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by: Foster Morissette


Foster Morissette
GPA 3.55


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Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Foster Morissette on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLAS 1010H at University of Georgia taught by Corrigan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 80 views. For similar materials see /class/202159/clas-1010h-university-of-georgia in Classical culture at University of Georgia.

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Date Created: 09/12/15
Roman Culture Exam 1 9132011 83300 PM Intro l c 1 Mediterranean Italy o Mountains vegetation rivers o Built roads bc rivers were to unstable to navigate Seasons winter with wind storms rainy cold spell summer is long hot dry Crops olive fig grapes cereal grains Ate fish Neolithic period house of Romulus on Palantineframing poles village culture round houses w central hearth and thatched roofs Bronze Age 7217 quot quot quot in north Italy used bronze tools potter rectangular and round houses town planningcrossroads Practiced cremation M in central Italy black pottery inhumation bury dead Iron Age in quot 15m new settlement Cremation and urns Early Rome o Etruscans from Etruria in Tuscany region 0 Uncertain origin either indigenous or eastern Possible from Turkey or Anatolia Art is eastern Language has no affinity with Italian Latin or Greek Slight affinity with Hiltite 0 Had a 12city league Not sure of form Had king Had power over 12 cities Paramount chief or each city had lucumon 0 Had advanced metallurgy timber fleet and export trade 0 Aristocratic republics during 6th and 5th centuries Oligarchy o Conquered by Rome during 4th and 3rd centuries BCE Series of wars Influences on Rome o Religion 0 New gods Juno Minerva predicting the future H look at liver of an animal 3 watch the flight of birds a Right hand was the lucky aucus hand a Left hand was unlucky 0 Cult statues of gods o Rites for 0 Temple design eg Capitline temple dedicated to triad Not parastile Had porch or columns across the front Triad was Zeus Juno Minerva o Politics 0 Ceremonial expression 0 Lictors with fasces Fasces symbolize power of magistrates Lictors carry fasces Senate pattern Army phalanx Gladiatorial gamescombat and festival and funeral games Dead person needed to be escorted so the gladiator who died was essentially the sacrificed human escort O O O o Social 0 Patronclient system 7 extended family 0 Position of women rather liberated could own property o Economy 0 Smallscale but intensive productivity and trade 0 Metallurgy iron weapons 0 Timber for ship building 0 Roman and pragmatic engineering Greek Influences Alphabet o Ceres rited priestess temple o Rites of Altar of Hercules who rid Rome of Cacus the fire breathing dragon monster in Forum Boatium in Rome o Similarities in military org legislation land holding o Art and architecture o gods and myths Philosophy 0 Epicurean and Stoic popular Republican and Early Pricipate o Platoric Roman Society o Family household a y sin charge of 0 Married sons and daughters with v and extended family and their offspring When paterfamilias dies son forms own family and becomes the new paterfamilia o Names First name of man family name Second gens name Third name branch of family Fourth someone famous in military honorific noticeable physical appearance o Class Structure 0 O O O O upper class senatorial aristocrats land holders Entered by birth Controlled everything not a patrician lowermiddle class wealthy busnness men 0 Slaves defeated enemies could be treated well or badly could buy freedom and take Roman name of master Could become a citizen quot class changes over time originally aristocratic wealthy plebians who acquired wealth o Patronclient system 0 Patrons Sons of politicians Commanded votes and service Give clients a lowlevel political office a land grants a share crops n a lawyer in court Clients a Middle uppermiddle lower a Give patron o Votes o Military service o Serve as governor lower class shows up at patron s door at dawn and patron greets and feeds them Roman Literature Works 9132011 83300 PM Livy s History of Rome o Amulius usurps Numitor and kills all his sons 0 Makes Numitor s daughter Rhea Silvia a Vestal Virgin She couldn t have kids If pregnant would be buried alive Rhea was found preggers by Roman god Mars supposedly Had Twins Romulus and Remus n Babies thrown in a basket in a flood Managed to outride flood Babies landed at sacred fig tree called FicusRuminalis Nursed by a shewolf Lupa which also is the slang word for prostitute n Shepherd Faustulus took twins when he found them nursing the wolf and gave them to his wife Larentia who was a prostitute o Romulus and Remus wanted to build a city where they were abandoned Had an ancestral curse of greed for power Decided to let gods decide who the city would be named after and ruled by Remus saw 1St sign of 6 vultures Romulus saw 2nd sign of 12 birds Fight ensued over timing or number of birds Remus was killed in melee 0 Alternate version of story Remus jumped over wall which Romulus was building and Romulus struck him down in wrath with words So dies anyone who scales my walls o Romulus opened up Rome as an Asylum for men who wanted a new start But he needed women 0 Tried to ask nicely for women That didn t work So they put on games for all surrounding cities and then kidnapped the Sabine women while they were distracted with the games While fathers of women and their new husbands fought in battle women rushed to the middle of the battle field and pleaded for truce They got it Roman Drama o Roman Tragedy Greek boot called V H toga Roman dress historical plays o Roman Comedy O 0 Early form of literature no theater performance until later Roots in Greek Comedy Drawing Room Comedy situational blind chance coincidence Comedies presented at festival games Less professionals No guild of artists or actors Native art forms Atellan farce masked characters who told riddled jokes Fescennine verses talk about sex make something fertile Differences from Greek comedy No interlude chorus No acts Cantica of solos duets trios Staging more stylized no change of scene Masks When did they use masks looked down upon when you mix 2 plays or leave out scenes in recreation i play that retains Greek names and costumes Roman names and costumes The Haunted House by Plautus Characters n Tranio city slave of Theopropides on Philolaches side Grumio slave of Theopropides on Theo s side Philematium prostitute and mistress of Philolaches Scapha Philematium s elderly maid Callidamates friend of Philolaches Delphium prostitute and mistress of Callidamates Theopropides Dad of Philolaches been gone for 3 years and left estate in Philolaches care Misargyrides money lender Simo an elder Athenian neighbor Phaniscus and Pinacium slaves of Callidamates n n n n n n n n n n Plot 1 Sphaerio slave of Theopropides Philolaches has spoiled all his father s money on purchasing a prostitute s freedom and on drinking and partying He and Callidamates are having a party with their mistresses when Theopropides unexpectedly arrives home after 3 years Tranio decides to lie and say that the house has been deserted because its haunted and tells Theo that Phil has spent all his money buying Simo s house Theo looks around at Simo s house and approves but Simo thinks Theo is just using his house as a model because of Tranio Simo and Theo get talking and Theo finds out that Phil didn t actually buy the house and bought a prostitute instead Callidamates defends Tranio and Phil and it s a great ending 0 The Woman from Andros by Terence Characters n n n Plot Simo a choleric and conventional old gentleman of Athens Sosia Simo s freedman Davus Simo s crafty slave devoted to Simo s son Pamphilus Simo s son in love with Glycerium Mysis Glycerium s maid Chremes Simo s friend who had refused to marry his daughter to Pamphilus Chranius Pamp s friend in love with Chremes daughter Crito traveller from Andros Simo knows his son is in love with a prostitute and wants him to steer away from Glycerium He and Sosia come up with a plan to convince Davus and Pamp that Pamp s getting married to Chremes daughter Davus knows it s a bluff and tells Pamp to go along with it Then Simo convinces Chremes to give his daughter in marriage Charinus wants to marry Chremes daughter though Davus and Mysis place the baby of Pamp and Glycerium on a step and talk about it in front of Chremes who then decides to not let his daughter marry Pamphilus Mysis has been claiming for some time that Glycerium is Athenian Crito shows up and confirms this and it turns out Glycerium aka Pasibula is Chremes long lost daughter So Pamp can marry her and Chranius can marry Chremes other daughter Lucretius de RerumNaturaor On the Nature of Things o Dedicated to Memmius o 6 books and 3 dyads O O O 0 Books 1amp2 Microcosm Books 3amp4 Anthropology Books 5amp6 Macrocosm Begins with a prologue in each book and ends with an extended passage In each dyad the 1St book is systematic and the 2nd book is descriptive o The philosophy is technical and complicated O 0 Many terms lacking in Latin for concepts Suitable poetic diction lacking to match the tone of the subject o No long discursive paragraphs o Has a Roman slant MAIN THEMES O O Gods have no effect on the universe Death has no consequences o Begins with an invocation to Venus O Epics always invoke a god or goddess 0 Venus was a good choice because Works on Mars to bring men peace Associated with love and sex pleasure Founder of the Roman race Goddess of fertility Chief goal was to bring men peace Lucretius points out that people do terrible things in the name of religion 0 Agamemnon s oldest daughter sacrificed so he could sail to Troy Lied to wife and said she was gonna marry Achilles Priests say things to scare people to keep them under their power Men must learn not to fear death then wrong doings of priests and religion would be fixed and no longer exists He is trying to rationally allure Romans from what they believe Attributes man s problems to property Gods are formed in men s dreams men dream of a man that is trouble free and deem this sage a god The gods observe man but don t care about man 0 Suetonius Julius Caesar from The Twelve Caesars Caesar was arrogant and power hungry Caesar became we 39 15 the chief priest He Pompey and Cicero form the 1St Triumvirate He becomes consul and has a 5 year command in Gaul Caesar takes over as dictator He neutralizes Pompey s army in Spain and goes after Pompey in Greece Caesar defeats Pompey s army even though he is way outnumbered He chases after Pompey to Egypt where he was presented with Pompey s head He stays in Egypt and fights in the Alexandrian wars He gets Cleopatra preggers and leaves her the throne instead of her brother Caesar defeats Pompey s senators and sons and then offered dictatorship for LYFE He s allowed many kinglike things but refuses the diadem Mark Antony offers him The senators don t like him as dictator and stab him to death on the ides of March in 44 Brutus and Cassius led the assassination The common people then rebel Cicero s Scipio s Dream Main Themes 0 Real life is the After Life O O O O O O 0 Cannot get to good after life by suicide must be released by the god who put you on earth Loyal conservative Romans have a special place in heaven the quot Most important virtues Loyalty and justice Spheres 1 God and heaven 2 Saturn 3 Jupiter 4 Mars 5 Sun 6 Venus and Mercury 7 Moon Earth at the center a Seeing Jupiter was a good omen but Mars is hateful Music rotation spheres create music people go deaf to music because it s constant Earth tiny Individual man is tiny and insignificant compared to the immensity of God The community is what counts not personal ambition Zones Temperate zones only place where men can live Rome is only a tiny part of Northern Temperate Zone Ancestors don t matter Big picture On the Chief End of Man On Duty Apporetic work based on an exploration of the 3 philosophies Cicero was eclectic shows what bits he liked and made it work for him He does not dispouse anything discuss with malice but discusses with tolerance humanist Epicureans profligates Letter to son Marcus divided into books Book 1 Propriety doing what is appropriate to nature in every sphere of life Be true to own individual nature as long as it does not conflict with the universal natural morality Act consonantly with age and status o Book 2 o Expediency utile useful o Book 3 o Apparent conflict between what s right and what s expedient o No real conflict advantages of expediency are shortterm doing wrong harms the soul Catullus o Poem 1 o Dedication to Cornelius Nepos 0 Uses grace and charm to insult the historian s long book while he can say soooo much in one short poem o Poem 5 0 Life is short so enjoy it 0 Those without love are nothing Roman Philosophy Epicureanism Prominent Adherents Stoicism 9132011 83300 PM Founded by Epicurus 0 Established school at the Garden like a commune of similar thinking people Accepted women and slaves Ideas 0 O O O O O O O O Sensation is only criterion of truth Universe consist of only atoms and void space No divine providence gods dwell apart from men and have no interest in men Only criteria for good and evil lay in senses pleasure verses pain Goal is v avoid disturbancepain best way to attain it is s to live without being noticed Atticus first publisher and a friend of Cicero C Memmius Caesar Horace and Vergil 2 of Rome s top 3 poets Ideas 0 O O O Nature controlled by reason Whatever happends is in accordance with divine reason Live in harmony Virtue ultimate good Show moral weakness evil Everything else indifferent called Edurance bravery selfcontrol justice and wisdom according to Cicero are the cardinal virtues Universal brotherhood of mankind Cosmopolites Benevolence justice Detachment from and independence of outer world or material possesions Some stoics O Panaetius Part of Scipionic Circle


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