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by: Wendell Lakin III


Wendell Lakin III
GPA 3.65


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Wendell Lakin III on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LING 4690 at University of Georgia taught by Wenthe in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 53 views. For similar materials see /class/202136/ling-4690-university-of-georgia in Linguistics at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
Homework 2 7 Historical Linguistics Systemic Change Name Due Thursday February 21 Below you have been given 4 problem sets In answering each you should write clearly and concisely You must also type up your answers and turn in the printed copy at the beginning of class In addition a In instances where the problem set states identify by name refer to your class notes and chapter 3 ofyour book for a list of processes You must not state the changes separately for each word instead try to state each change once in as general a way as possible so that it covers all of the speci c cases represented in the data As a general the format of your answers should follow the rule format used in class Thus PIE s gt Lat r ViV PIE s becomes Latin r in between two vowels Where appropriate discuss the why of language change what phonetic andor phonological factors might be driving the change in question Proto Slavic gt Russian Compare the following Russian words with their reconstructions in ProtoSlavic PS1 and then identify the SIX general changes by name which must have taken place to produce the attested forms More than one change has applied to some of these forms for these state the relative chronology of these changes Note a superscript lt j gt C indicates a palatalized consonant a PS1 greblu gt Russ grjop rowed b PS1 metlu gt Russ miol swept c PS1 vedlu gt Russ vjol led d PS1 nesu gt Russ njos carried e PS1 pIsu gt Russ pios dog f PS1 domu gt Russ dom house g PS1 grobu gt Russ grop coffln h PS1 nosu gt Russ nos nose i PS1 rodun gt Russ rot gender j PS1 volu gt Russ vol bull k PS1 dInI gt Russ djenj day 1 PS1 konl gt Russ konj horse m PS1 v1s1 gt Russ vjesj all SAE gtNC Compare the following forms from Northern California NC dialect with Standard American English SAE For this exercise you ll only be focusing on the vowels First draw three vowel charts the rst representing the vowel space of SAE the second the vowel space of NC and the last illustrating the diachronic changes that have occurred NeXt identify any patterns within the data Are there any general trends that have occurred Identify each vowel change as a shift split or merger Then identify each change as conditioned or unconditioned Lastly comment on the naturalness of the NC vowel system Have the changes made the system more or less natural Why Northern California Standard American English a Oink Olnk think b dsd dId did c fJaend stnd friend d byt but boot 6 pAt pvt put f fen fAn fun g gSUZ gOUZ gOCS h stiaend staend stand i hat haet hat j bsut bout boat k kof kcrf cough 1 kaeJ ksr care In kJab kJaeb crab n lsv lAV love 0 sari sari sorr39y p grep gJIp grip q dyd dud dude r leIm leIm lame s ssk s1k sick t dsup doup dope u Jatfst Jaetflt ratchet v lsuksu loukou loco w haelo hslo hella X skaetj skstj sketch y 81 le chill z helror helror hater Nahuatli gt Nahuatl Nahuatl Nah is a UtoAztecan language spoken by over 1000000 people in Mexico and was the language of the Aztecs and the Toltecs Compare the following words with their reconstructions in ProtoNahuatl PNah and then identify the FIVE changes by name which must have taken place to produce the attested forms Is the reconstruction of a relative chronology necessary for any of these changes Note tl is a single consonantia voiceless lateral affricate kw is a labialized velar stop and is a single segment Note too that the morpheme reconstructed as tli which has three separate outcomes in Nahuatl simply indicates a noun root which has no other pre xes or suf xes ee PNah PNah PNah PNah PNah PNah PNah PNah PNah PNah tepostli notepos tepostlan kaktli nokak teftli notef mistli mistlan kaltli nokal tlaltli notlal t maltli not mal t maltlan miltli nom miltlan amatli noama amatlan etli noe etlan siwatli nosiwa siwatlan oltli nool oltlan VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV Nah tepostli Nah notepos Nah tepostlan Nah kaktli Nah nokak Nah tejtli Nah notef Nah mistli Nah mistlan Nah kalli Nah nokal Nah tlalli Nah notlal Nah t malli Nah not mal Nah gimallan Nah milli Nah nom Nah millan Nah amatl Nah nama Nah amatlan Nah etl Nah ne Nah etlan Nah siwatl Nah nosiwa Nah siwatlan Nah olli Nah nol Nah ollan 7 axe my axe place of axes shoe sandal my shoe our my our cougar place ofcougars house my house land my land tortilla griddle my tortilla griddle place of tortilla griddles corn eld my corn eld place of corn elds paper g tree my paper g tree place ofpaper g trees bean my bean place ofbeans woman my Wife place of women rubber my rubber place of rubber


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