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by: Foster Morissette


Foster Morissette
GPA 3.55


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 39 page Class Notes was uploaded by Foster Morissette on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLAS 1020 at University of Georgia taught by Platter in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/202158/clas-1020-university-of-georgia in Classical culture at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Apollo Son of Zeus and Leto twin brother of Artemis Important cult sites Delos and Delphi See HH to Apollo Always represented as a young man Delphi 0 Panhellenic oracle center 0 Pythian Apollo priestess is known as the Pythia 0 Killing of Python Delphi and Puri cation Orestesright and Heracles left 11 a I 3333 3 Aquot Another Heracles and Apollo From the treasury of the Siphnians Delphi Archer god 0 Bow and arrow but not 7 a hunterplague god Also a god of healing father ofAsclepius Often twin sanctuaries Mousagetes 0 Leader of the Muses Lyre Player gift of Hermes Artemis Diana Mistress of animals potnia theron alternatively playful and deadly goddess of hunt artists represent her dressed as a young girl with short robe girl s hairstyle down not up and bow with quiver and arrows with animal Moderating chastity As huntress her purity goes back to the anxiety over killing concern for balance But purity is an extreme so excessive devotion to Artemis can be trouble 0 Hippolytus rejecting the advances of his stepmother Phaedra gtgt Note his Artemislike dress Goddess of transitions Goddess of transition of girl to woman Cult of Brauron Girls dedicated to Artemis as little bears arktoi return as marriageable women ready to dedicate their toys to Artemis Artemis at Brauron Artemis leading a procession of bears left and dancing bears from a commemorative cup right Aphrodite Venus NonOlympian Olympian Born from the severed genitals of Ouranos aphros foam Comes ashore on the island of Cyprus important cult center Also known as the Cyprian goddess Sandro Botticelli Birth of Venus gtgt Hesiod T heogony Birth of Aphrodite Gods and men call her Aphrodite because she was formed in foam Eros and fair desire accompanied her as she went to join the family of the gods Abstraction and goddess Aphrodizein have sex Archilochus refers to intercourse as the divine act And along with her fawning dashed gray wolves and lions with gleaming eyes and bears and swift leopards always hungry for deer And when she saw them she was delighted in her chart and placed longing in their breasts so they lay together in pairs along the shady glens H0merl39c Hymn to Aphrodite Storm of Passion Always threatens to disrupt by the presence of her erotic power Out of place in Iliad as she attempts to go into battle and is wounded by Diomedes 5m afVemS by Raphael Cypris you are no god but something more The separateness of Aphrodite and her power over all the gods is justi ed in part by her birth pre Olympian of also eras at the beginning of creation Zeus Visits Danae mother of Perseus gt Roman Venus As mother of Aeneas she is also the founding goddess of Rome Venus GenetriX ancestress of the Julian clan Hermes Mercury 0 Son of Zeus and Maia Name refers to a heap of stones Phallic attributes show him as a god that bears the message of Zeus power both on the road and at home Walter Burkert Structure and History in GreekMythology and Ritual Herm a rather dignified usually bearded head on a fourcornered pillar and in due place an unmistakable realistically molded erect phallus More from Burkert on herms There are species of monkeys living in groups of whom the makes act as guards they sit up at the outposts facing outside and presenting their erect genital organ The basic function of sexual activity is suspended for the purpose of communication It is not the only phallic sign that belongs to Hermes but also the pile of stones Piling up stones is an elementary way of leaving marks The powerof the stones is neither in the phallus nor in the stone they are signs conveying a message of potency In mythical terms Hermes is just the messenger of Zeus Messenger of the gods transgressor of boundaries god of thieves Hermes Orpheus and Eurydice Psychopomp Psyche soul 0 Pompos lt pempein send dispatch Inventor god Inventor of re re kindling sacri ce cosmogony Demeter Ceres Agriculture goddess her fertility is the same as agricultural fertility Mesopotamian goddess variously known as Ishtar Inanna Astarte Pthgian Cybele quotMagna Mater or quotGreat Mother Egyptian Isis quotGreat Goddess T0 theO the two goddesses Demeter and Persephone Thesmophoria womens fertility festival Aristophanes T hesmophoriazusae Rape of Persephone Kore vs dread Persephone Ambivalence of marriage Return of Persephone Persephone returning from the underworld Eleusinian Mysteries She showed them the celebmtxon of holy mes ahd explamedto an The f tongue ls restramed b re gods W39hoeva on ths eath Lhese ls blessed but he who has no part m the ho y mes has another lot as e wastes away m dank darlmess Homeuc Hymn to Demeter 4737479 Dionysus Bacchus Attributes of Dionysus god of Wine extraordinary consciousness leader of revels D covered with Vines and accompanied by Satyrs MaenadsBacchantes Maenads with ivy crown thyrsus hair down 0 anxiety about female sexuality always almost out of hand Advent god myths of resistance beginning with birth storynot historical but social myth of disintegration and reintegration Festival god City Dionysia Rural Dionysia Anthesteria Lenaea Dwonysus as drunk reveHer atme Anm en este a Theater of Dionysus Athens The theater as it looked in the rst century CE Hephaestus Vulcan Outsider god lame pa isan of Hera born by parthenogenesis Return of Hephaestus In anger Zeus ung him out of Olympus His return is a favorite subject of painters Note his lame foot Divine Blacksmith Thetis requests a shield 0r chilles Divine cuckold The gods look on as the craft of H triumphs over the adultery of Ares and Aphrodite Ares Mars Son of quarreling couple Zeus and Hera God of war Detested by gods echthistos de moi essi theon hoi Olumpon echei Iliad 5890


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