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by: Mr. Jolie Gutkowski


Mr. Jolie Gutkowski
GPA 3.71


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Jolie Gutkowski on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JOUR 3310 at University of Georgia taught by Soloski in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 70 views. For similar materials see /class/202148/jour-3310-university-of-georgia in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Florida Pill Mill Clinics Oxy Expressquot nickname for the state because of illegal prescription selling more than 400 clinics were shut down Oxycodone sales dropped by 97 percent tougher rulesgt half the countries pharmacy requests come from florida background checks required for owners and employees Obama vs Boehner Obama scheduling a debate on economics on same night as Republican debategt Boehner denying request and controversy about Obama not going through protocol to schedule event German Rapper Spreading Jihad Denis Cuspert using music to spread violent acts ofjhadgt music video staged by militants responsible for influence of a man killing two American airmen in Frankfurt government trying to put him behind bars for crimes committed in former rapper lifegt illegal weapons ATTTMobile Merger Justice Department trying to prevent merger because it wants to protect jobs and fears less innovation through decrease in competition companies argue that it would actually increase jobs London Space Crampedgt dig down several stories for more space August is the first month since the start of the Iraq War with no casualtiesgt signs of better negotiations with Goverments Deadliest month for Afghanistan September 2 2011 Libyan exenemy now working as head of military committee focusing on keeping order in Tripoligt Abdel Belhaj President Obama s Job Speech balancing act between both parties US suing banks because of lack of diligence in granting mortgages lndia biometric census aimed to help poverty and prevent fraud with government poverty programs September 5 2011 Lybian rebels putting dark skinned African allies in prisons for fear of aiding Quaddafi China prefall of Qaddafi offered his government large stockpiles of weapons against the sanctions of the United Nationsgt documents posted in Arabic in webside of Toronto Newspaper US Postal service close to default cannot make this month s payment and may have to close down for winter if government does not bail them out major problem is 80 of costs are labor along with the no layoff clause Gay veterans discharged for don t ask don t tell asking to reenlist in the military about 13000 Man attempting to help economy by building houses strictly from American materialsgt big lumber and cement from US but many details cheaper if importedgt not practical after studies sports medicine practices are more fads then actual medical treatmentsgt next big thing PRP injecting stem cells into injured areas stable relations with China damaged because of wikileaksgt biggest effect on students and scholars actively having good relations with US bloomberg defends decision to conceal former deputy s arrest September 6 The capital of Syria Damascus is not very concerned with it s recent gunfire attack from the rebellion President Bashar alAssad has been criticized Europe is considering creating a central financial authority that would result in it resembling a United States of Europe Google is falsely saying some businesses are permanently closed University Medical Center in Las Vegas has had abnormally high rates of failing kidney transplants Representative Shelley Berkeley wife to physician whose practice directs medial services at the hospital s kidney care department has rebuked federal regulartor s proposal of shutting down of the program Coincidental Personal gain clouding reason Diplomatic strains continue to grow between Turkey and Israel lran made its first counterproposal in two years to ease the confrontation with the West over its nuclear program offering inspector s supervision of the program More and more MD s are also acquiring MBA s Famine is widening in Solmalia Rise in deaths at Yosemite National park 18 since the beginning of the year September 7 2011 Afghan army having trouble recruiting people in Pashtun south because many men have relatives in the insurgency or are extremely afraid the insurgency will target them after enlistmentgt important to raise number of southern Pashtuns to create a national army representative of the whole country before America s 2014 withdrawal deadline Defense Secretary Panetta supporting plan to keep 3000 to 4000 American troops in iraq after deadline at years endgt many in the military say it is a very ineffective number to achieve any successgt meant for solely training local forces European banks on the verge of bailoutsgt US financial companies avoiding business with European banks Met conductor James Levine is temporarily stepping down from post due to health issues being replaced by Fabio Luisi an Italian maestro September 82011 RomneyPerry Republican debategt Perry criticizes Romney s ability to create jobs Romney calls Perry a career politiciangt former speaker Gingrich says arguing would actually help Obama and make Republican party look divided 911 air controlmilitary audio finally released to publicgt shows confusion of the day but also the quick response of some air traffic control personnegt what the public was told about the military being on the chase for the hijacked planes is false the military didn t take action till after device used to stoplessen strokes has actually been proven to increase them almost doublygt questioning of the FDA and their methods to get medical techniques approved many of Qaddafi s old government officials have switched sides to join with the rebels in the establishment of new Libyan government Russian hockey team s plane crashesgt Russian plane designs very faulty UN firing Kathy Blokovac for sex crimesgt job was to prevent trafficking of young women September 9 2011 Mayor Bloomberg being criticized for not including clergy members as speakers at the 911 memoriagt petition signed by 62000 brought to his office Bipartisan move to cut benefit programsgt Rick Perry making statement that they should end Medicare Medicaid and Social Security all together Four boys on Mainland Regional High School Football team die in a car crash Stanford Hospital Ca had a medical privacy breach where 20000 emergency room patients names and treatments were put online wasn t noticed for a whole year New fossil found in South African cave that may be the new best known ancestor to the modern human September 10 2011 Guatemalans are demanding a strong military back in their community to fight off gangs and Mexican drug cartels that are violently affecting the countrygt presidential election has all three top contenders calling for a strong crime fighting militarygt Front runner Otto Perez Molina The Iron Fistquot Denver Exxon Mobile Pipeline carrying oil across Montana burst in the Yellowstone River Bob Turner to replace Anthony Weiner in congress UBS trader apparently lost 2 billion dollars Has been arrested but still in trial September 17 Taiwan s Outpost Evolves as Ties with China lmprove Paris enforces ban on street prayer lts five million muslims have created improv prayer sites Brightscope run by two brothers in San Diego is attempting to turn into a lasting business of 401k planning


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