civil liberties for sake of security I Sniper comparison 7 sometimes do not have options I Risk 0 All things have risks but want to minimize risks for Americans 0 Emphasized international terrorism as major risk 0 Weighing risks relationships with other states verses home security Action verses inaction 0 Cannot have perfect policies security better than nothing Media verses leakers journalists try to get information out but leakers Snowden are acting illegally Stay within boundaries of Constitution 10 January 2014 0 Current events INTL 4430 US National Security Policy Kayce Mobley Unemployment down around six percent General Grass with NGB responded to questions regarding budgeting regarding Iraqi violence People coming going from Syria being monitored FBI sending agents to Russia to help domestic security building 0 Indian diplomat in US being prosecuted for falsi ed visas for employees she left for India 0 International relations and national security 0 Levels of analysis I Different vantage points for analysis 0 System IR 7 international system all of states states are primary actors maybe MNCs NGOs INGOs Regions 7 collective states States FP 7 or dyad like India Pakistan Regions 7 regions within states Groups 7 organizations governments bureaucracy 0 Individuals 7 president or SOS I State and system generally used when talking about IR 0 Realism predicts how states react to each other and behave in system 0 Foreign policy state groups within state individual 0 Realism liberalism constructivism bleed into each other but must clarify vantage point 0 International relations verses foreign policy I FP international relations of certain state IR focuses on entire system 0 Theory verses ideology I Theory is set of interrelated ideas meant to explain something some phenomenon 0 Le con ict war posturing trade deals treaties etc 0 Big theories break down big three are realism liberalism constructivism o Meant to explain something gives rise to hypotheses which can be tested 0 What is I Ideology is way to loold frame of reference set of beliefs 0 Cannot make model for it therefore is not testable 0 Systems of ideas but instead of trying to explain something they constitute one s goals expectations and actions 0 In uences what want what think is right what should be done 0 What ought to be 0 How in uence national security 7 how go about it 0 Individuals believe certain ideology and can in uence foreign policy which in uences behavior within systemetc O O O O 0 International theory 0 Realism I Beliefs 7 anarchy hard power self interest security no HR ideas revolve around power I Actors 7 Waltz Fukuyama states are key actors I Instruments 7 hard power military strength guns relative power relative power standing I Blind spots 7 don t count for change over time unwillingness to cooperate I View of national security 7 security number one power is name of game strong military act in best interests 0 Liberalism INTL 4430 US National Security Policy Kayce Mobley I Beliefs 7 international institutions anarchy democracy duty to protect HR absolute power not in comparison trade awesome reduces chances of war 0 Democratic peace theory I Actors 7 Wilson Clinton Anon Kant INGOs and states I Instruments 7 international organizations treaties I Blind spots 7 don t count for change over time lack of adherence to agreements I View of national security 7 globalization theory more treaties the better more secure global interests look out for everybody tide lifts all boats trade and economic unity increases security 0 Constructivism I Beliefs 7norms and ideas constitute system sharing those norms where states get preferences from I Actors 7 Gandhi Bin Laden states and groups and individuals I Instruments 7 international organizations HRO more low key organizations talks culture and speech rhetoric I Blind spots 7 no general theory at systemic level intangible and not straightforward fuzzy and not for prediction I View of national security 7 fully promoted peaceful coeXistence cooperation hopeful global community values soft power 0 Ideology questions 0 Mission of policy makers I Adapt and make best of is or change world conditions 0 A is realism ideology pragmatism o B is idealism 0 US should I Be activist or avoid intentional involvement 0 A intemationalism o B isolationism 0 US should I Build international consensus or look at own interests 0 A multilateralism o B unilateralism 0 Force useful when I Range of situations or narrowly o A Hawk 7 more prone to using force 0 B Dove 7 jimmy carter less prone to using force 0 One world rival theories quotes 0 Political scientists to proctologists jump from theory to ideology I Bush more liberal in terms of international theory I Rice sameish realism and liberalism I Kerry combined realism and idealism o Theories fall short of explaining how IR works I Not predicting future but providing vocabulary and conceptual framework 13 January 2014 0 Current Events 0 US and Iran 7 November deal finalized January 20Lh have six months to deal with Iran long term nuclear deal hopeful 0 CAR cannibalistic act 0 US National Security as ideology and ethics INTL 4430 US National Security Policy Kayce Mobley 0 Theory 7 what is descriptive ideology 7 what ought to be prescriptive I Levels of analysis 0 System 7 explains IR theories 0 States 7 domestic political theories 0 Institutions 0 Individuals 7 decision making theories 0 Start with individuals individual behavior then apply to higher levels 0 Personal views on national security I Realists pragmatist 7 mission of policy makers is adapt idealist then change world conditions I Internationalist 7US should play activist role isolationist I Multilateralism verses unilateralism 7 whose preferences first I Hawk vs dove 7 force useful a lot or not a lot 0 Some foreign policy ideologies o Realism pragmatism o Readings o Isolationist 7 1806 Embargo 1821 Monroe Doctrine I Hawk 7Iraq and Afghanistan Reagan and Latin America I Intemationalism 7 league of nations Idealism 7 Wilson s 14 point plan Multilateralism 7 UN formation and actions Unilateralism 7 Bush and Iraq invasion pivoted towards multilateralism Dove 7 Carter Camp David Realism pragmatism 7most all other policies Generally agreement on national security and some similar interests but disagreement on international level and whether or not force willing to get involved GOP more focused on national security and security of allies Democrats more humanitarian issues and cooperation similar FP ideals I GOP as party stagnant and not really trusted too focused on polling opinions and not focused on what works could work today GOPs lost tough with FP Dems are foxes and GOPs hedgehogs difference between GOPs in country and in office not really represented take intemational issues more seriously looking back at Cold War and GOPs were foxes 0 Fox and hedgehog 7 1990s Berlin essay about Tolstoy fox knows many things but hedgehog knows one big thing fox very cunning and hedgehog knows one big defense on one side relate everything to single central vision hedgehog and other those who pursue many ends fox 0 Politicocom 7 Rubio neither hawk nor fox 0 Foxes are pragmatic willing to compromise realists I Hedgehogs more idealist Rise in international cooperation different norms rise for political ethics Ethics discussion rules system by which figure out what is right and wrong 0 Whose ideas should prevail US intervention and American hegemony American exceptionalism rise of guiding system agreement centered around HR and rights of individual value HR above all other then still see one thing as most important moving towards being more like hedgehog and less pragmatic US is hegemony are their decisions more unilateral or taking into account other states because they have this power who is referent who are making decision on behalf of who referencing O


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