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by: Foster Morissette


Foster Morissette
GPA 3.55


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Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Foster Morissette on Saturday September 12, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLAS 1000 at University of Georgia taught by Nicholson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/202165/clas-1000-university-of-georgia in Classical culture at University of Georgia.




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Date Created: 09/12/15
Late Bronze age Mycenaean Age Rise of the Mycenaean s o Minoan civilization comes to and abrupt end about 1400 bc Reason unclear 2 theories o Volcanic eruption on Thera c16000 myth of Atlantis The lost empire of Atlantis Sunk o Invasion by once friendly Mycenaean s who turned hostile Take control of Crete c1450 Mycenae fortified hilltop city o Acropolis high city o Walls of Mycenae a defensive fort o The main gate is shaped in a bottleneck thus showing defense The attacking army would be constricted It is called the Lion gate because of the motif Huge multi ton bricks make up the wallsgate The lion gate oldest extant monumental stone sculpture in the western world o Structural purpose to relieve dead weight over the lintel o Perhaps a symbol of the royal family a coat of arms o Note the Minoan column Grave circle A Graves from the 16th originally outside the city walls Encircling wall built c1250 to include buried ancestors But the city was expanding and it moved the walls It was a royal cemetery and it was hundreds of years old Not a cemetery that was being used at the time Grave Gods ceremonial daggers They were decorated of scenes of lion hunts They made of bronze with gold silver and tin inlay decoration They would also have death masks masks made of gold after death Very wealthy Gold Rhyton It was in the shape of a lions head It s a cup Megaron palace Set up like the palace from Crete many levelswalkwaysstairs Outside the walls Grave circle 8 24 more graves outside the city Actually older than grave circle a They shifted in burial ways into Tholos Tombs o The biggest and largest is the Treasury of Atreus With a special store room for grave gods o The entrance has a relieve thing as well like on the lion gate Its empty today but would have been decorated o It has a corbelled roof beehive shape Boars Tucks Miniature ivory figure with boars tusk helmet and then there are a few helmets made of this Iliad 10 describes this Mycenae wasn t the only major city in Mycenaean Vapniogold cups showing a bull hunt Collapse c1200 just after the Trojan war Mycenaean civilization came into a sudden collapse o Dorian Invasion Heraclides son of Hercules returning from exile in the north 0 Iron tools and weapons instead of bronze o Cremation rather than burial o Internal collapse Drought famine earthquakes overpopulation soil exhaustion internal wars Dark age 1150750 economic depression and cultural stagnation illiteracy no art or architecture Homer Father of Western Literature o Lived c750 BC o Earliest extant Greek and therefore western literature o Iliad amp odyssey set 500 years earlier at the time of the Trojan war 0 Chief source about Trojan war 0 Considered reliable history by the ancients Homeric Question was the author of the odyssey the same as the Iliad o 3rd BC Homeric scholars at the library in Alexandria o Separatists amp Unitarians o FA Wolf c1800 0 Oral composition in illiterate period dark age 0 The fact that during the dark age everyone was illiterate He was an oral poet Lived on the threshold of literacy o M Parry 19205 0 Formulas poet develops a word bank of set phrases as he is performing he is making it up as he goes along Rebirth of Literacy in Greece c750 BC o Trade routes begin again Borrowed the Phoenician Alphabet o Chief motive probably to record the poems of Homer o Not as before where it was for record keeping as with linear B script Homer a blind bard o Homer now seen as a great master editor who came at the end of a long period of 0 Epic conventions o Long Narrative extremely long Traditional legend Usually not made up Serious Theme usually something serious Heroes characters usually larger than life Some kind of divine Hneage Divine intervention interplay btwn humans and gods Dignified style written in loftly language Homer archaic language o Invocation of the Muses call upon goddesses to help them out the story teller or writer


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