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by: Ms. Clifton O'Conner


Ms. Clifton O'Conner
GPA 3.74


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Clifton O'Conner on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to JRLC 5080 at University of Georgia taught by Rhodes in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/202150/jrlc-5080-university-of-georgia in Journalism Core at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
0 Terry Mansfield guest speaker 0 It s not where you come from it s where you re going 0 Ideas are everything creativity is the core 0 How are you going to show your creativity to employers 0 Over 300 languages spoken in London today 27 faiths recognized in the criminal justice system in UK 0 There s never been a better time to be in the communication business than now because it s so diverse 0 It s very important to do research on the company you re interviewing with I It s twice as important to listen than to speak I Ask questions about the company and the person you re interviewing I You have to convince them that they can t run the business without you 0 The most important thing is to have a good time because if you re having a good time you will have more creativity and the more effective you will be on the team 0 3 important things in life learning earning returning o CARRIBEAN 0 Jamaica I Daily Gleaner 1884 I Jamaica Observer I Community Newspapers I CARIMACMonaUniversity of the West Indies Arts amp Education Medical Sciences Social Sciences and Pure amp Applied Sciences at Mona o CARIMAC started out of UNESCO research I 3 Factors 0 Sociopolitical history of the country 0 Ownership and control 0 Structure of the society itself 0 Informal channels of messages I Oral visual I Expresses information not found in formal channels worries complaints I Contains facts deceptions rumors and unclear data I Impossible to fix the source of the information I Satisfies needs social and emotional I Examples of informal flows 0 Copier lines 0 Subway in Washington DC and kids 0 Slaves at the post office 0 Must be balanced formal with informal 0 Can be complementary 0 Names grapevine telediol Haiti talkjaw gossip Chinese whispers 0 Trinidad and Tobago I Newsday I Trinidad Express I Trinidad Guardian I St Augustine CampusUWI Agriculture amp Natural Sciences Engineering Humanities amp Education Medical Sciences and Social Sciences 0 Barbados I Barbados Advocate 1895 I Daily Nation 1973 I CANA Caribbean News Agency and now CMC Caribbean Media Corporation I Cave Hill CampusUWI Law Humanities amp Education Pure and Applied Sciences Social Sciences and Medical Sciences 0 Other British Isles I Antigua and Barbuda 0 The Bird Family and opposition press 0 Alan Stanford and the Sun Newspapers I Bahamas 0 Free press since 1800s but govt owned radio until 1992 I Grenada 0 Invasion Maurice Bishop Clint Eastwood s movie Heartbreak Ridge 0 French Isles I Haiti I Dominica Sisserou Parrot Eugenia Charles first elected woman prime minister in Caribbean I Martinique French Dept Euro currency film location I Guateloupe French Dept Euro literary location Maryce Conde o HAITI LECTURE 0 Why is Haiti important 0 Learn from small nation state 0 Worst scenario with survival ability 0 Many needs 0 Facts about Haiti 0 Language issues Religion issues Political issues 0 O 0 Land issues 0 Economicissues 0 Educational issues Why discuss Haitian media 0 Mimics problems of country 0 Cannot be separated from economy and politics 0 Demonstrates cycle of dependency 0 Offers hope for survival Historical development of Media 0 Colonial period I French printers I Agriculture and shipping Government 0 Instability I Unable to maintain control of media I Media would find a wedge for a freer press I Cycle 0 Government relaxes control 0 Media emerge and report 0 Government reigns media back in 0 Media would lay low book reviews music programs foreign reports on news US occupation of Haiti 0 Marines used imprisonment to control media 0 The Nation Magazine I 7 editors I Chauvet Le Nouvelliste Duvalierthe cycle 0 Destroyed media properties 0 Arrested and tortured journalists and publishers o Denied plants access to electricity Baby DocLoosening 0 National media houses established 0 Presidential press conferences 0 Permitted independent press to rebuild 0 Information office created 0 PR firm Hill and Knowlton to build a better international reputation Media seeking freedom 0 New media outlets formed 0 Caution I Coded language I Double entendre I Innuendo and implication I Parables Cycle continues with crackdown o 1980expelled independentjournalists I Haiti progress I Haiti observateur I Haiti en Marche I Haitian Times 0 Closed independent media Radio Soleil 0 Belgium priests using the newly created national space to communicate with people 0 Guarantee the Law 0 Program with peasant children and a griot 0 Program jammed gov t cassette to play Freedom of the press 0 Without responsibility or accountability o Aristide coup d tat o Cedars I Self censorship Closing of newspapers and radio stations To protect themselves reporters slept in different places every night No access to authorities for information and most news programs attributed to foreign news agency Results of crackdown o GRALIP Group for Reflection and Action for the freedom of the press 0 Radio VSN57 read out names 0 Radio Enriquillo DR Value of print media 0 Records history 0 Considered a cold medium 0 Used as a platform for activists ideas 0 Media became competition for the government Owners of media 0 Independent 0 Politically funded 0 Government sponsored 0 Community radio Owners and their problems 0 Limited electricity 0 Embargo limited getting replacement parts 0 Sanctions bankrupted the few advertisers 0 Costs soared AP photographer10000 Journalists 0 Work for free to get experience 0 Paid US 18006000 per month 0 Learn to cover faces with wet towels and rub them with lemon and toothpaste after being tear gassed 0 Lay low sleep in different houses rely of faulty telephone service to cover stories 0 So 0 Journalists willing to die to have freedom of the press 0 People are still investing in media O Brien and Digicel 0 People want to have an independent press and a free society INTERNATIONAL ADVERTISING 0 Major form of global communications 0 Countries use advertising to promote their image abroad 0 Advertising often serves political functions in authoritarian countries 0 Manifest functions of advertising 0 To provide information 0 To create a recognizable identity for a product 0 Latent functions of advertising 0 Values information I Challenges traditional values I Western values of individualism modernity and sex sell products I Traditional values of diligence facesaving frugality and tolerance do not sell products 0 Creates needs I People need to purchase product I Incorporate the use of the product into their lifestyle I Develop a relationship with the target audience 0 Narrowcastinglocalization 0 Cable and satellite tv o Glocal ad strategy standardized strategy 0 Yahoo 25 countries different languages 0 Ownership 0 80 percent of all advertising I Omnicom Group US 100 countries I nterpublic Group of Companies US 100 offices I WPP group England wire and plastic products 107 countries I Publicis France 0 Conflicts of interest


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