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by: Elva Rodriguez


Elva Rodriguez
GPA 3.76


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elva Rodriguez on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARHI 2400 at University of Georgia taught by Crain in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 69 views. For similar materials see /class/202142/arhi-2400-university-of-georgia in Art History at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
ART HISTORY STUDY GUIDE 8312011 31100 AM KNOW HOW COMPARISON PIECES RELATE TO MAIN PAINTINGS KNOW SLIDE IDS How much information about the slide Id o Name o Date o Who made it Anything else Know the things on the left hand side Know how the things on the right relate the to left hand side One short essay One slide comparison essay Fill in the blank Multiple choice Lecture 1 Study Guide 8312011 31100 AM Limbourg Brothers Pol Paul Herman and Jan fl 1385 1416 Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry 141316 Limbourg brothers flourished beginning of the 15th century This was a prayer book for the wealthy and sophisticated Zodiac on top midevil tradition on bottom Pictures are tiny and have extreme detail January February May Meeting of the Magi Medal of Constantine the Great and reverse with Fountain of Life Silver MFA Boston before 1413 Medal of Heraclius bronze BN Paris s modern copy Equestrian Monument of Marcus Aurel Cam aI ca 117A ogho Rome on D or Charlemagne Louvre Paris 9 d Equeshian porir Samt Bravo Cathedra Ghent Be gium ott piece of Ghent a tarpiece Adoration of the Lambs represents the amb b eedihg into a chaHace as in dwnst39s b ood for us Italian attempt is to create abstract image to represent gures Northern 39ven by how close they can get to a real gure Lecture 2 Study Guide 8312011 31100 AM Jan van Eyck Madonna of Chancellor Rolin Louvre Paris 1435 Visible world as a way to express ideas this is a painting of a vision not real life Bible is open hands in prayer Prayers can create things Two cities with bridge are earthly world and heavenly world A bwg part of churdw m the 15 h centurv was magmmg that vou were present m Bxbhca twmes From the Ing ebrecht farm vr means angehbhhger DoeSh39t actuaW toudw bxb e cand e mom out how Spwt Roger van der Weyden Deposmon from the cross P a o Madnd 3574 Commtstoned by the crossbowmen s gqu pness presented rnass th thew back s factng the congregauon The compassto or the vtrgmnmeanmg thh passton as m passton orthe chnst The vtrgtn39s hand faHs m the sarne was as chnsts faHs to show that as she h rnuch compasston tor chnstthatshe shares m Hts Dam chnst39s body was cruct ed on the sarne spot thatAdam s body was buned represents that we no onger have to dte 39 1 i a Claus Sluter 13605 1405 or 1406 Well of Moses Chartreuse Charterhouse de Champmol Dijon 1394 1406 c This sculpture originally was supposed to have glasses specially made for the nose blurring the line between art and real life Lecture 3 Study Guide 8312011 31100 AM Jean Delemer Angel and Virgin of the Annunciation stone with polychromy Cathedral Tournai 1428 Nikolaus Gerhaert von Leiden ca 1420 1473 Madonna of Dangolsheim Staatliche Museen Berlin 1460 70 Rogier van der Weyden Saint Luke painting the Virgin Museum of Fine Arts Boston 1435 40 Legend that the saint luke had a vision that the virgin and child came to him and panted their portraits UsuaHv assumed thatthws s a 52V pamam uke s named m hunk hke RD w Chjth rEDresems natunw 5 mm mm buts burwa am as wen Dams ChnstuS ca 141u7147273 A Gmdsmwth m Ms Studm Dane 39 x 3 M tmpuhtan Museum m Art New Vnrk 1449 Ms 5 a un dsmwm39s shun We uhmu a Weddmg nngfnrthws caup e The bat an the mm s a chashtv be t s muarmwm amm mmamage Dwrk mamas JD14291475 Madunna and Ch Natmna GaHerv Lunan 1465 extreme v swm artnthe Rnuwer Luke Damth the wrgm ODEH Mummy 5 m2 naherwands m we 1539quot centurv 5mm an am and New Dirk Bouts Portrait ofa Man Jan van Winckele National Gallery London 1462 o 1462quot is carved in the wall 0 wearing an academic uniform a Evck Pumawt m a Man 52W Bartram Natmna GaHerv Lnndun 1433 Na hands m tms pamam stm a Van Eyck mmsaw redturban as x can W ttEn an frame Turban custume s assumated W th Damters Lecture 4 Study Guide Pam aavzmn ll DEIAM a a r van der eaas ca 1440 71432 Dr 1483 nan A tarmece Uf zu Hurence 147579 It 5 ma Last Great 1539quot cerver a tarmece Damted the chm cama Damner s adnraunn m wars brnught m the wran aH rEDres DEW 5 mm Entsnmzthmg u Diptych of Maarmn Nieuwenhove oil on oak panel 52 x 415 cm each Memlingmuseum Sintalanshospi aal Bruges 487 Hands clasped in prayer Bottom of frame says mat painter is 23 Coat of arms about virgins head Hans Memling The Frick Collection New York 1470 Gerard Dawd c 145 7 Auuust 131523 The Rest an the mm mm mm ad an Wand 42 x 42 cm Natmna GaHerv DfArt Washmgtun Standard canslruninn Fnre rnund green Middle brawn distance blue Lecture 5 Study Guide E312u113 nun AM r n Aquot 39 THman Rwemenschnewder ca 145171531 v Emma L g i I hmewnnd h 29 5 3 a Church m Samtlacub Rumenburg madam Mattmas crunewam mam Gmhart Nwthart ca Hamsza Isanhewm A tarwece Musee d Unterhnden cmman France scu tura m St Amhunv mgemer W th the kneehng dunur Jean d Orha anked bv Stlemme and StAuQustme and DredeHa thh chnst andthe Auns es ca Hammamed wmgs cummwssmned bv Gmdu cam Albrecht Durer 21 May 1471 7 5 April 1523 SelfrPnrtrails 1 Se pumawt at me Age Bf Thmen


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